Biden Declares “The Pandemic Is Over” With 51 Days Until Midterms Predictive Programming of 5th Wave Event!!!

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Biden Declares “The Pandemic Is Over” With 51 Days Until Midterms Illuminati Formed on 5-1-1776 #51

The Elite families have a hidden language of symbols and numbers, We will decode this using Gematria the practice of assigning a numerical value to a name, word, or phrase according to an alphanumerical cipher. A single word can yield several values depending on the cipher which is used. Hebrew alphanumeric ciphers were probably used in biblical times and were later adopted by other cultures.


I believe we are about to see a 5th Wave type Alien Invasion from the Elite!!

The whole CORONA Agenda has been about genetic modification of third strand DNA!!




The Queen just died at 96 years old, 96 is the reflection to 69 New World Order = 69
The Jesuit Order = 69
Catholic Church = 69
Illuminati = 69


The Golden gate Bridge being Destroyed is a Ritual To bring forth the AntiChrist, The next 911 Event!!!

They use an EMP To knock out the Power in the 5th Wave!!!


Body snatching Aliens sounds like the Vril –

Alien invasion movie ‘The 5th Wave' makes an argument for the existence of God


(The 5th Wave/Columbia Pictures)

“The 5th Wave,” which is based on the New York Times bestselling novel written by Rick Yancey,.

The movie is about an alien invasion of Earth with the aliens using “waves” of a flood, disease, and many more in their attempt to wipe mankind off the face of the Earth. When people are faced with the fifth wave, a 16-year-old survivor named Cassie Sullivan tries to protect her little brother Sammy.

“The movie's action is reasonably entertaining, and it pulls the heartstrings pretty hard, but like most movies of this genre, the absence of meaningful adult characters and the all-too-obvious reality that all the young people are unrealistically Hollywood gorgeous does pigeonhole the movie as squarely for teens only,” notes Zahn.

But he appreciates the scene where an alien tries to talk about love. “Our kind believes love is just a trick,” the alien from the movie says. “A way to protect your genetic future.”

The alien is then asked, “Do you really believe that?” And the alien replies, “Love's not a trick. It's real.”

For Zahn, the conversation is important because “it plants a major seed of doubt in the prevalent, naturalist worldview of our time.”

“Bolstered by the theory of evolution, this worldview suggests the natural universe is all there is, and whatever emotions or instincts we feel are merely a product of that evolution. There's no room for the supernatural, and without the ability to put Him in a test tube, there's no room for God, either,” he explains.

“But still, there's something deep inside us that rejects this notion. Something that wants to believe in purpose, in design, in things – like love – that are greater than evolutionary leftovers.”

Zahn adds that every time a person says “I love you,” that person is already arguing that “something more than the natural is real.” In doing so, people are making “an argument for God.”

The Five Waves In ‘The 5th Wave' Are No Joke

 The 5th Wave leading the charge. And despite the trauma fans have already witnessed in franchises like The Hunger Games and Divergent, The 5th Wave promises to be the most devastating apocalyptic setting by far since the film's destruction was caused by a malevolent alien race rather than pedestrian fellow humans. Most of the movie takes place during what's referred to as the fifth wave of the alien invasion (hence the title), but that means there were four other waves that happened already. So what are the five waves in The 5th Wave ?

Let me first say this: These aliens in The 5th Wave aren't messing around. Whereas extraterrestrials in other movies like Independence Day and War of the Worlds pretty much just set out to destroy humanity by blowing things up, the “Others” in The 5th Wave are thorough. Seriously, they thought of everything. They take away what makes us a civilization, turn our own planet against us, use biological warfare, and even have humans do their fighting for them. Sounds just a little more menacing (and believable) than spaceships shooting lasers at the White House, doesn't it? So here's what humanity has to fear in The 5th Wave .


Image result for . HAARP patent

1987 was NOT a leap year so the patent was issued on the 223rd day of the year…
“High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program” = 223 (Full Reduction)

The First Wave: Darkness 1st Wave – EMP Attack

The first wave of attack unleashed by the Others is in the form of a massive electromagnetic pulse, which knocks out electrical power worldwide and effectively sends mankind back to the stone age.

The  2nd Wave – Engineered Earthquakes, Floods, and Weather-related Chaos

Next, the Others trigger a massive earthquake in the world's oceans, causing city-high tsunamis that wipe out coastal population centers. So long, New York and Los Angeles.

The  3rd Wave – Plagues i.e. Epidemics, Pandemics, and Viruses (Zika, Ebola, etc.)

The Others release a deadly airborne virus, wiping out most of what remains of humanity with the worst plague the world has ever seen.

The 4th Wave – The Others take over human hosts i.e. Body Snatchers / Parasites

With some people surviving the plague, the Others then infiltrate humanity. They essentially body snatch people, and use this disguise to kill surviving humans.

The 5th Wave – What and Who the Hosts become known as they reveal themselves

With some stubborn humans learning to recognize who the aliens are, the Others are forced to use real, non-possessed humans to do their dirty work. They accomplish this by kidnapping children and training them to be elite soldiers, under the guise that they'll be fighting against the Others. The plan is to then send the children out to kill the “Others”, when in actuality they'll be slaughtering their fellow humans without even knowing it.

The aliens in The 5th Wave are some of the most frightening that fans of the genre will have ever seen because they've literally thought of everything. I'm just glad there's no sixth wave because I would definitely not want to see what the Others could come up with that would be worse than using child soldiers.


  1. Occultist Numerology remains a driving Dark Force behind such events
  2. We are in a Weather Weapons based War
  3. Hollywood Predictive Programming has been prepping us for such Disasters.


1. The Numerology of the Occultists

The Numerology of the Occultists cannot be ignored because all of these Math based calculations are the foundation of the study and manipulation of the Numbers or of the Code just as we saw in the Matrix. Without looking at the Numbers we can never decode their beliefs and therefore their plans.

MrCATI does a breakdown of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, but why so many H’s in one place right after the Ritual Sacrifice of Heather Heyer and days after the Great American Solar Eclipse? The Omen are not looking good for America. Looks like Judgement is coming upon America and it has been in the works for a long time.

2. We are in a Weather Weapons based War

The fire occurred in the Russian city of Roston-on-Dov in which more than 120 buildings were destroyed. Does that at all sound bizarre that so many buildings and such a large area would be affected and no less by a Shell Company partly owned by Tony Podesta as in the brother of the PizzaGate Podesta, What is really going on here?

The Dots being connected here are deep and dark. HAARP  Weather Modification system being deployed in secret by the Russians to aid the drought in Cuba suddenly turning into an out of nowhere weather monster Cat 3-5 Hurricane?

Was this Hurricane in retaliation for the mysterious attack on Russia?

Have we entered a new phase of the Cold War?

Has the 2001 World War III scenario entered a new chapter where Russia is no longer holding back its response when it is attacked?

3. Hollywood’s Predictive Programming for Weather Wars!

There is no shortage of Hollywood movies of late that have brought us Back to the Future. In the movie the 5th Wave, these were the Waves as in Flooding over Houston when Earth finally fell.

Satanic and Black Magic possessed Hollywood is broadcasting clearly its message, but we cannot seem to differentiate between Education and Entertainment.  What we regard as Entertainment was disguised as Documentaries of their sinister plans coded within such films.

The 5th Wave is coming soon. Meaning the 1st to 4th Waves are now underway.

The 5th wave movie predictive programming
This movie is one of the most blatantly obvious pieces of predictive programming i have ever seen. It is about an alien attack that attacks humanity in four stages of which the final fifth is the most interesting: First an emp attack, then floods, then a virus (avian flu), then possession of the mind to kill uninfected humans.
then they take all the children to massive government facilities to brainwash them into soldiers to kill off the possessed infidels (an allegory for unvaccinated?). Every soldier is equipped with a visor that shows which one doesn't have the mark (in this case a microchip in the neck everyone got in the beginning)
The children then find out they are killing anyone without the microchip and not possessed people.
the 5th wave is actually the aliens trying to kill off the last free humans with the help of propaganda and indoctrinated soldiers with microchips.
This is how people who refuse the mark will be treated in the future.

In this movie we see Children being separated from their parents and used as bargaining chips for the breakup of families and as cannon fodder for the Alien Army. A very disturbing movie if we understand the deeper meaning being broadcast here.

We also saw Purge Election Year, Captain American – Civil War, and The Free State of Jones [based on a true story no less for a character named Newt Knight] just to name a few movies in the last few years giving us hints to their plans.

A Purge will take place on Election Year with Civil Rights based Politics dividing a Nation and trying to form a new State as the Nation is plunged into Civil War by a Nazi Hydra Double Agent named Captain America, played in this real-life series by Alex Jones?

... as Newton Knight in STX Entertainment's Free State of Jones (2016

Are we seeing the Left and Right Divide the North and South Divide and the Confederates and Unionists Divide in these movies as in Predictive Programming Mind Pattern yet?

For Satan and his minions, this was their End Game. How to entrap us to such a degree that we join him in Hell. That was the Master Plan and all these little tricks were his Warnings, Call Signs, and Omens for us to be Aware and Beware of. It was all part of the Grand Test of Deception and Deceit.

How this situation relates to Houston and Hurricane Harvey is that it is now Federal Emergency Management Agency [FEMA] that is taking over the State and will be there for Years to come. That was the message from FEMA and that is a Warning, not a “we are coming to help” message from the Government.

The director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Brock Long, predicted that the aftermath of the storm would require FEMA’s involvement for years. “This disaster’s going to be a landmark event,” Long said.


This message means an Occupation Army is being sent to prevent the breakup of the Republic into the heart of Rebellious little Texas. Watch for similar events and reactions soon to visit California, another breakaway State from the Republic.

The 5th Wave Predictive Programing Project Blue Beam Alien Invasion And Haarp Weather Wars!


Alan Watt – For Those Who Are Awake

Predictive programming is a concept that seems to have originated with a man named Alan Watt who defines predictive programming as: “Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as natural progressions, thus lessening possible public resistance and commotion.” link to the source of the quote

The attack on the Twin Towers is commonly cited as an example of predictive programming as numerous examples of the towers being hit as well as the date 9-11 can be seen in popular media before the event took place. As a result of this, people speculate what else is being predicted in media, but are not able to collect the same common theme of an event before it takes place, and I think this is because the presence of 9-11 was not about predictive programming as it is defined by Alan Watt.

For one, predictive programming as defined by Alan Watt suggests that when 9-11 took place, there should have been conditioning involved that suppressed the effects of the attack. The attack on the towers was subsequently honored by declaring September 11 as a Holiday known as “Patriot's Day” by George W. Bush, and there are still conferences that take place on a regular basis for those who suffer from post-traumatic effects from the event. There is an organization called Voices of Sept. 11 talking about CBT and other ways to help those who are still suffering. There is a 9-11 museum, etc. All of this is a very normal, predictable response to a tragedy of this kind for a nation with an opportunity to recognize it as such. Regardless of how many times this was referenced in media, the effects do not seem to be altered from what you expect to see.

If anything, this could be considered predictive programming to send troops off to engage in military conflict in foreign locations in the same pattern that we followed at the beginning of both world wars. When the Lusitania was hit, we went to war. When Pearl Harbor was hit, we went to war. However, that is not the definition that we are being given for what predictive programming is supposed to accomplish. In addition to this, it would seem unnecessary to go to the trouble of including this in media when two similar scenarios took place previously in history that required no predictive programming to produce the same result.

In addition to this, I perused a site that is supposed to be a collection of September 11th predictive programming examples, and several examples were not even of the twin towers. It would seem that once the idea of predictive programming was introduced, anytime there was a tall building and a plane, it became a premonition of the attack on the Twin Towers.

There was also an early reference to a 9-11 perfume from the turn of the century was rather interesting. Another reference to a watch with the hands at 9 and 11 was interesting. Most of the old comics with a tower burning, I could just as well have done without. Everything past 1968 is kind of hit or miss for me too because in the US, 911 is the number that we have used to call for an ambulance/police/fireman since 1968. It doesn't really shock me to see 911 used after this point even if New York is being referenced in the process as well because New York is one of the most famous places in the country.

Wikipedia did the heavy lifting in identifying every movie that has been set in New York since the turn of the century. There are a lot of movies that have been set in New York because of this. New York is the equivalent of London or Paris or Rome in terms of prominent cities in the US and the Twin Towers would be the fourth and fifth tallest buildings in the country if they were still standing. When you consider making this abstract in some way either in a picture or in artwork, it is common to represent this achievement with some comparison like a plane. A plane demonstrates the height and the size of these buildings especially if you are trying to zoom in at the top, which would eliminate the comparison to the other buildings that are smaller in size. An 8th-grade art class would teach you this.

I would consider the reference to Neo's birthdate to be the first real reference to what is sensationalized as predictive programming. His birthday on his ID card is specifically September 11, 2001. Popular media is subsequently flooded with the date September 11th after this. However, there is one other reference to September 11th that is worth noting and is the basis for my own theory for the presence of an unusually significant amount of media referencing this date that there has been no comparison for since. It is the date that they started construction on the Pentagon in 1941. I think that the reference to this date was because of a military purpose and the reason this date was chosen was that of the significance to the history of the Pentagon. It would suggest that the military was financing media, which could consequently be called propaganda. Maybe that is where some of the missing money went.

Finally, I believe that since it is more likely that media references refer to a military operation, I think it is likely that September 11th signified something in regard to data collection rather than predictive programming. September 11th initiated the Patriot Act and NSA collection. Data showed a significant expansion in the year 2002. In 2012, Obama signed the Big Data Research and Development Initiative. 9-11 more than likely has something to do with the Pentagon and gathering data, which is the only legitimate discussion that is taking place right now on the capacity to make predictions, which is by gathering data in order to make them.

I don't know that I think Alan Watt is intended to create disinformation, but his research and definition of what predictive programming is, do not match the reality of what is actually taking place. It seems that people like Alex Jones and David Icke are the ones pushing this concept, and I think that has helped this concept to become the distraction that it has become for those who are seeking to understand the truth. In reality, the definition of predictive programming is really just a hybrid way of saying that there is propaganda and censorship limiting what people are exposed to and that if this censorship and propaganda increase, people won't know anything outside of what they are shown by major news sources or popular media.

This is what we are being shown in many dystopian films, but there are also too many objections being made in the present for me to believe that these dystopian stories are creating an acceptance of reality like this.

I also don't find anything very mystical about this thing called predictive programming and I think that if there is something else taking that will eventually take place that is predicted in media, the only way to find this before it happens is with some ability to search data for this at a rapid pace. A bunch of hobbyist researchers simply are not going to be fast enough to search through the amount of data that exists in order to develop any kind of awareness of the next situation comparable with the phenomenon of September 11 before it happens otherwise.

Therefore, there is more hype and speculation regarding this subject than most subjects I have encountered during my time studying conspiracies. There is no way to say with any certainty that anything you are shown is another example of predictive programming especially when the primary example of predictive programming according to its own definition, is weak. So as a result of this, let the speculation commence. Really anything and everything goes in a discussion on this because there is no definitive way to say that what I am saying about the subject is absolute fact, or whether what you are saying about the subject is absolute fact, which kind of makes the whole subject seems like one colossal waste of time, but whatever. You live, you learn.

Celeste Solum discusses DARPA Project Blue Beam – The SIGNS and WONDERS of the Antichrist Kingdom! Go to 14:41 min in and Listen..

Messianic Lamb Radio – Aug 26, 2022 —>

Jessica Knock
Celeste Solum
Dr Stephen Pidgeon
Scott Bennet

They're talking about how AI will ultimately be used to deceive the masses and how much further they have gone. Celeste said something about the need to get rid of carbon, nitrogen etc to enable the “aliens” to live on earth thus the “climate change” nonsense!

Project Blue Beam – The Government DARPA is creating a FAKE Heaven above us, a firmament of “holography” for the FAKE signs and wonders the Antichrist will perform during the Tribulation. Pharmacia is destroying man's red blood cells and making a delivery system for psychedelic drugs and frequency control from a 5G/6G wireless network! It is also about creating a One World Religion of the Antichrist Kingdom

Monsters Vs Aliens Decoded! Predictive Programming UFO Invasion! Real Rapture! Obama Antichrist 666

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