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“Black hole sun
Won’t you come
And wash away the rain?
Black hole sun
Won’t you come
Won’t you come”

– Soundgarden

A Truthscrambler video production, a deep dive into:

Conspiracy ~ Esoterica ~ Occult ~ Qabalah ~ Tarot ~ Theosophy ~ Anthroposophy


Eleven from Stranger Things floating in the sensory deprivation tank. Daath is the 11th sefirah in Qabalah, and is the portal to the Black Sun, the 8th Sphere, the lower astral realm (depicted quite well in the show as the “Upside Down.”) Eleven is playing the psychic High Priestess who can safely traverse the abyss, so that she can remote-view across time and space. Notice the subtle nod to Pizza gate on her makeshift eye-mask, and the Masonic checkerboard pattern.


“Upside Down” = 49(Chaldean) DMX, And Prince Phillip killed on 4-9 Lil Nas X Birthday, CladeX=49 the Pandemic Simulation 666
Donald J Trump= 49

You will see at the Bottom How he Connect to Black Hole sun=45, and Sound Garden=45,

pedophiles= 49
Pornography= 49

That Pizza Gate Energy!

extraterrestrial= 49
Doomsday Clock= 49
five eleven= 49


Subconscious= 49
manifestation= 49
Freddy Krueger= 49

Vecna, the season's primary antagonist, heavily resembles—in appearance and method—Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund), the badly burned villain of the Elm Streetfilms, who preyed on vulnerable teens…

Freddy Was a Child Molester Stranger Things Is full of that Energy! Filmmaker Charlie Kessler has accused “Stranger Things” creators Matt and Ross Duffer of stealing the premise of the Netflix series from his 2012 short film, “Montauk.” Kessler filed a lawsuit.

The Montauk Project the were Steeling Children! Montauk Project. Coordinates: 41°03′44″N 71°52′26″W. The Montauk Project is a conspiracy theory that alleges there were a series of United States government projects conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station in Montauk, New York, for the purpose of developing psychological warfare techniques. Look at them Numbers, Stranger Things=71, Last two EP 8,9 Released on 7-1-22, and You will see the Connection to 41 Below.

The beast system= 49


Season 4 Finale
“Montauk Project.” = 59(Chaldean)
Human trafficking= 59
the age of aquarius= 59
three one three= 59

The Pope Came in on 3-13-2013, Seven years later on 3-13-2020=56, Mind Control=56, Trump handed Power to FEMA, On 3-13-2022 Obama Was Crowned by the Serpent and Got Corona!


Link –

Four Horsemen= 59

Joe Biden won the 59th Presidential Election, Tommy Truthful is a Super Cypher with 59 4 Cyphers, I was Created to do what I am Doing Teaching, Just like my Bro Truth Scrambler.

Divine Bloodline= 59

I have showed you my Blood type Rh Null, It's not everyday that you hear about a rare blood type, much less one that only 43 people are confirmed to have worldwide, with 9 of them being donors. It's called Rh-null, or ‘Golden Blood', and is highly prized for blood transfusions. What makes it so special? Well, humans all have red blood cells with 342 antigens, which produce antibodies, and their blood type is determined on the basis. We are able to Manipulate Energy different than most people, And they are not able to harvest our Energy.

I think there A few hundred Now but still it is very Rare.

“Golden Blood” = 50(Chaldean)
arch angel michael= 50
The Phoenix= 50


hebrew israelite= 50
Live Forever= 50
second coming= 50
fortune teller= 59

You could call us that because we are able to see thing Manifest before it happens So can you!

beavis and butthead 59

Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe  –

The Fallen Angels= 59

The Eighth Sphere – Gigi Young

Gigi Young is a psychic, spiritual scientist and researcher who goes very deep into many occult topics. I’ve only just discovered her youtube channel but her video presentation on the 8th sphere is perhaps the clearest expose on this challenging topic that I have come across. These are the core issues I’ve been trying to understand and explore on this blog for years now. A lot of this info you can find in Steiner or Burgoyne but she brings a modern perspective that is enlightening for our time.

Here are some key take-aways. As always, these views are evolving as new information comes to me, and must be viewed as such.

Earth Cycles or Rounds

Our Earth in her full cycle of evolution goes through seven embodiments, rounds, or “spheres”. We are in the fourth. These spheres should be understood as like fractal nested dolls, each with its own frequency, dimension, vibration, however you want to image it. In other words we must get away from the materialist Copernican view of the planets and the solar system, and look at this multi-dimensionally. Everything is Heaven, or Spirit, but as Earth gets denser and denser its sphere is actually moving further out from the core, from Source. As it grows it lowers vibration to achieve materiality, (our current fourth sphere) and then gradually raises its vibration with the 5th, 6th and 7th spheres, becoming ever finer, rarified etheric substance.

The 8th sphere mechanics are a little different, it’s the farthest from the core, so you can imagine that it is low vibration, but its not dense in the sense of being made of Earthly matter. It is currently invisible, its been called the lower astral 5D realm. It’s also been called Hell, Hades, Purgatory, etc.

The 8th Sphere is hellish because its a holding sphere for all the evil souls, thought forms, egregores, demons, failed creations and deviations of evolution that do not align with the core, with God, with sublime Creation. These “divergents” eventually all get absorbed by the 8th sphere until the Earth finishes her 7 cycles. Then there is an End Times event where they are basically recycled back into Source and their eternal spirit has to “start from the beginning,” says Gigi Young, (and I imagine this means they must be granted a new soul by God?)

But as you can see, there really is, in a sense, what the UFOlogy and many conspiracy theorists call  a “soul recycling” system, but they fail to see that this 8th sphere functions for the good of the whole system; after all, you have to take out the trash, that’s part of life.

But it’s not a system set up by evil E.T.’s. That’s a psyop. The “evil E.T.’s” are actually demons, black magicians or former humans who sold their soul, and are themselves trapped in the 8th sphere. This is the Black Cube of Saturn that everyone is talking about, this is the abyss of Revelation, this is Lilith and Lucifer’s trap system, their alien A.I. Matrix.

Ahriman (Satan) has twisted the tale around to make them seem like all powerful Controllers, but really they are also bound by cosmic law. However they will play dirty at any opportunity. The dark occult Illuminati members, the pedophiles and murderers are in communication with the 8th sphere and know they are doomed not to cross the abyss, and seek to extend their life artificially through transhumanism, thus temporarily avoiding their karma.

Can Man Lose His Soul?

Man is a being with body, soul and spirit, a tripartite being and only the spirit part of him is truly immortal, eternal, outside of time, one with God. But his body and soul are by no means guaranteed to him. These he has to earn. I imagine that if you lose your soul to the Black Cube recycling system you become a very simple germinal being again, a pure spirit but simple, like a baby. Your soul is your sense of self as a distinct being, it holds all your growth and development. Whatever does not align is absorbed by the demons in the 8th sphere. The Black Brotherhoods are channelling these demons and egregores to gain power here and to bring the 8th sphere closer and closer to Earth. This is actually in a sense inevitable as its preparing for a cosmic, fated event of the incarnation of Ahriman into a physical human body on Earth. This is what the Christians call the arrival of the Anti-Christ. This will happen when the 8th sphere overlaps with the Earth, when transhumanism and all these wicked games reach their peak. Then Ahriman will come and offer clairvoyance to everyone, through chips and drugs and technology, but it won’t be aligned with Source, and thus a distraction, leading to soul rot. Imagine having the internet beamed directly into your head. This is what we are facing and must reject.

As sovereign beings we will always be given a choice – to reject the jabs, the mark of the beast hand chips, to reject transhumanism, although it will be at a great cost and sacrifice. But this is what will count when we face the 8th sphere, how strengthened we were in our resolve down here, to hold our ground. Because to truly save your soul you must cross the abyss, you must face all the demons and egregores and negative thought forms that you created – you must face them at death because the inside becomes outside, the soul unzips itself, inverts, your astral body becomes a whole world mirroring your darkest thoughts, character aspects, fears and nightmares. Each and everyone of us must get through that in the final Judgement Day, must face our demons and have enough inner force, love, velocity, spin, kundalini energy to banish the darkness through the light that one cultivated with the Christ impulse over many incarnations on Earth.

“Black hole sun” = 45(Chaldean)
Soundgarden= 45
Canton ohio= 45

My City on the NW In the Hood Little Chicago, I got a Place up in Chicago, and Detroit's westside, We use To Grow Legally!

In Detroit I had that spot before it was Legal in Ohio, And Chicago Is My Second Home when i Need to Git away, But so much Negative energy there Right Now. My next place will be in the Country Far Far away Maybe even Dominican Republic we Own a place down there my Pops.

Gematria is the practice of assigning a numerical value to a name, word or phrase according to an alphanumerical cipher. A single word can yield several values depending on the cipher which is used. Hebrew alphanumeric ciphers were probably used in biblical times, and were later adopted by other cultures.
Mind Control= 45
the end is near= 45
Age of Aquarius= 45

On December 21st, 2020 the world had witnessed The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn during the Winter Solstice at Zero Degrees in the constellation of zodiacal air sign Aquarius. This astrological event is considered by many to have officially marked the end of the water Age of Pisces and the beginning of the new air Age of Aquarius.

lift the veil= 45
Holographic= 45
natural disaster= 45
Two Sixteen= 45

TOTAL SUM (after decimal point) = 666. 144 / 666 = . 216 216 216 216 … to infinity. 216 = 6 × 6 × 6. Observe the following as well: • 144 + (6 × 6 × 6) = The number of degrees in a perfect CIRCLE (360) • Sum of first 144 decimal digits of Pi = 666.

CERN Awake experiment 2016, Stanger Things came out in 216, Trump #45 Came on the world stage in 2016.

On June 16, 2016, CERN began the AWAKE (Advanced WAKEfield Experiment) project to accelerate charged particles, and coincidentally 10 days later photographer Christophe Suarez put online a series of photos of the skies above CERN.

The photos showed a strange cloud formation and electrical activities above the CERN complex, and this stirred a bit of media frenzy about “portals” in the sky, in light of the fact that LHC has detected mini black holes while smashing the particles, which could indicate parallel universes in extra dimensions.

The 4th of July Shooter the Awake Rapper –

“AWAKE” = 216(Satanic)
Alien 216

6 to the power of 3 = 216 – 666

omega 216

Clade X simulation 666 DAYS LATER 3-11-2020 The Pandemic –  the Omega Vaccine.

Simulation Of Pandemic –

“Omega Vaccine” = 53(Full Reduction)
crisis actor= 53
propoganda= 53
puppet master= 53

12/14/2007 = 12+14+20+07 = 53 (Release date of I Am Legend)

The Jabs went live in the USA That day during the Corona Eclipse, the half way point between the two Great American Eclipses

wake up neo= 45
Possession= 45

Black Goo Demonic Possession –

The end times= 45
This is the end= 45
fourtyone- 45

Omega” = 41(English Ordinal) Matching Awake= 41 (English Ordinal) The Bomb Truck at the Georgia Guide stones had 401 on it!

41 days after the 2017 Great American eclipse the Las Vegas Shooting Happened, Kobe died at 41, 41 days later Pop Smoke was killed and put in Ambulance #41

Eclipse ritual= 45
Forest fire= 45
source code= 45

You Live in A Organic Matrix –

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  • OMGOSH. One of their latest clues is Upside Down. End over end, flipping the world with the son of the moon’s heel.
    And Alice & Wonderland.
    I don’t know what any of that could mean though.
    Thoughts right now are telling me Curiosity killed the cat. I usually associate songs so that’s weird.

  • Mr. Tommy Truthful, thanks for all the work you do and for sharing my work as well. Deeply appreciated.
    Interesting connection about the Montauk Project! Stranger Things is a very blatant form of soft disclosure about these black projects, not even trying to hide it, really.

  • Just posted things on your chat telegram channel that may get me into MAJOR trouble.
    Please see it before it’s too late. Truth matters. The whole truth.
    I’m a little bit afraid. Kinda wanting to delete them all. But the ‘damage’ has already been done.
    Want you to see them in case I do.

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