The Kill Grid Is All Around You!

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A kill grid has been constructed to quietly reduce the population. A noiseless war against humanity waged by a sociopathic corrupt technocratic elite.

Recent developments at the B20 in Indonesia have given the offshoots of the Globe Government their own authority to manage humanity when their next pandemic is deployed. Wake up before it is too late!


38 | The Murder by Numbers movie poster and the numbers 3 and 8

I'm certainly not at all convinced that technology will make us “godlike”. Just the opposite, it will make us “subhuman and technological garbage”. If GOD would just be a computer in the universe, He would have created humanity as little chips and computer interfaces, instead, GOD chose to give MAN free will. So we shall use our free will to break free from this technology Prison Planet and go back to interacting with each other as Human Beings.

The Beast of The Holy Bible is indeed upon us, the prince of the power of the air is conquering and will conquer the world.

Cancer Caused By the 5G Kill Grid! 

The Matrix Trilogy – Advanced Decode – Simulacra and Simulation

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