Case Closed- Louisville False Flag Exposed

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Case Closed- Louisville False Flag Exposed

Newest Member of the Truth Mafia – A Tried Stone

4 Killed 9 injured Atichrist=49 4-9-23 and 4-10-23 was the days we warned about in this live video A Hybrid Eclipse during the 13 days of Preparation leading into Beltane Not to toot my own horn but I am dead on this month actually all 2022-2023! This Lined up with the Pink Moon Rituals, Louisville gunman’s brain to be studied for CTE, father says

322 Skull and Bones I told you 2023 is the year of skull and bones 2023=223 Skull and cross bones=223


Nashville Walgreens worker shoots pregnant shoplifting suspect, forcing emergency C-Section

Massive rituals on the 36th parallel right now Like Doenut Called and Kentucky borders that 36th – 37th line.


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