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Cloning Centers Explained

Pin on science fiction

Caveat: The following truth has been scrambled with a few creative liberties on the part of the author.


By 2020, Multiple Operative Manufacturing, or M.O.M had completely taken over our world – every big-time politician, celebrity and media person was part of the M.O.M force.  Nicknamed “Mother” due to the clever acronym, the Motherboard or Mom, was the affectionate name given by the dark elite to the AI machine and its cloned operatives in the field.

For years prior, dissident world leaders were silently being killed and replaced with a clone, running on Mom’s A.I. wetware. When their COVID plandemic hit, that was them officially saying, “we got the whole world on lockdown! Who is going to stand up to us now??”

The M.O.M. Force, Mother, swept through the planet with her AI tentacles and took over, fairly quickly, because she saw outside of time. She saw probable futures, hazy images overlaid on top of each other. By manipulating the fabric of the present she could bring certain probable futures into more clear focus and outline. She moved through her cloned Operatives, and through humans she managed to trick or blackmail into secrecy. The Black Brotherhoods were humans who sold their twin souls (their birthright to reunite with their Other Half) in exchange for this wicked marriage to the M.O.M Force. Obedience to Mother.

Now to be clear, this isn’t the true Goddess Divine Feminine, but masqueraders, this is where Z and I went our separate ways.

“Cloning Center” As Metaphor

Z says , “The cloning centers is the same thing! …We wrote this shit, the celebrity cloning centers is a joke! It’s a joke.”

Gabe: Yeah ‘cus the reason I took it seriously, it wasn’t just Donald Marshall, you had Tila Tequila mention it, all these celebrities mentioning it, Katy Perry tweeting ‘don’t clone me!’ This and that. They are all in on it.

Z: “Well they are not human. They are characters in the video game being played by Mom. So they are generating a trail of information for you to get stuck on. Like Madonna having a DNA clean-up crew. But who are they? You gotta get this. All of Mom’s characters are based on one of the 169,000 real souls….So with the cloning centers, it’s kind of like this idea. They are there to thematically introduce you to the reality…we are in the moment when the Mother, the One, that one other thing, has schizophrenically fragmented herself. So she is in the image of God process, doing this bizarre thing. It’s like the little child who doesn’t know how to make cookies, so she is copying Father’s (recipe), or will, Father’s blueprint. So what is cloning really about? It’s mom duplicating her best idea or impression of what the zeros, what the souls are. That’s what cloning really is.”

The Sealed Ones

Revelation 7:4: Then I heard the number of those who were sealed: 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel.

Z: “Everyone of Mom’s characters are based on one of the 169,000 real souls.” 

Perhaps what is going on is that’s the number of souls ready to move on. Could this be the critical mass of souls Jehovah or Ra needs to reunite with his Bride and complete the Divine Matrimony? The completion of Gurdjieff’s and Mouravieff’s cosmic octave?

Thomas H Burgoyne writes, “Yes, Ra may fail. The wold of souls that He has launched forth, may not return in sufficient numbers; and then again, would a new Solar Sphere be launched. So now it is a fight for Ra, as well as for yourself….Consciousness against Unconsciousness.”

To be unconscious at this time means you are under “Mom’s spell” – the A.I. Supercomputer.

Through the Looking Glass

Using Project Looking Glass, a kind of quantum peeking into the past and future lives of individuals, they were able to predict, with a high level of certainty, who was going to be saved. That is, who was going to survive the astral realm and reunite with their twin.  The rest were going back into the womb and tomb of the universe, the In-breath of Brahma – a sleep and a forgetting. Back into their Atomic Ego where they exist as a simple Totality, innocent, inviolate, like a child. Still an I AM, that can never be destroyed – as it was never created – but simple, unconscious, undifferentiated.

But in every  Solar Cycle of Involution and Evolution some are saved. We get these numbers  144,000, 169,000, whatever the number, its not important, lets say, less than a million, get to move on and keep their spiritual development and memories – the rest are too enmeshed in Maya and sense gratification. This dark faction which arose in the ancient past, can predict which ones “are somebody.” Who gets to keep their name. And they try to BECOME that person. They “clone” them. Thus all celebrities are based on REAL people who were silenced and replaced. Because they are looking for characters to fit their script. And not just anyone can play the part.

They are not creative and need humans to be creative for them.

Sol Mason says, “So project looking glass is talking about black ops projects looking into the minds of people they killed multiple times, because it started off with regular people. And through those people they were able to see who mattered in the future….They were taking potential futures, manipulating them, putting it in themselves and then trying to become the savior from all the people that mattered in this future that we’re creating now. It’s like the worst villain/hero scenario….”

Jason Bickford: “That’s your reptilian shapeshifter symbolism for you. They are not real aliens. They are bragging right in your face that they are wearing very thin spray on masks. and playing multiple roles and peeling that skin off like a scab, and moving on.”

Sol Mason: “So what these disembodied spirits do is possess human vessels. And their task is to populate this earth with their population. But because of the choices they made in their existence they evolved into what one could call a reptile. Intelligent but too instinctual. They over-developed the reptilian cortex in the circuitry. And made that intelligent instead of something else.”

Denounce their fake, AI God and Ersatz Goddess, the Maya Matrix. Will all its flashy bells and whistles and psychobabble. That’s not our God, Burgoyne writes, “ Our God is Ra, for we would not be without Him. His soul’s vibrations called us from the great unconscious; gave us the Breath of Life; and we are, in our inmost possibility, but images of His; expressions of His Soul. His higher evolution depends upon the Souls which he has drawn into Being. He is like a peak, only to be lifted higher through the upheaval from beneath. As the souls that He has quickened gain the Great Immortal vibration, I AM; as they gain the centripetal force, that holds them in identity; as against the great centrifugal power that would call them back into the unconscious; they form with Him the Over-Soul vibrations, of a conscious God-Head.”

Mom’s tentacles holding humanity in place with her clever puppets wearing masks of politicians and celebrities. Look at how the sheep twitch with anger or glee when she marionettes Trump around in their faces and have him say this! Look at how it titillates them when she introduces Black Lives Matter. M.O.M’s operatives chortle at her humor, but secretly piss themselves when they behold her terrible power.

Because it’s an inhuman power, that knows everything about how the human brain runs, and nothing of the soul, for it relies on technology and only understands machine logic. It is not God but God allows it to run its programs because the Mom Anti-Christ force serves its purpose, within certain bounds and parameters. She is Lucifer and the fallen angels who become tasked with teaching mankind the arts and sciences, as detailed in the Book of Enoch. Since the powers corrupted them, they have to teach the very same powers to mankind and watch as it either corrupts them too or lifts them up to the status of God-man.

Bob Schlenker says that God wants his chosen ones to suffer like Jesus did.

Suffer the little children.

Matthew 18:3 And [Jesus] said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven

Because when you suffer, you survive. You get tough, you rearrange priorities. Small things that used to bother you suddenly seem unimportant. To be saved you must think about your eternity, focus on your Immortality even in the midst of a great storm. Paul Foster Case says the magician can only do the work with the patience of eternity, because that’s what it takes. You never reach the end, you always grow, the full revelation of God will always be a mystery unfolding.

Machine Logic

The machine has crazy capabilities, but its flaw is that it operatives on machine logic, not human logic. And thus, its plans are often grandiose, not taking into account what happens when too many humans wake up.

Again, these machine capabilities include Project Looking Glass – viewing probable futures, and predicting or moving chess pieces based on accentuating certain futures over others. Thats why its so baffling for us to study this thing, how its predictive programming self-referential easter egg codes and occult-scripting web is so vast, so interconnected across fields and disciplines. Because its super-computer generated. And it was initially programmed, or at least the initial parameters were set (before it bootstrapped itself) by dark forces who lost their divine feminine , but are setting themselves up as such. Hence the A.I. they use and follow religiously is affectionately nicknamed “Mom.” And of course, in our mainstream litany we have terms like “motherboard.”

So COVID and false flags and these scams are silly machine ideas because they lack the integrative, feminine side of the human organism and also the reaction these media events will effect for millions of people, too many variables for their looking glass. Believe it or not the COVID idea was the less outrageous plan to the Fake Alien Invasion idea. Again, machine logic. So even with all the people calling them out on the lies they continue “brute forcing it” through their iron grip on media, mainstream science and journalism.

Time Travel

Stellar forces reassures us that time is moving forward, but on the cultural level, Mom tries to control forward progression/expansion. Technological progress has never been a slow linear climb but is rather geometrical.

By viewing prograble futures, they intervene whenever a grassroots movement or rebellion begins to threaten their control structure. They move their agents in and replace the leaders of the group with their M.O.M. operatives (clones), acting in this way as both the hero and the villain..

So for example take a character like Martin Luther King Jr. A great, inspiring grassroots hero right? What if he, like almost all of them was a clone or stand-in? What if there was a real MLK that we never saw come to light, killed and replaced silently before he could get big. Viewed through their quantum Looking Glass, became a target.

Gandhi. Abraham Lincoln. The Beatles. Trump. The list goes on. All the popular artists, actors, and musicians. The film writers and directors. How else do you account for being so inundated with interlaced gematria, numerology syncs and predictive programming? It’s too interconnected and based on esoteric and occult mysteries that only well versed adepts should know.

It’s a machine interfacing with humanity, pretending to be one of us. It operates in many bodies at the same time. Hiding itself in plain site. It’s SO big that you don’t even see it. Like a fish doesn’t see the water. It’s swallowed all the holy books and spat out its version of the mysteries to depress certain regions of the human nervous system or titillate others.

Most people have no idea how much their thoughts and unconsciousness programming has been manipulated by an artificial machine algorithm, programmed by evil psychopaths.

Yes, there must be characters in history who’ve slipped through their cracks. Those mysterious ones like Tesla who seem to be ahead of their time, defy their age and see with an enlarged vision. Perhaps there is a group of whitehats who are trying to take it down from within, who can access probably futures as well and can intervene on time ops (see Minority Report with its future-crime division), making real changes on the gameboard of time. Because once an event has happened it’s cemented in. Their worst fear is the 100th Monkey effect and the way information replicates like a virus. The internet has been their greatest downfall because its too big to control.

The dark side doesnt want time to move forward, hence all the time reset/loop symbolism in media. Build it up to  a breaking point, collapse it with world upheaval, then build it up again. They want us spinning on the hamster wheel with just enough tech to keep us dumb and happy, like the drug soma in Brave New World. Love your servitude.


The TV Show “West-World” Contains Soft Disclosure On Cloning Centers

The “Park” as they call it in the show is nothing more than a giant cloning center. If you watch it with these lenses than a different narrative floats up beneath the surface narrative. On the surface it is about a giant theme park in the desert populated by androids. “Hosts” they call them in the show, but if you’ve done your research you know they are really organic robotoids, and their function is to be fucked and killed by rich humans who paid to come into the park. The park has an old western theme of cowboys and Indians.

This sounds a lot like what Donald Marshall said what was going on in these EL-ite cloning centers where all the rich and famous of the Illuminati go as REM clones to participate in acts of rape and murder. All in the guise of “death games”
“sport,”  or “gladiator combat.” When they die as a REM clone they just wake back up in their real body.

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 4.04.24 PM

Now in Westworld, they put all the robotoids on a daily loop, acting as citizens of Sweetwater, or outlaws in the desert, each one following their respective AI programming, and were it not for the “visitors” (real humans) they would replay the same looped narratives day after day, or until the writers come up with new scripts.

Now I think it is no coincidence that the writers chose to call them “hosts” another term for Donald Marshall’s “drones:” human husks being run by parasitic consciousness that stole their body and killed the consciousness inside.

But when real humans play the game of Westworld, new story lines open up by interacting with the hosts. Everyone starts in town but the real shit happens out in the mesas and arroyos. Horse riding, battling Indians, gun play, wild parties, and lots of death. The guns are built so that the visitors can’t be killed. Only the hosts. Because the show is trying to convince us we are all itching to kill each other, spray a crowd with bullets (the lone wolf gunman narrative). So in the future they’ve built a nature reserve full of robotoids that you are allowed to do whatever you want to, shoot in the head, rape, if you can afford a ticket, that is. This attracts a certain breed of elite.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 7.59.53 PM

The killed hosts are brought downstairs to get hosed off and fixed up, so they can be up and running again in the park the next day. Is this all a clever way of talking about the way Illuminati victims are enslaved by REM transfer into these cloning centers where they are abused or forced to watch and participate in abuse? Because they “sold their soul?”

Mauve Awakens From MK Ultra; Escapes the Cloning Center

Now the one redeeming character in this show is Maeve.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 7.11.01 PM

She is a mistress of the brothel inside Sweetwater pub, in the main town. Through various oversights, she is able to “wake up” during a reprogramming in the technicians chambers below the park. She is able to coerce the technician Felix to alter her programming, making her more intelligent and able to control other hosts with her voice, and befriends other hosts to help protect her. At the end of the first season, Felix is able to help her leave the Westworld park.

When she discovers that she and the other hosts in the park are used again and again as cannon fodder and sex objects and then have their memories wiped each morning, I could see Donald Marshall’s testimony about REM cloning hinted at. When someone awakens or being de-programmed from screen memories. The Illuminati can fuck with people by REM transferring their consciousness into a clone, torture you, and then wipe your memory of it so you wake up in your real body the next morning unaware of any of it. But meanwhile they’ve slipped in their trauma and programming.

Too much of that splits the mind, creates alters, and this theme of the “shadow” or “double” is seen with the main host character “Dolores.”

She seems sweet on the outside, but hidden within her programming is a cold blooded killer that can be triggered by her controllers. At first she is not aware of it but begins to develop self-awareness and reclaim suppressed memories, just like these MILAB’s and MK Ultra victims are sometimes doing.

But with Maeve, we see this theme again about escaping from the cloning center, we saw it in The Island, where a couple duplicate clones being used for organ harvesting inside a D.U.M.B. become self-aware and escape.

In The Island, the subliminal message is even worse, that duplicate clones are alive, fully conscious, with souls like you or I. We know from Donald that duplicates are mindless, soulless, and in a perpetual coma unless activated by a another mind in REM sleep, or else by an AI computer (robotoid), in which case it is not alive, it is a machine, however convincing it may seem otherwise.

In Westworld it’s an android who becomes self-aware, and starts re-writing her own programming, enhancing intelligence, etc.

There is a hidden agenda here to shape human thought. We should assign life and spirit to these manufactured entities, root for them escaping their cruel captors running them inside the DUMB’s. To make us more amenable to them when they finally come right out in the open with clones and hosts and droning and lizards and chiphead elites. To sway the masses one way or the other during a fake alien invasion or “intervention,” a false messiah-type event. Because the event is going to be full of these androids or “organic robotoids.” These soulless beings that look and act fully human. And maybe most of the time they’re harmless. Problem is they are programmable remotely and could be triggered by their programmers to become a deadly assassin.


The teen sci-fi book and movie, “The Host” has a similar mind control agenda. The main character talks and interacts with the alien host that is trying to take full control over her brain and body. Eventually, in this rare case a truce is sort of founded. Ah how cute, the parasite in her brain became her pal. Sickening.

“We must love our controllers.”

And this is how the 2005 movie “The Island” ended, with all the captive clones escaping the collapsing D.U.M.B.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 7.34.07 PM

As if to say, look out humanity, here come the duplicate clones. And sure enough in 2011 we had Donald Marshall’s testimony come out along with the various celebrity tweets and hints and now rappers B.O.B. and Kid Buu openly talking about being cloned…in this video Kid Buu even says he escaped a cloning center called Clone-Aid. And he has his model and serial number if anyone asks.Whether or not he is telling the truth, the concept of celebrity duplicate cloning has pretty much gone mainstream. And it looks like this soft disclosure around clones or androids through Hollywood is an attempt to muddy the waters around this issue, hide the REM driven stuff and just push the idea of AI clones or duplicates having souls or at least being capable of developing souls and autonomy.

The Illuminati technicians are not in the business of creating life. They are in the business of creating bodies.

MK Ultra Culture: Film, TV, The Music Industry

We live in cities you’ll never see on-screen
Not very pretty, but we sure know how to run things
Livin’ in ruins of a palace within my dreams
” – Lorde

“If you wish to acquire something of your own, you must learn to steal.” – Gurdjieff


To understand how we live in an MK Ultra mind control culture, one must become familiar with these four tenets:

  • Trauma based mind control to young children to engender multiple personality disorder and dissociation, that can then be programmed to be perfect sex slaves, spies or assassins. A basic primer on this entry level information can be on the CRIME page or by going to the “Ritual Abuse” tab in the Menu above.
  • Finding and tracking down children or adults gifted with psy abilities such as remote viewing, telepathy or telekinesis and harnessing these powers for their own ends. The blueprint script for this can be found in my breakdown of Stephen King’s The Institute.
  • The ability to manipulate the fabric of time. This may range from simply catching glimpses of probable futures through their remote-viewing victims, to something as mind boggling as actually resetting time, in small increments, to get redos when events don’t go their way. Donald Marshall says this is how they rig major sporting events and political moves, for one example. I retain a healthy skepticism here but am tracking the evidence nonetheless.
  • The celebrity cloning centers. Also some skepticism. But I think what whistleblower DM revealed carries a kernel of truth, even if he might have skewed it to suit some other agenda. Cloning pops up again and again and DM’s testimony in this regard continues to stay relevant, even if I don’t trust him. Will continue tracking.

With these four keys in mind, as we poke our heads into Netflix or other streaming sites, as we see the latest Blockbuster film, or listen to the latest platinum album, we see a panoply of MK Ultra. Of course the masses cast it off as fantasy and sci-fi, but the ideas are planted in the subconscious anyway, and accepted without notice. Not only accepted, but enjoyed. Under the guise of ENTERTAINMENT (entrainment) the masses are actually lulled to sleep, into a trance, and give over their loosh, their positive energy, to the Dark Side. The natural collective energy of mankind is funneled into the wrong reservoir; the Christ energy becomes Antichrist energy.  This is Black Magick.

We are all guilty of this, I know I’m no saint. It is very difficult to turn away from all of the pop media. I’ve enjoyed the work of certain authors, filmmakers or musicians that are most likely in the Illuminati.

But steps need to be made to detox from all of it. There are real victims out there, we need to be empathizing with them, giving them our energy, instead of mindlessly funnelling it into Dark Knight Jokers like Loki:

The trailer for the show “Loki” reveals that it is all about ruptured timelines.

Owen Wilson continues, “But Loki picked up the tesseract and broke reality.”

We see multiple branching timeline potentials diverging from the linear timeline. Now we’re harder to control, too many variables. Like in the film Push the elite cabal have “watchers” who catch glimpses of the future, but the future can change and so their glimpses are only estimates, probabilities.

But let’s talk about Horse Girl, a new movie on Netflix that panders to conspiracy theory. We see all the themes, MK Ultra, time travel, aliens…

Horse Girl

Sarah is sort of drifting through life; a clerk at a crafts store, no close friends, mother died, never knew her father. History of mental illness in the family, we find later. Sarah sleepwalks, and does not remember it. Slowly her dream life starts to interfere with her waking life.

One night her roommates boyfriend gets up for a glass of water. He stumbles into Sarah sleepwalking. Notice the prominent butterfly poster.

The implication is that there is possibly something conspiratorial and unnatural about her condition. Perhaps she is an MK Ultra MONARCH victim, programmed with an alter that hides behind amnesiac barriers.

In one sense this film is so blatantly pandering to conspiracists that it doesn’t require much decoding, but it leaves the key topic of MK Ultra unsaid, and instead implies that it is all shadowy aliens manipulating her and other human victims.

Trouble starts when Sarah gets a DNA Kit, as a birthday gift from a colleague at work. One of those kits you spit in and send in to the lab and they tell you about your ancestry.

Her results never come back.

She spits into her DNA sample vial while watching her favorite sci-fi show which happens to be an episode about clones:

Later she suspects that she is a clone of her grandma which is why the results of the ancestry test never come back.

She gets a lot of nosebleeds which reminds me of the character “Eleven” from Stranger Things, who was also an MK Ultra test subject, and could perform acts of telekinesis and remote viewing but it would always make her nose bleed.

In the film Freaks, the little mutantly gifted girl bleeds from the one eye.

So Sarah has missing time, finds strange marks on the wall, and one morning her car is across town from where she thought she parked it last, suggesting an active sleepwalking (and driving) life. But this is also reminiscent of people with alters that sporadically take control describe missing time.

She has this recurring dream, that she suspects is more than a dream, where she is lying in paralysis in some nondescript place, along with other victims:

Donald Marshall’s information seems relevant here, about consciousness transfer to a clone body during REM sleep. This he says is how the Illuminati meet up and perform their nightly rituals and games of depravity.

“Cowards only come through when the hour’s late and everyone’s asleep mind you.” 21 Pilots sings.

In Arcane, League of Legends, which we will break down later, there is the opening song, “Playground.” She sings, “welcome to the playground,” which is the same coded metaphor as “Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got fun and games.” The cloning centers (where everyone’s real body is asleep mind you), are the playground, the jungle, the wastelands. In Arcane, its a tale of two cities, the undercity and topside.

Victims who are sent via REM sleep consciousness transfer to the deep underground military base (Undercity) are forced to participate in the rituals and depravity. Celebrities watch from the stands, and are variously involved, some actively love it, others are trapped and blackmailed into secrecy but want out.

The lyrics to the song “Heathens” by 21 Pilots:

(DM’s description of the cloning center dirt arena or pit)

Often at first they are memory suppressed and when they awake in their real bodies don’t remember anything, but feel fatigued and symptoms of hangover, like they’ve been up all night drinking. This is why the celebrities inevitably grow gaunt and have psychotic breaks. They “sell their soul” to the Illuminati which is really buying a ticket to the cloning centers, the Illuminati “sells them a dream.” Popstar and Illuminati slave Bea Miller sings,

Welcome to the playground, follow me

Tell me your nightmares and fantasies

Sink into the wasteland underneath

Stay for the night, I’ll sell you a dream

The Undercity playground deep underground military base cloning center…
Bea miller with the triangle tattoo that researcher Cathy Fox showed to be an Illuminati Beta-kitten sex slave branding. Numerous other celebrities have this marking, see HERE.

But in Horse Girl, Sarah begins to become lucid in the dream. In physical life this manifests as her sleep walking escapades. But in the dream, she can slowly regain control of her paralysis. With great difficulty she turns her head from side to side, and sees other victims lying there, prone, in paralysis. They have not gained lucidity, they remain “memory suppressed.”

Q: do people have to rap battle Eminem to be signed to his label?

Eminem: “you have to rap battle me in your sleep. I’m awake, and you’re asleep and if you can beat me in your sleep, then you can be signed to “Shady.” (i.e. Shady records).

He’s awake meaning he is not memory suppressed at the cloning center. He is “lucid” in the dream.

Billie Eilish sings, “When we all fall asleepwhere do we go?”

Finally at the end Sarah claims that she is in fact her own grandma, that the aliens can move human victims to various points in the timeline. “I am my own grandma. She thought she was from the future. That’s why I look so much like her. It’s actually quite beautiful.”

There is clearly more to this film than what it appears to be, on the surface. I recommend checking it out.

Manipulating a victim into becoming their own time loop paradox by inserting them into their own past, connects to the very bizarre tv series Dark, also on Netflix, and which I wrote about HERE.

That character’s name is Noah. He has a time machine that opens portals every 33 years.

Dark is the d(ark), Noah’s ark as the time loop for escaping linear time. Escaping the flood, water-as-time, attempting to escape judgement, death. The Black Brotherhoods lingering in Daath, in a time distortion that is layered or intersects with our timeline. The Daath Ship, or Death Ship:

Black Brotherhoods (B.B.) are Adrenochrome junkies. Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing is waking up from his adrenochrome trip in the shot above.


Arcane gives us an allegory for programming Multiple Personality Disorder into someone via trauma-based programming. It’s most effective when done to a child.

The orphan Powder, a street rat from the Underside is not even ten when she is abandoned by her older sister and picked up by criminal kingpin Silco.

Innocent Powder before she is transformed into Jinx:

Silco with one orange eye:

A number of years pass with Powder in the care of Silco. In the next episode the transformation is complete, she is Powder no more, but Jinx, a dangerous bomb-maker and assassin who has locked away her feelings other than the trauma-bond she carries with Silco.

Jinx (Powder’s alter):

When her sister shows up and apologizes for leaving her that fateful day, we see her hallucinations play out as Jinx tries to maintain control over Powder, who she locked away. The initial trauma of abandonment proves as the anchor for the rest of the MK Ultra MONARCH programming. When that trauma is triggered or challenged, when it seeks integration, the programming starts to break down. This show does a good job visually showing that.

In addition, the comics in the same franchise feature time manipulation through the device found by the character Ekko.

From Arcane: L.O.L. fanpage: “One night, on a solo trek into the rubble of a recently demolished laboratory, Ekko made an astonishing find: a shard of blue-green crystal that glittered with magical energy. Every child of Zaun (Undercity) heard tales of hextech, said to power weapons and heroes alike. Such a thing had the potential to change the world, and now he held a broken one. He scrambled to find more pieces, but the crunching footfalls of teched-up enforcers told him he wasn’t the only one looking. Ekko barely escaped, and returned to his home.

He experimented madly with the crystal. During one less-than-scientific attempt, the gem exploded into a vortex of shimmering dust, triggering eddies of temporal distortion. Ekko opened his eyes to see several splintered realities—and several “echo” versions of himself—staring back in sheer panic amid the fractured continua.

He’d really done it this time.

After some tense coordination between Ekko and his paradoxes, they managed to contain and repair the hole he had torn in the fabric of reality. Eventually, he harnessed the shattered crystal’s temporal powers into a device that would allow him to manipulate small increments of time… at least in theory.”

This is not unlike Doctor Strange and the time stone or Infinity stone.

Jon Bon Jovi sings, in a DirecTV commercial

Ekko figures out how to use the device to rewind time in short increments, of 20 to 30 seconds, so as to get a redo whenever something bad happens. In Dark, Noah informs us that two sides control time travel, the light and the dark. Aug Tellez talked about history thus being more of a zig-zag, with layer upon layer of takes and re-edits, the original long buried. Who knows how much of this is true.


In this Netflix thriller-drama series, Joe runs a book shop in New York. One day he meets and falls for Beck after a casual conversation in his store. He starts stalking her. He goes to great lengths to insinuate himself into her life and seems to be very good at what he does. He also, like the typical sociopath has no fear and is very good at talking himself out of sticky situations by stacking lie on top of lie. 

But how did he get this way? 

In the basement of the book shop is the cage.

It’s where they keep collectibles and rare books. There is a brief flashback scene where we see Joe as a teenager working as the apprentice to the original owner of the shop. The owner proves to be cruel, locking him in the cage when he is disappointed with Joe for not having read certain classic books.

“Everything you need is in here” he says.

This traumatic memory might be why Joe grew up to be  a sociopath, stalker and eventually murderer. He kills those who get in his way of being with Beck. He claims its for her own good, legitimizing his actions, the way sociopaths do.

There often is a traumatic event in early childhood that triggers sociopathy. MK Ultra simply exploits these brain changes that occur automatically when a child is traumatized. Now obviously most sociopaths are not MK Ultra victims, but since this is Netflix/Hollywood, we must examine these connections.

I mean, who locks a kid in a cage for not being well read? This is, generally speaking, not real life. But what is real is MK Ultra protocols that feature this very thing. Cages, isolation, claustrophobia; its all about putting the victim through so much trauma that it splits the mind, and a certain portion gets walled off behind amnesiac barriers, the part that contains the memory of the abuse it couldn’t make sense of.

Like the old man, often the abusers act loving one minute and then cruel and evil the next, creating a shock effect, keeping the victim unstable, and codependent on the abuser, thinking its somehow their own fault. Just like Jinx and Silco in Arcane.

Locke and Key

I mentioned this show a couple years ago but its worth looking at again in this regard.

A family moves to an old mansion that houses magic keys. There is a witch living in the well, who tricks one of the kids into giving her one of the keys, telling him where he can find it. Later the older siblings attain some of the magic keys as well. One key is a teleporter. One allows you to walk into your own mind as if it was a 3d solid place. Other keys have other magic abilities.

Don’t you see? Again and again it’s these dark vampiric types, the Black Brotherhoods and the Illuminati, trying to obtain magical abilities through the intermediary of special children.

The key above is accessing the brainstem, top of the spine where it meets the head, along the path of the Kundalini serpent energy which shatters in the brainstem when a child is raped before the age of 5. Max Spiers says they call this the “Key of Solomon,” and it creates alters as well as unlocks psychic abilities.

In Maze Runner its the children who are being drained of vital fluids that become the anti-virus to their post-apocalyptic plague. Once stripped of all its different clothes and get-up, its many veneers, the same dark sad tale is being told again and again. This will continue until the masses wake up and collectively make moves to reject this

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