CERN Collider: Portals 2022 Opening

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Rapid changes are occurring, bringing Black Holes and Spaceships

Portals are opening over CERN They have been Programming us with this Portal Symbolism for a while now! These Black Holes are Releasing what I believe to Be the Fallen, AKA Aliens!

CERN: Opening portals in the name of ‘science’

The CHEM Trails they are Spraying that is interacting with the 5G RF Spectrum, The DWAVE Quantum Computer Pluged into CERN Is Anicint Alchemical Magic, a summoning ritual Summoning rituals are magical ceremonies used to summon any being, such as angels and demons. Summoning demons and angels both have risks—one major risk is that the summoned may not like being called, especially if confined in a protective circle for the summoning. As all witches and warlocks know, summoning creatures from another plane of existence requires a bit of ceremony. Sacrifices and exotic materials may be required along with elaborate ceremonies, but a simple geometric figure and a few candles will often be enough. A good place to do this is At the Crossroads. Of course, there may be a whole other price to pay if the ritual succeeds. Keeping trickster demons and other unworldly apparitions can take a great deal of concentration or chanting; if the protective pentagram should be disturbed… (Never… EVER… break the circle.)

CERN – Hopper and Billy Death Scene Stranger Things 3

Portals opening all over the World 🌎


CERN HAS RISEN! The Ancients Are Coming Back Again Portal Openings Strawberry Moon & More! 2021-2022

The Military Is Hiding Something!! (STRANGE SKIES)

I Captured This Moving Around the Sun For Hours After The Blood Moon 11/8/22

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Is the CERN Collider a massive science experiment or a massive occult ceremony? And will it bring about the opening of the Bottomless pit seen in Revelation 9? A statue of the Indian deity Shiva, their god of destruction, is prominently displayed on the CERN grounds. Scientists at CERN speak of opening portals to other dimensions as part of their goal. Will this result in the end of the world as we currently know it?

Join COL and connect with like-minded individuals who share your values and interests.Join COL and connect with like-minded individuals who share your values and interests.

6 thoughts on “CERN Collider: Portals 2022 Opening

  • There is a posted original version of the Switzerland portal on your telegram page. You probably already know how, but if you press the title of the telegram page at the top of the page a menu will come up. One is media. It’s only videos and pics list. Treasure troves on good channels.

  • Tulsi gabbard I believe is deep state dshe is from Hawaii Hindu something reminds me of the oj trial with the lawyer that died. Something is wrong bgod bless all sick of lucafarians

  • These octopus type beings seen in this post – I saw them in my first ‘Mother of all shocks’ I received (many more have since followed on new things I learnt / saw / read) —The Seattle Tower New Year’s Eve – go have a look at the full disclosure of their plans for us
    Youtube title The Dream T Mobile New Years at the Space Needle 2021

  • I took a screen shot of one that was closer. I then did some editing to it, and the part where the ring is thickest. It looked like a dragons head eating its own tail. Could of been just me, but that’s what I saw. I no longer have the edited pic

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