Demonic Entities Seen in Vietnam Through Red Night Vision Goggles

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BodyAlign developed a system that provides the Next Evolution in Wellness.BodyAlign developed a system that provides the Next Evolution in Wellness.

The DWAVE Quantum Computer is Connected to CERN, And this Mirror World Of this on where the Things nightmare are made of! Think Stranger Things The Upsidedown! The early Goggles Dyason Dye was used and it was red in color. Soldiers actually said they saw demons while wearing them. It is highly regulated and Highly Illegal, In quantum physics, there's something called tachyons, which allows particles to be seen that is faster than the speed of Light, Everything Coded to this reality is Coded to the Speed of light, So if you are able to see past that you see what is all around us feeding off of us harvesting LOOSH Energy from us! The particles that were seen as a whole, Appeared to Resemble Demons from this Parallel Universe that CERN Is Plugged into! Infrared Ultraviolet Dyason Dye Goggles=128, And don’t forget the collapse of the Fern Hollow Bridge the day Biden was to speak in Pittsburgh about infrastructure, January 28, 2022, or 1/28.
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The Rainbow Bridge Between Realms 

Legend has it that beneath the falls was home to the chief of the Thunderers (thunderbirds), and was a portal to the sky realms. Today you can take a Journey Behind The Falls and view them from the perspective the ancient Thunderers would have.

The wormhole tunnel leads to several different portals including the Cataract Portal, and the Great Falls Portal.
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A couple of months ago I watched a video about the early night vision “goggles” in the Vietnam War unintentionally allowing soldiers to see demons. This was an interesting story because I realized that this was actually scientifically possible. Normal human eyesight can only perceive a tiny band of what physicists call the “electromagnetic spectrum”.

Just off the top of my head, I remembered the name, “ROY G BIV”, which is an easy way to remember the band of the electromagnetic spectrum that we call “visible light”: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. On the electromagnetic spectrum just below Red is called Infrared, and just above Violet is called Ultraviolet.

Did the U.S. Military night vision goggles used in Vietnam, register Infrared, Ultraviolet, or low light, and amplify it or translate it from something that people can’t see, into the visible light spectrum that we can see?

When I began researching this subject, I found a very detailed and thorough history of the origin and development of night vision optics by the U.S. Military, written by history professor Richard Ruth at the U.S. Naval Academy in 2017. Although I did find the specific scientific information that I was looking for, I was both surprised and very suspicious that this professor spent so much time explaining the “psychological effects” of night vision optics used by soldiers in Vietnam.

In my opinion, it was almost as if the main purpose of this professor’s lengthy, detailed, and thorough history of U.S. Military night vision optics was to eventually arrive at the point where he could debunk and discredit any stories about U.S. soldiers viewing demons during the Vietnam War. Some of his explanations were Vietnam soldiers’ reluctance, difficulty, and inability to use this “new technology”; “fatigue”, “hallucinations”, and the many ways that soldiers were unable to psychologically cope with what they saw when using these scopes.

(At the bottom of this article I will provide the links to my referenced sources and the original video that I watched.)

At this point in my research, I needed to switch to find out if there is any documentation anywhere that anything paranormal has been detected using other segments of the electromagnetic spectrum. The clearest explanation came from ghost researcher Joshua Warren, who stated that things such as “ghosts” or “spirits” have been detected and photographed in the Infrared and Ultraviolet range. Additionally, spirits are sometimes photographed by normal cameras when not visible to the naked eye and recorded on normal audio tape when unheard by the human ear.

I believe that it was Joshua Warren who gave the explanation, when we turn on a fan that spins at 1,000 rpm, we don’t see the individual moving fan blades, but taking a photograph, the camera captures a picture of the fan blades as if they were standing still. This is analogous to capturing a photograph or audio recording of a spirit that was neither seen nor heard at the time by those people present.

Again, the information that I was trying to find through research, was what process was happening or what mechanism was being used, that was causing something that is normally not visible to humans, to be translated or amplified into something that we can see.

According to history professor Richard Ruth in his article, the 1940s-1950s German, Russian, and U.S. Military night vision technology sometimes used an Infrared emitter or light source, to light up the battlefield where it could clearly be seen using an Infrared scope or Infrared goggles. But this was risky because the enemy could see everything just as well if they had Infrared goggles too, especially where the Infrared light was coming from. Hence, the Infrared emitter/receiver technology was not so desirable on the battlefield.

The night vision optics that professor Richard Ruth went into great detail about in Vietnam, were ambient-light amplifiers, that would amplify night light coming from the moon and stars. Eventually, the technology got to where the ambient light was amplified 40,000 times. The images in these scopes showed a generally light-green luminous background, with objects appearing grey-to-black, with very bright eye-shine on people and animals.

Later on, more modern military night vision optics began using ambient light amplification, combined with Infrared light detection/amplification not from an Infrared emitter, but from heat naturally radiating off of objects, animals, and people.

According to not only the video that I watched, but from comments to this video and comments elsewhere on the internet regarding this subject, the only Vietnam War night vision optics that showed demons, were the “Red” or “Infrared” optics, which were quickly discontinued, taken out of service, and replaced with the “Green” ambient-light-amplification-optics which became commonly called “starlight scopes”.

The U.S. Naval Academy history professor Richard Ruth, in my recollection of what I read, seemed to not include any mention of the early Vietnam War night vision optics which either emitted and/or greatly amplified Infrared light. Veterans commented on the internet, that the “Red” or “Infrared” night vision optics were taken out of service in Vietnam. The ghost investigator Joshua Warren explained that ghosts or spirits are sometimes photographed in Infrared.

BodyAlign developed a system that provides the Next Evolution in Wellness.BodyAlign developed a system that provides the Next Evolution in Wellness.

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