A Dig Towards the Core of the Earth Uncovers a Lot of Scientific Secrets

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A Dig Towards the Core of the Earth Uncovers a Lot of Scientific Secrets

Have you read the classic Jules Verne novel entitled “Journey to the Center of the Earth?” The science fiction novel definitely made our imagination run wild. But have you ever wondered what really is in the center of the earth?

In a remote peninsula somewhere in Russia, a group of scientists has spent decades drilling down the ground to reach the center of the earth. But after decades of hard work, the team made a discovery that forced them to stop digging deeper.

It was a race

The ambitious goal to dig towards the center of the earth started with a competition between the USA and the USSR to conquer the subterranean world. We all know the space race between the two nations to conquer outer space but little was known about another race to dig as far into the Earth's crust as they possibly could.

You may think that dirt and rocks are not that compelling compared to the mystery of the cosmos but the Earth's crust leads the way to the mantle – the mysterious inner layer that makes up 40% of Earth's mass. What could that 40% be made of?

Project Mohole

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2023 Year of the Water Rabbit.

In 1957, the US team took the lead in the digging race as they started Project Mohole. The project's mission was to get a sample of the Earth's mantle by drilling to the bottom of the ocean in an area off Guadalupe Island, Mexico. The team of engineers were able to drill through the bed of the Pacific Ocean as they were able to reach a depth of 601 feet.

Project Mohole was funded by the National Science Foundation. However, 8 years into the project, the funding was cut off by the US House of Representatives. Despite starting first, the Americans never got to the mantle.

Kola project

It took a while for the USSR team to start their project. In fact, it was not until May 24, 1970, that the Russians started drilling toward the center of the Earth. They started drilling in the Pechengsky District, a low-populated area in the Kola Peninsula, Russia.

The Russian team had a simple goal – to dig as far as possible into the Earth's crust. Of course, they aimed to go further than the 600 feet that the American team achieved. In fact, the goal was a minimum of 49,000 feet.

Specialized equipment

The Russian team used specialist equipment in their project. Drilling was done using the Uralmash-4E, which was a serial drilling rig used to drill oil wells. This rig was modified a bit to be able to reach a depth of 7,000 meters.

Throughout the project, the Soviet team developed instruments that would help them take direct physical measurements at the bottom of the borehole. Because of this, they had greater measurement integrity. In 1974, the team upgraded to an Uralmash-15000.

The Bertha Rogers Hole

While all of this is going on, the Americans had been doing some progress of their own as well. In 1974, the Lone Star Producing Company started drilling for oil in Washita County, Oklahoma. They never found oil but they were able to dig the deepest hole existing on the planet at that moment.

Their drill became the “Bertha Rogers hole” which is a manmade hole that reached over 31,400 feet below the surface of the Earth. Although no longer the deepest manmade hole in the world, it still remains to be the deepest manmade hole in America.

Surpassing the American team

On June 6, 1979, one of the boreholes created by the Russian team surpassed the depth of the Bertha Rogers hole. The borehole was dubbed SG-3. By 1983, the SG-3 borehole has reached a depth of 39,000 feet below the surface.

The hole had a width of 9 inches. This meant the Russian team was only 10,000 feet shy of their minimum goal. They stopped drilling for 12 months so that different researchers could come to visit and see the site.

Focusing on another borehole

When the Russian team resumed drilling a year later, they unexpectedly had a technical problem that forced them to stop drilling at borehole SG-3. Unfazed, the Russian team decided to start again with another borehole. This borehole had a depth of 23,000 feet.

In 1989, the new borehole the Russian team focused on reached its goal. In fact, the drilling reached 40,230 feet deep. That was about 7.5 miles into the Earth's crust. This encouraged the team and made them believe that they could reach 44,000 feet sometime in 1990.

An unexpected heat

But things did not go as well as the Russian team had hoped for. As they dug deeper, they had no idea they were about to come in contact with something unexpected. As their drill slowly inched closer to the earth's center, a complete change occurred.

The first change was that the temperature inside the borehole started to change. As they dug further, the heat started to shoot up faster. By the time they were nearing their target of 49,000 feet, the heat in the hole was already 180 °C (356 °F) to a full 80 °C (176 °F). The team did not expect this much heat.

Plastic rocks

The heat is not the only strange thing the Russian team noticed as they dug further into the borehole. The researchers found that the rocks at those depths were less dense. And because of this, the rocks reacted differently to the higher temperatures.

For instance, the rocks had an almost plastic-like texture. This strange texture eventually became a problem because it made it almost impossible to drill through the rocks. Not only that but the heat and the rocks were too much for their machine.

The end of the journey

It was at this point that the Russian team started to think that their drilling toward the center of the Earth would be over soon. Their equipment would not last long with the extreme heat and the plastic-like rocks.

They tried to press on with the project until 1992 but they never got to go any deeper. They had no choice but to discontinue drilling. The drill site was officially shut down and the Kola superdeep borehole was sealed in 2005. Although the project was abandoned, it does not mean that the whole thing was a bust.

Fascinating finds

The research team was able to gather some fascinating findings before they sealed up the borehole – which they dubbed the Kola Superdeep Borehole. The Kola Superdeep Borehole became a geological treasure trove of information.

Although the Russian team failed to reach the mantle, they were able to dig the deepest hole known to mankind. And in their dig, they were able to uncover a lot of information that made a huge difference to the science community.

2-Billion-Year-Old Fossil, Sounds Like A lie lol

At four miles deep, the research team found tiny fossils of single-celled marine organisms, proving that there was biological activity in the rocks. It was something unexpected to have something living so deep beneath the surface.

The fossils were in very good condition given that they were encased several miles below the earth's surface for a very long time. In fact, the fossils were estimated to be over 2 billion years old. The science community definitely found this as a win.

Updated temperature map

The temperature map of the Earth's interior was updated thanks to the findings from the Kola Superdeep Borehole. Now geologists have more realistic data to rely on when it comes to the Earth's temperature. So they Say!


Olaf Jansen and his father were Norwegian fishermen in the 1800’s who, according to their religious mythologies of Odin and Thor, believed in a land “beyond the North wind” that is populated by a race of giants and is ever green and lush.

On one of their journeyings to Franz Joseph Land to gather some ivory, they decided, under the favorable weather conditions, to journey to this unseen land of their forefathers and view it once and for all with their own eyes.

The Smoky God catalogues their journey to this hidden land and their dealings with the giant race that inhabits it.

It describes the language, culture and lifestyle of these beings that exist in the marvelous land of perpetual sunlight.

Read the Smoky God and discover what remains to this day a great unseen mystery!

E – Book: [ THE SMOKY GOD Or A Voyage to the Inner World By WILLIS GEORGE EMERSON With Illustrations by JOHN A. WILLIAMS 1908





This article was published first in the January, 1995 issue of NEXUS, international science and freedom magazine. If unaltered, anyone is welcome to use this article. I permanently will retain the rights. For information on obtaining vast amounts of additional suppressed material, see end page.


Mark Harp
107 North Holmes, Memphis, Tn. 38111

On November 25, 1912 Marshall B. Gardner of Aurora, Kane County, Illinois, USA, submitted his discovery application to the United States Patent Office. 18 months later, on May 12,1914, this federal agency granted Mr. Gardner United States patent 1096102, the second most important scientific document ever issued.

Its scientific significance is exceeded only by the mechanical flight discovery of Orville and Wilbur Wright in 1903. For reasons which even Mr. Gardner could not have fully anticipated in the early 1900s, and which are now abundantly clear, his discovery soon became the most highly classified military secret of all time.

In 1913 Gardner wrote his original book proving beyond any doubt that our Earth is a hollow sphere. So voluminous was the evidence which he continued to amass from studies of astronomy and Polar exploration, that he expanded his book to 450 pages in 1920.


Although he seems not to have been aware of it, Gardner’s work had incompletely been preceded by William Reed, whose book PHANTOM OF THE POLES was 281 pages and was published in 1906 New York City by the Walter S. Rockey Company.

The one shortcoming with Mr. Reed’s theory, otherwise very intelligently developed, was that he had failed to finish his centrifugal force reasoning regarding Earth’s formation.

As a result, he was never able to logically account for the powerful source of heat and illumination present in the Earth’s Interior. Gardner, on the other hand, did account for this source.

The difference is that whereas Reed confined his research strictly to Polar exploration, Gardner augmented this with studies of astronomy.

The majority of this article will be testimony from the real experts, the people who were there at the huge telescopes and especially there in those vast and previously mysterious Polar regions.

But first, this is the common sense theory responsible for United States patent 1096102.

E-Book: [ A Journey to the Earth’s Interior – MARSHALL B. GARDNER





The last Macuxies (from the northern Amazon) tell us that, until the year 1907 they entered a cavern and walked from 13 to 15 days until they reached the interior. There, “at the other side of the world”, live the “big men”, who measured from 10′ to 11’6″. They’re really nice but you have to follow their indications.

The main motto of the Macuxies of this place, was to look out for the entrance of the cavern, keeping out everyone who was not an authorized member of the tribe. When the great wind wich ran through the great tunnel began blowing outside, (it had a rhythm of 5 days blowing out and another 5 blowing in) they could start climbing down the stairs (about 33″ each step).

The stairs ended at the third day (they kept record of the days with thir stomachs and sleep time, wich is pretty accurate).

They left there the breos (torches made of sticks impregnated with tar from nearby oil ponds), and they carried on iluminated by lights that were just there, as big as a watermelon and clear as a bulb. Each passing day they walked faster, since they lost weight and corporal mass.

They crossed 5 well marked places trough some huge caverns whose ceilings they could not see. There were (in one of the chambers) four sun-like lights, impossible to stare at, but surely not as high as the sun it self.

On this place grew some trees with good fruit, like cajúes, oaks, mangos, bananas and some lesser plants. Comparing with some Macuxies places, this chamber would have about 10 square kilometers of “passable” and vegetated surface.

Some other sectors were out of reach and very dangerous, with boiling stone and creeks of “azoge” (quicksilver, wich they learned its use to gather the golddust, due the “garimpeiros” wich today pollute with it the Amazonian waters).

After these five huge chambers, in a point beyond half way, they should hang to walls and move carefully, because they “flew” (They were in zero gravity like an astronaut).

The wind which had begun to blow outside, it wasn’t an obstacle when they started the drop, but if they attempted it backwards, the turmoil of the whirlwind could drag them to the abysmal tunnel, and the corpse — battered about a thousand times — won’t stop until one day of path down the cave.

Respecting this cycle, starting their march against the wind (which was for their own safety) they climbed down three days on the stairs and after two days of march on a narrow stair-less tunnel, the wind blew back inside, hence they watched their steps since the days they departed, to not leave loose stones on their path wich would hit them in the back.

Even with the wind in their favor — about day 7 or 8 of their march — they reached the place where “everything flies”, which is the center of the Earth’s crust. (The middle of the mass, magnetically speaking, which is not the geometrical center of the Earth, but any point in the middle of the thick of the crust).

Sometimes the wind was so strong, and instead of using the walls to impulse themselves, they should do it to stop and avoid being hit. The gravity-less travel usually lasted from a few hours to 36 hours.

Sometimes they should hang to the rocky edges to metal pieces that were in the rock there before they passed by, and wait two days until the wind died.

Then they followed the road characterized by creeks with cold water that passed trough the cavern and fell into a void, larger than the previous ones, where lied some brilliant stuff with the same shape of bee hives, about 10 meters of diameter, placed above a seedling, like a tree´s log, at a height imprecise by the memory of the last Macuxies who live remembering that, still with fear of retaliation from “the Big Men”

The travelers were gaining weight again, but they didn’t get it all back, because they came out in “the land in the other side”, where everything is lighter, the sun is red and it’s always daytime, without night, stars or moon.

They remained there a few days enjoying some nearby beaches, getting younger as the time passed by.

(This reminds of Apollo who traveled to Olympus to rejuvenate). Macuxies knew perfectly the Atlantic ocean, since they were –outside- about 200 miles from the coast and this wasn`t the sea. T

he giants gave them some big and delicious fishes, and its meat didn’t rot until two or three months after being fished. With this precious cargo, apples bigger than a human head and grapes fist-sized, besides a lot of body energy, they came back accompanied by some giants who helped them to carry the enormous weight they carried back.

The returning trip started with the wind blowing on their backs, to have it again in there on the last stage of the journey, when they climbed the stairs the last three days , whose ruins exists nowadays.

The belief (or knowledge) of the Macuxies, is that if they follow the rules given by the giants, after they die here in the outside, they’ll be reborn in there, among them. They tell that some Macuxies hadn’t died, but they transformed (transfigured?) into half giants and they stayed inside. This required mainly, not having offspring in the outside.

Tragedy came to the Macuxies in 1907.

Three british explorers, reached in the name of her queen searching for diamonds. Macuxi’s lands still have some diamonds today, but it has been exploited since 1912 and there are almost none in there, making their extraction barely or non-profitable.

When the English came, there was enough to please the queen and many greedy people who got rich, exploiting the native, but one of those “Authorized travelers to the center of the earth” made a terrible mistake violating the motto of their secret, and told the foreigners the entrance place.

One of them sent a letter to Her Majesty, repeating her a tale like this one, with some more details.

In the beaches of the inner lands, there’s an abundance of diamonds, just like there is in some carbon mines of serpentine, from ancient volcanic shafts, wich are today, precisely, those tunnels to the interior of the world. The three men went out (or went in) in an expedition, but they did not come back ever again. In their place, the giants came out, punished the Macuxies and they banned them from entering inside ever again.

After two years of poverty and angst (That zone, in the outer surface had diamonds — useless for them back then — but lacked fruit and fish), they chose to attempt a new contact with the giants, despite the banning. They traveled with hopes for two days, but they reached a point in the path where the wind came from a cavern they did not know.

The original road had collapsed.

Some of them returned immediately, but some other chose to follow the new and unknown path. Several months later one of them came back and told the others that they could come inside, but they could never go out ever again, because more English would come in their land and hurt them.

Some of them refused to go, because the place assigned to them was one of those huge caves. Some accepted to go and never came back.

Years later, the garampeiros started to arrive, to pollute the rivers with zarandas, resumidoras and quicksilver and to destroy the minds of the Macuxies that stayed behind with drugs. They also clouded their minds with whips and polluted their race, raping their women.

During June or July of 1946 there was a huge collapse in the tunnel, destroying almost all the stairs.

Today there’s only some steps at the beginning of it and a huge and unclimbable pit where the wind blows with different rhythms.

Some old Macuxies who escaped the English whip, and still live counting their age in moons, don´t give up entirely to forget the Lost Paradise. A suitable phrase, because they knew it… and lost it.




Hollow Earth Map

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