Death & Afterlife: Catholicism vs Buddhism

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Catholicism And Buddhism Are Two Major World Religions with Different Views on Death and The Afterlife.

Catholics Believe in The Concept of An Afterlife Where the Soul Is Judged by God and Sent to Either Heaven, Hell, Or Purgatory.

In Contrast, Buddhism Teaches That Death Is a Natural Part of The Life Cycle and That There Is No Eternal Self or Soul.

Instead, Buddhism Holds That After Death, A Person's Consciousness Is Reborn in Another Body, A Process Known as Reincarnation.

This Cycle of Rebirth Continues Until the Individual Reaches Enlightenment and Is Liberated from The Cycle of Death and Rebirth.

In Terms of Preparation for Death, Catholics Often Seek the Sacrament of Reconciliation and The Last Rites, Which Includes the Anointing of The Sick, Confession, And Holy Communion.

Buddhism Encourages Practitioners to Cultivate Mindfulness and Wisdom Throughout Their Lives to Be Prepared for Death and Die with A Peaceful Mind.

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