Mega-Portal 11:11:22 Opening Prophecy With TommyTruthful Papa Truthful and The Lama

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Red wave=33, Like Return=33, The return of Yahshua, And the Portal that Opens on 11-11-22, From Heaven to Earth is open for 33 years, Yahshua died in 33 AD At 33 years old! And Doomsday=33, It's a Good thing do not fear! The Old Earth must die for the new Earth to be Born! 

When the day ends and the sun sets and goes to the death of the underworld, we find the color red. The word “Red” begins with Ra, the sun God. Red is the color of blood, therefore the color represents sacrifice. The Red Apple represents the fertility of God’s Sun, the process of life, death, and rebirth from the sacred Tree of life.

So in Autumn or Fall, we see the colors of red. We know this is the time for Fall because life falls to the underworld and God’s sun is no longer on fire and is now in its inverse state or “Amber State.” Or ember state of orange. The ember months begin to winter, the cold, death, and rebirth. September, October, November, and December.

Orange is the color of the sun in October and November, which is why orange is the color of Halloween. Orange is also used for warning signs and danger signs:

Orange is the new black because orange represents the warning before the sun's death. The sun declines into darkness which we call night or wintertime.

This is the Illuminati’s color code:



Aaron Carter Just Died at 34

The 11:11 Prophecy

Did you ever hear people say, I always see ’11:11’ on my digital clocks?

Many people interpret this as a sign from God”.

I am one of those people. I have never written about this before. But regularly, since about 1984, I have glanced at digital clocks just when they read “11:11”.

That sign first came as an immediate response to my prayer for assurance from God. I was in the depths of sadness and fear that I had done something terrible. At the advice of an emergency room veterinarian, I agreed to euthanize my parent's dog when my folks were away on vacation.

I took that 11:11 sign as instant assurance that all is well in God, and we are all one in God’s universe.


(1) that Isaiah was a most outstanding prophet;

(2) this part of the Old Testament predated Jesus’s birth;

(3) Jesus’s ancestor, King David, played a musical harp obviously tuned to the ‘key of the house of David” to soothe his King Saul’s soul and administer healing;

(4) Jesus was the greatest spiritual healer having launched ‘The Way’ called ‘Christianity’ today that is all about LOVE–“The Universal Healer.’

(5) Jesus predicted that his faithful followers would produce many miracles, far more than he had done by the grace of God.

(6) God’s language is simple math. ‘Musical mathematics’ administers the Heavenly Kingdom and the ‘Laws of Physics’ according to the world’s leading astrophysicists whose works I have reviewed.

So I opened up my Bible (King James Version) to Isaiah 11:11 and read it.

Then, I doubled that number and read again Isaiah 22:22, because 22:22 is one higher ‘octave’ above 11:11.

Then I figured 33:33 would be the next higher ‘octave.’ But curiously, there is no 33:33 in Isaiah. There is just the short chapter 33.

So I presumed this entire brief chapter is the end of the lesson.

I read chapter 33, which I advise you to do also. If you are curious, frightened, or phobic about COVID-19, or even the so-called “racial riots,” read this entire chapter 33, and reflect on these dilemmas.

As you read this, keep in mind your spiritual, metaphysical, religious, and political views as well as your personal illness (es) if any. The last verse, I think, is specially written for everyone who is ailing, confused, or frightened, at this time.

Isaiah 33

The 11:11 Prophecy, COVID-19 Sorcery, and Divine Remedies

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Join COL and connect with like-minded individuals who share your values and interests.Join COL and connect with like-minded individuals who share your values and interests.

5 thoughts on “Mega-Portal 11:11:22 Opening Prophecy With TommyTruthful Papa Truthful and The Lama

  • Interesting you mentioned Avril. The current Avril is being controlled by Mat Lyles. Mat Lyles is Urban Formula. He resides in Oakland CA. Computer Engineering is Mats Speciality. You notice Avril wearing the “Subhuman” shirt. That’s directed at me. I was sending messages to World Leaders about the Twelve Tribes of Israel cult considering Blacks and people of Color to be “Chams” or “Chamites”. And that Tribes considers Blacks to be a Subhuman species destined to serve the Whites. The Twelve Tribes CIA cult was using the DNA Brain Print Technology to read my mind. That’s why Mat Lyles directed “Avril” to wear the shirt. Mat also I insinuates that Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart are “available” to me. It’s all a lie to trick me into joining Twelve Tribes of Israel CIA front company. Yahuah is the correct name of the “Saviour”. That translates to Joshua. My name

  • I keep seeing 11 11 on my digital clocks also. Been happening for the last couple of years. I hope this is a good sign and not a warning or something. I feel I need reassurance here about its meaning

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