Nephilim Technology Cloaked Ships 2022 – 2023

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Nephilim Giants: Forbidden History & Technology of the Fallen

 Man and the Anunnaki joined forces to create the giant Nephilim.

In ancient days, there were giants, and later, when God’s sons married human females and had offspring with them, those children grew up to be titanic, powerful men. The Bible commands in Genesis 6:4:

The giants Nephilim were created as a result of the coupling of man and the Anunnaki because the Anunnaki themselves were human Titans and considerably larger than humans. Nephilim translates as “fallen he “Gods” were happy” in Old Hebrew.

They built us for our appearance. Only the amount of time prevented us from getting the wine. Only a select few were endowed with it, as evidenced by the Old Sumerian books and the Bible, both of which were written much later.



They don't Just Have Ships, they have Smart Suits as well!!

 The smart suit was reverse engineered from nephilim alien nanite technology. It allows for levitation into the air, because it is consciousness thought assisted nanotechnology when you wear your helmet. The smart suit allows you to walk through walls by changing your body frequency or make you invisible by using the nanotechnology. You can shape-shift change your appearance or the shape of the clothes, because it restructures the molecules. It deflects bullets using electromagnetic fields, Just like in their Illuminati propaganda movie “Predator” invisibility cloaking device, it has the ability to camouflage you into the background forest or street. It heals your body by releasing drug serums.


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