Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

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Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Released on 9-21-2022=72, He Murders 17 Men, Kill=17, He killed for 13 years, The 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati, 13 Represents the Rebellion of Lucifer. 

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One of America's most notorious serial killers is primarily told from the point of view of Jeffrey Dahmer's victims and dives deeply into the police incompetence and apathy that allowed the Wisconsin native to go on a multiyear killing spree. The series dramatizes at least 10 instances where Dahmer was almost apprehended but ultimately let go. The series is also expected to touch on white privilege, as Dahmer, a clean-cut, good-looking white guy, was repeatedly given a free pass by cops and by judges who were lenient when he was charged with petty crimes.


Inside the Mind of Jeffrey Dahmer: Serial Killer’s Chilling Jailhouse Interview

Warning: This video contains graphic descriptions of violence. Twenty-seven years ago, Jeffrey Dahmer was beaten to death in prison while serving 16 life sentences. In 1993, the man known as “the Milwaukee Cannibal” granted Inside Edition a jailhouse interview and was forthright about his crimes. During his reign of terror between 1978 and 1991, Dahmer killed 17 men and boys and kept some of their body parts in freezers inside his home. He was eventually arrested in 1991 when a victim escaped. #InsideEdition

Jeffrey Dahmer’s brother: What happened to the killer’s brother David after the Milwaukee Cannibal murders

The new Netflix series shines a spotlight on the crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer, known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, who murdered and dismembered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991.

Jeffrey Dahmer, aka the Milwaukee Monster, is an American serial killer who is now the subject of a new Netflix series (Photo: Curt Borgwardt/Sygma/Getty)

Jeffrey Dahmer, aka the Milwaukee Monster, is an American serial killer who is now the subject of a new Netflix series (Photo: Curt Borgwardt/Sygma/Getty)© Provided by The i

Across 10 episodes, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, a true-crime drama, tells the story of the victims and the failure of police to apprehend Dahmer on multiple occasions.

Following his eventual capture, Dahmer was beaten to death by a fellow inmate at Columbia Correctional institution in Wisconsin on 28 November 1994.

Here’s what you need to know.

What happened to Jeffrey Dahmer’s brother?

Jeffrey Dahmer had a younger brother named David, six years his junior, who was born to parents Lionel and Joyce in 1966. He was named by his older brother.

David’s introduction is said to have negatively affected Jeffrey, who came to resent him for occupying their parents’ love and attention. Despite having differing personalities – with David described as outgoing compared his shy older sibling – Lionel told Larry King in 2004 that they “enjoyed themselves as brothers”.

After his parents decided to separate, David moved with Joyce to live with relatives in Wisconsin in the spring of 1978, while Jeffrey remained in the family home. Dahmer’s killing spree began shortly after.

After Jeffrey’s crimes came to light, David retreated from public life, changing his name and assuming a new identity. He refused to conduct any interviews with his older brother, disassociating himself from the family.

In a 2004 Larry King interview, Shari Dahmer, David’s stepmother, suggested he had built a family and career.

How many people did Jeffrey Dahmer murder?

Dahmer, known as the Milwaukee Monster or Cannibal, is known to have killed 17 people between 1978 and the date of his capture in 1991. All of them were young men.

His first victim was Steven Hicks, a hitchhiker he befriended and invited back to his parent's home in Ohio for beers on 18 June 1978.

There he knocked the 18-year-old unconscious with a dumbbell, strangled him, dissected the body, and buried the remains in a shallow grave in the garden.

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Steven Tuomi was his second victim, killed in a rented room at the Ambassador Hotel in Milwaukee on 20 November 1987.

Dahmer claimed he had no intention of killing the 25-year-old after inviting him back to his room but awoke to find him dead on his bed.

His third victim was 14-year-old James Doxtator, who he met outside a gay bar in Wisconsin on 16 January 1988.

Dahmer lured him to his grandmother’s home in West Allis, where he strangled him and kept his body in the basement before dismembering and discarding with the rubbish. No remains were ever found.

On 24 March the same year, Dahmer drugged and strangled Richard Guerrero in his bedroom in West Allis. After dismembering and discarding the 22-year-old’s body, he kept the skull for several months.

A year later on 25 March, Dahmer drugged and strangled Anthony Sears at his grandmother’s home. The 24-year-old skull and genitals were found in a filing cabinet at Dahmer’s home when he was arrested in 1991.

In 1990, Dahmer took the lives of four men in the space of as many months while living at his apartment in Milwaukee.

On 20 May, he killed Raymond Smith at the apartment by drugging him with sleeping pills and then strangling him. He later spray-painted the 32-year-old’s skull and kept it in a filing cabinet.

A month later on 14 June, he drugged and strangled a former acquaintance Edward Smith. He accidentally destroyed all the remains and so was unable to keep any body parts.

Dahmer met Ernest Miller outside a bookshop on 2 September 1990, drugged him, and then knifed him in the neck at his apartment.

Then three weeks later on 24 September, he strangled David Thomas at his apartment and then dismembered him. No remains were ever found.

In 1991, Dahmer began the most prolific part of his killing spree taking the lives of eight men before his eventual capture.

On 18 February, he lured 17-year-old Curtis Straughter to his apartment where he drugged and strangled him. Dahmer kept his skull, hands, and genitals.

Errol Lindsey was killed on 7 April after Dahmer had drilled into his skull.

The following month he took the lives of Tony Hughes on 24 May and then 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone on 27 May. The youth had managed to escape the apartment and alerted police but Dahmer convinced officers they were lovers.

Dahmer met Matt Turner on 30 June at the Chicago Pride Parade, bringing him back to his apartment where he drugged and strangled him.

The following month he murdered Jeremiah Weinberger on 5 July after drilling into his skull. He then killed Oliver Lacy on 15 July by drugging and strangling him. And finally, on 19 July, Dahmer killed father-of-three Joseph Bradehoft.

How was he captured?

Dahmer was finally captured by police after he invited Tracy Edwards back to his apartment on 22 July 1991. Dahmer had handcuffed the 32-year-old but he managed to escape and raise the alarm with two police officers on the street.

The officers returned to the apartment where Dahmer was arrested.

He was convicted of 15 of the 16 murders he had committed in Wisconsin and sentenced to fifteen life terms of life imprisonment. He was later sentenced to a sixteenth term for the murder he committed in Ohio.

He was beaten to death by a fellow inmate at Columbia Correctional institution in Wisconsin on 28 November 1994.



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