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There is no doubt left to the imagination as to the degree of witchcraft taking place here. Who won this year? A Magician! A Witch!


When sin and religion become friends!


Joel Osteen : His Occult/New Age Teachings in Church


-Do you see sin and religions becoming friends?
This wave really got a big push with demonic energy when Helena Blavastky took the reigns. Lucis Trust was the initial concept with which the New World Order would be installed within the governments. This wave is in full stance right now. The energy behind it is powerful and the effects worldwide. This wave will encompass the entire Earth and its people.


-WHO are these entities behind these patterns of doctrines?
It began in the Garden of Eden, where Lucifer convinced Eve she could become a god. I believe this was was first lie ever told to humanity by Satan. He works on this same concept even now. We have the wave of Transhumanism, and becoming bionic; we have the enlightenment wave. These two combined is a perfect example of how man has bypassed GOD and placed Satan in the forefront.
But the biggest wave is the occult doctrines behind all these connections made here. The entities behind it are celestial. They have installed a New World Order on this Earth and the current wave of this order is a New World Religion. We hear it most everyday.


Since the creation of the Roman Catholic Church, we have seen a wave of demonic influences within her. Every recent major event which has taken place within the RCC has had its secret alliance behind it. They keep watch. For they are The Watchers.


The current wave is to push all religions into one. The church as a whole, all around the world is asleep. That’s this wave has been allowed to continue on its path.
Satan’s Masterpiece!!


-The Final Wave of Magick
These Nephilim are connected to the Roman Catholic Church! These are the ‘brothers’ they speak of. They want you to believe that they are benevolent but in fact they are the complete opposite. This wave is the one which will bring forth the Antichrist.



Before I conclude…I want to add something. When I was doing this article, I suddenly heard a CRASH! A picture had fell from off the wall. It smashed into pieces. Guess the picture? GOD BLESS THIS HOME. But you see, this is how they work. They seek to intimidate. Don’t let them! I immediately did a house cleansing over my home and loved ones (my animals). We were the only one here at the time. So, don’t let them have control. We have control and authority. I guess they don’t want this message to get out? Well, tough!



All the Planets Aka Dimensions are aliened perfectly for the Open of this Star Gate –

CERN Built on the Temple of Apollo

2022, August 12:  Heliacal Rising of Sirius, Saturn Nears Opposition

August 12, 2022:  Sirius is making its first morning appearance – the heliacal rising.  Saturn, nearing its solar opposition, appears in the morning with Venus, Mars, and Jupiter.  The Ringed Wonder is in the evening sky as well.


The ritual done in the 2012 Summer Games –

2022, August 12: Sirius first appears in the morning sky at the latitude of Chicago.

Chart Caption – 2022, August 12: Sirius first appears in the morning sky at the latitude of Chicago.


by Jeffrey L. Hunt

Chicago, Illinois:  Sunrise, 5:56 a.m. CDT; Sunset, 7:55 p.m. CDT.  Check local sources for sunrise and sunset times for your location.

Sirius is at its heliacal rising today.  The star makes its first morning appearance in the east-southeast before sunrise for the latitude of Chicago, Illinois.

During a star’s annual westward trek, it appears in the eastern morning sky before sunrise.  Each week it is higher in east and then in the south a few months later.  Soon the star sets in the west at sunrise and rises into the eastern sky at sunset.  The star is in the sky all night.  Then it appears farther south each evening.  The star then sets during bright twilight to reappear again in the morning sky to repeat the yearly pattern.

Venus, moon, Sirius, August 14, 2020
2020, August 14, 2020: One day before their close grouping, the crescent moon is 13° to the upper right of Morning Star Venus. Sirius is making its first morning appearance in the east-southeast.

Sirius, the night’s brightest star, begins this annual trek during summer and the date of the first appearance depends on the observer’s latitude. Locations farther south, see the star earlier than more northerly latitudes. Local effects, such as weather and obstacles at the horizon, may delay the observation of the first sighting.  See the mathematical note below for a detailed explanation.

Heliacal Rising of Sirius
Latitude Date
20° N July 24, 2022
25° N July 29
30° N August 1
35° N August 5
40° N August 10
45° N August 15
50° N August 21

To see the star near the morning of its first appearance, begin looking for it a few days before the predicted heliacal rising date. Venus is quite easy to locate.  It is over 10° above the east-northeast horizon at about 30 minutes before sunrise. Sirius is over 40° to the lower right of the Morning Star.

A binocular may be necessary to first locate Procyon and Betelgeuse.  They are two of the three points on the Winter Triangle.  The shape is nearly equilateral.  Gauge the distance between the two stars and then apply that gap toward the east-southeast horizon to complete the triangle shape.

Sirius, August 21, 2020
2020: August 21, 2020: Sirius shines from low in the east-southeast during morning twilight. Brilliant Venus is higher in the sky in the east.

Sirius is visible a day or two before the predicted date through a binocular, although the sky brightness is dim enough to see the star without an optical assist on the predicted date.  As noted earlier, this is dependent on the clarity of the sky near the horizon.  Each morning after the predicted first appearance, the star is easier to see in the southeastern sky during morning twilight.

Morning Sky


2022, August 12: Bright Jupiter, Saturn, and the moon are in the western sky before sunrise.
Chart Caption – 2022, August 12: Bright Jupiter, Saturn, and the moon are in the western sky before sunrise.

As you look for the first appearance of Sirius, note the bright moon in the western sky.  At forty-five minutes before sunrise, the lunar orb is nearly 10° up in the southwest.  Locate Saturn 4.5° to the right of the moon.

This bright moon interferes with the peak Perseid meteor shower that is occurring earlier this morning when the sky is darker.  The bright moonlight washes out the dimmer meteors.

Saturn is nearing its opposition with the sun in two evenings.  It is opposite the sun, rising at sunset and setting at sunup.

Bright Jupiter is higher in the sky, over halfway up in the south-southwest, over 45° to the upper left of Saturn.

2022, August 12: Mars approaches a conjunction with the Pleiades star cluster.
Chart Caption – 2022, August 12: Mars approaches a conjunction with the Pleiades star cluster.

Farther eastward, Mars is approaching its conjunction with the Pleiades star cluster on August 20.  This morning the Red Planet, nearly two-thirds of the way up in the southeast, is 7.5° to the lower right of the stellar bunch.

2022, August 12: Venus is low in the east-northeastern sky, below Pollux.
Chart Caption – 2022, August 12: Venus is low in the east-northeastern sky, below Pollux.

This morning farther eastward, brilliant Venus is about 8° above the east-northeast horizon and 9.6° below Pollux.

Evening Sky

2022, August 12: Mercury is in the west after sunset.
Chart Caption – 2022, August 12: Mercury is in the west after sunset.

Bright Mercury is about 5° above the west horizon at 30 minutes after sunset.  The planet’s evening appearance is not favorable, setting nearly an hour after sundown.  Use a binocular to attempt to view it.

2022, August 12: Saturn is low in the east-southeast after sundown.
Chart Caption – 2022, August 12: Saturn is low in the east-southeast after sundown.

Fifteen minutes later, Saturn is about 7° up in the east-southeast.  It is in the sky all night long, appearing in the south around midnight and low in the west before sunrise.

Mathematical Note

In his book Mathematical Astronomical Morsels, Jean Meeus generates a formula for predicting the first date of the appearance of any star.  When the astronomical coordinates of the star and the observer’s latitude are entered, the formula calculates the sun’s longitude along the ecliptic when the star is about 2° above the horizon, Meeus’ estimate for Sirius’ first appearance.

Then it is necessary to generate a list of the sun’s celestial longitude for summer dates, using the computer program MICA from the US Naval Observatory.  Applying some tiny, but important factors that account for the radius of our planet, the dates that follow were determined by aligning the Meuss equation output with the MICA computations.

The dates reflect the day following when the sun appeared at the Meeus coordinates. For example, for latitude 20° north, the formula generates a solar longitude of 121.1479°.  MICA calculates that July 24 at 10 hours UT (5 a.m. CDT), the sun’s longitude is 121.50759°.  A day earlier and the sun’s longitude is still west of Meeus’ predicted location for the heliacal rising date.  This was carried forward for the other latitudes.

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