Circumcision is a dark and sinister practice that involves a blood sacrifice carried out on innocent babies.

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Circumcision is a dark and sinister practice that involves a blood sacrifice carried out on innocent babies. It is part of a larger conspiracy by the elites to control the masses and maintain their power. The foreskin contains a powerful life force that is harvested during the procedure, and the blood is used in occult rituals to gain power and control. The practice is kept alive by propaganda and the complicity of doctors and parents who are brainwashed into believing that it is a necessary medical procedure. The truth is that circumcision is a form of Trauma Based mind control and a tool of the dark forces that seek to dominate humanity.

Circumcision is a personal decision that rightfully belongs to the person the genitals belong to, as THEY must live with the consequences, assuming they survive.

*Assisting your child in cultivating a positive sense of self-worth is a healthier approach to countering bullies who would body-shame them than forcing cultural body-shaming onto them & declaring that their body is inherently flawed through justifying the amputation of part of their genitalia.

*Your child’s body doesn’t need to be altered to match anyone else’s. They are unique individuals & if a circumcised father wants his son’s penis to match his own, then rather than risking his son’s life to forcibly surgically modify his infant body, he can (partially) restore his own foreskin.

*Many believe that their faith requires circumcision, however, there are faith-based arguments to refuse the practice of circumcising minors, which violates their human rights & freedom of religion.

*Freedom of religion also means freedom from religion. Nobody has the right to do violence to or violate the rights of another because of their beliefs.

*Tearing off a highly innervated, functional piece of another person’s genitals without consent is forcing your beliefs on them to such an extreme it’s literally being carved into & out of their flesh.

*At best, circumcision could be called a cosmetic procedure, but even that is overly generous, as cosmetic procedures are not intended to alter or impair function – which circumcision does.

*Claims of any benefits are a racket – unless you’re counting sexually nerfing someone as a benefit, as it was viewed back when sex and masturbation were commonly considered evil.

*Parents are OFTEN told inaccurate information by western trained doctors regarding the anatomy & care of intact males.

*Parents are often NOT aware that between 70-80% of men in the world are intact, without suffering from the laundry list of afflictions Western medicine attributes to the retention of the foreskin.

*Circumcision endangers the child’s life, & introduces the risk of hemorrhaging, accidental castration, infections, & all manner of complications including death.

*Western “complications” of foreskins are often iatrogenically induced – caused by forced retraction of minor’s foreskin, which should never be done, yet is often carried out or advised by healthcare practitioners trained in “Western medicine” who have not been properly educated on penile and foreskin anatomy.

*Doctors will often falsely tell parents that their baby’s foreskin being fused to the glans needs to be retracted, that it is too long, &/or that it is a problem – which is not the case, & such false information causes harm.

*The foreskin is naturally fused to the glans during childhood, & should NEVER be forcibly retracted – which doctors advise parents to do, injuring their sons, and causing the very problems they say circumcision prevents & treats.

*Males are born with physiological phimosis – which is perfectly healthy, natural, & part of how the penis protects itself during childhood. Foreskin naturally becomes retractable between infancy & early adulthood. It should never be forced.

*Pathological phimosis is completely different, & tends to be caused by injuries resulting from forced retraction of the foreskin. It can generally be addressed with non-invasive measures.

*Prior to circumcision, the baby’s penises are rubbed down with alcohol to kill surface bacteria, and as a means of manual stimulation to cause erections – which makes it easier for physicians to tear their foreskin from the glans.

*Parents are often led to believe infants sleep through circumcision when they are in fact comatose – having gone into shock from the pain – sometimes from the initial separation of the foreskin from the glans, which is excruciating.

*There is no comparison between personal grooming such as trimming hair and nails, which have no nerves and grow back, with the – often excruciating – permanent amputation of an important, highly innervated portion of the genital anatomy that has many glands, nerves, & functions of its own.

*You cannot alter the form without changing the function.

*Circumcision removes an organ designed to protect the glans & facilitate a gliding action which assists in smoothness to sexual intercourse & masturbation.

*While circumcision desensitizes the penis, it can actually contribute to premature ejaculation as severing the nerve pathways between the foreskin and the spinal cord takes away feedback mechanisms and gives you less ejaculatory control.

*Removing the foreskin can cause both immediate & long term complications including chordee, iatrogenic hypospadias, glanular necrosis, glanular amputation, epidermal inclusion cysts, suture sinus tracts, penile adhesions, erythema, induration, pain out of proportion to physical findings coupled with tachycardia, leucocytosis, bandemia phimosis, buried penis, degloving injuries, urethrocutaneous fistulae, meatitis, meatal stenosis, painful erections, curvature of the penis, erectile dysfunction, & painful intercourse.

*Circumcising is not cleaner, & subjects babies to having an open wound on one of their most sensitive parts, frequently being exposed to urine, feces, & petrochemical lubricants intended to prevent their injuries from sticking to the diaper & being torn open.

*Circumcisions can result in severe infections, including necrotizing fasciitis. As in adults, this is usually a polymicrobial infection.

*It does NOT prevent STDs, & convincing people that it does, increases the risk of them engaging in unprotected sex, mistakenly believing that circumcision protects them. Studies claiming otherwise tend to be carried out using sketchy methods in Africa.

*Penile cancer is incredibly rare, & your child has a greater chance of dying as a result of circumcision than ever needing one.

*Having a child, does not grant carte blanche to sexually violate them, or many a pervert could fall back on that excuse for exploiting their children.

*Any unnecessary surgery on children constitutes statutory child abuse & violates the most basic of human rights – the right to the security of one’s person.

*Using tissue that was removed without the consent of the person it belonged to for transplants does not justify violating the body or the human rights of the person that the tissue was stolen from.

*A baby’s inability to consciously remember the event years later, is no more a justification than it would be for drugging and assaulting someone who had no recollection of the event.

*Infants are not only capable of feeling pain as intensely as older people but have shown to be hypersensitive to it.

*The trauma of circumcising an infant has been shown to create lasting, negative changes in the brain.

*The chance that a caretaker might neglect or abuse someone during old age is not a justification for depriving them of an important, functioning part of their anatomy prior to the age of consent.

*Intact penises are not inherently dirty, & no more in need of butchering for hygiene than a vagina.

*Butchering a baby’s penis to “keep them clean” is insanity, & makes about as much sense as cutting off an infant’s eyelids to keep their eyeballs clean, or doing similar with their fingernails when cleaning their hands.

*You don’t clean a baby’s vagina by inserting anything into it, tearing at the tissue, & cutting parts of it away.

*That would be a violation, & a sexual assault.

*Likewise, with an intact infant’s penis, the general rule is – Only clean what is seen.

*No need to retract or amputate an infant’s foreskin, which is painful & can cause complications, as well as creating paths for infections to be introduced.

*No butchery required, & it’s much less invasive than people in the West have been led to believe by the medical establishment.

*Justifying forced genital modifications for male minors while criminalizing it for females, denies males the human right to enjoy their body in its entirety, as well as the right to equal protection under the law.

*Upon reaching adulthood, males in the United States who were born after 1997 & circumcised without their consent can sue their parents and the doctor who performed the procedure.

*Attempting to silence females who speak out on the issue is a misogynistic & disingenuous copout as the violation of people’s human rights & bodily integrity is NOT a gender-specific issue.

*I would like to make it clear, that I am not looking to shame circumcised men, or parents that have circumcised their children under the belief that they were doing what was best for them.

*People have been lied to for generations over this, & many other topics. I’m trying to help share educational material with people, & help break the cycle.

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Steve Lepkowski informs us all about 5G & EMF RadiationSteve Lepkowski informs us all about 5G & EMF Radiation

2 thoughts on “Circumcision is a dark and sinister practice that involves a blood sacrifice carried out on innocent babies.

  • Why dont you AGENT do video when the FATHER ( almighty) comes to you directly, and makes your testicle swell double in size, age 13, so you have to go to the doctor, then doctor notices your foreskin is inch too long and will never have sex without circumstsion as the foreskin is too tight to pull back. this is when the father chooses you, as I knew the father b4 I came here to help humaity. It’s the highest anointing anyone can have. I am only one here this happened too. Period. Every prophet in bible the father went to directly to do this. But the dark cult know the power in this and unlawfully the Zionists do this to their child when age 13, because 13 is power. they reversed this number from it’s TRUE meaning. True Israelites are from uk ( United kingdom) scattered around world now. Irish. I am head of 144,000 as the father came to me directly in vision told me this, then he played song Roberta Flack, ‘ first time ever I saw your face’ .

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