Facebook Censorship Live 7-30-2022

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The Pentagon Canceled a Mysterious ‘LifeLog' Tracker Days Before Facebook Was Founded – https://youtu.be/1pqYYA9Q1so

Now forgotten, LifeLog was dreamed up by DARPA, an agency inside the Department of Defense. Documents show LifeLog’s goal was to collect data on everywhere a person goes, and everything they see, say and do. Information was going to be aggregated in a timeline — LifeLog would then identify “patterns” to understand your routines and interests. At the same time, DARPA’s Information Awareness Office was working on a program called “Total Information Awareness.” The ACLU called this “the closest thing to a true Big Brother” because it sought to be a virtual dragnet by collecting credit card purchases, browsing history, fingerprints and even DNA. Because of backlash….Congress cut all funding in late 2003. But in early 2004, something curious happened. LifeLog… was suddenly canceled. Experts at the time suggested the agency was shy after criticism over TIA. A source, though, speculated the project would continue under a less public title.

Facebook Launches New Censorship Plan, Employees Reveal Anti-Conservative Agenda

Leading social media site Facebook announced on Friday that it will begin labeling and banning posts that violate their policies.

“The policies we're implementing today are designed to address the reality of the challenges our country is facing and how they're showing up across our community,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook page announcing the update.

Zuckerberg recently addressed the public, vowing to boycott offensive ads and label controversial posts from politicians – including President Donald Trump.



“We're going to start labeling content that we find newsworthy that might otherwise violate our policies,” he said. “There's no newsworthy exemption to content that incites violence or suppresses voting… even if a politician or government official says it. If we determine the content may lead to violence or deprive people of their right to vote, were going to take that content down no matter who says it.”


The new policy comes right after some Facebook employees were caught confessing their bias against conservatives, President Trump, and his supporters.

The investigative website Project Veritas, released videos where Facebook content moderators declared their disfavor towards pro-Trump posts.

The employees openly share with a journalist that they delete posts about Donald Trump and his conservative supporters.

This news comes after one of the world's largest advertisers, Unilever announced they will stop all ads on Facebook for the rest of the year due to the division that the company creates among people.

“We have decided that starting now through at least the end of the year, we will not run brand advertising in social media newsfeed platforms Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in the US,” Unilever said. “Continuing to advertise on these platforms at this time would not add value to people and society.”

Brent Bozell, founder and president of the Media Research Center (MRC) tweeted, “It's been nearly a year since Facebook's pathetic report on how it mistreats conservatives. But, we're expecting release on the third report from the left. Watch Facebook scramble to respond. FB is pursuing a radical leftist agenda while playing the impartiality game.”

CBN News recently reported on the censoring measures taken by Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, classifying Christian praise and worship posts as “false and harmful” during the racial justice protests.

An Instagram user attempted to reshare video of worship leader Sean Feucht during a peaceful protest, yet was blocked because the content doesn't align with their “diverse community.”

Even Attorney General William Barr weighed in on the subject of restrictions on social media, saying he believes social media platforms are “engaged in censorship,” and are acting more like “publishers.”

“And now they are acting much more like publishers because they're censoring particular viewpoints and putting their own content in there to diminish the impact of various people's views,” Barr added.

Lets Take a look at the Numbers using  Gematria is the practice of assigning a numerical value to a name, word or phrase according to an alphanumerical cipher. A single word can yield several values depending on the cipher which is used. Hebrew alphanumeric ciphers were probably used in biblical times, and were later adopted by other cultures.

“Facebook censorship of Christians” = 119(Septenary)
thirty sixth triangular number 119

666 is the 36th triangular number, and 36 is the minimum number of righteous men in each generation necessary for the world to survive. Some commentators suggest that this legend traces back to Gen 18:26 when the LORD responded to Abraham's plea on behalf of the people of Sodom.

Collapse of the Golden Gate Bridge 119

Any one doing Videos on the Golden Gate Bridge is Being Censored Because it is the next 911!

George Herbert walker Poppy Bush 119


  • The study of numbers (numerics or numerology) is pivotal to organized religions, including Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Number patterns and symbols permeate the Christian Bible, for instance, the numbers 3, 7, 12, 40, 666, 1260 and 2520 all have symbolic meaning. It wouldn’t be surprising then if certain numbers held special import to various secret societies. In fact the allusion to both permeates Hollywood films like End of Days (1999), Eyes Wide Shut (1999), The Matrix (1999), National Treasure (2004), Ocean’s 11 (2001), Thirteen Days (2000) and The Thirteenth Floor (1999) (Grand Lodge of British Columbia & Yukon 28 January 2005).
  • So do the numbers 9 and 11 have any significance? According to the nineteenth century Anglican cleric, EW Bullinger, the number nine (9) symbolizes divine judgment or finality while the number eleven (11) symbolizes disorder, disorganization, imperfection and disintegration (Bullinger 1967 pp. 235, 242, 251). Whether these numbers have other occultic meanings to clandestine societies is unknown to the author, but knowledge continues to grow in this field (Howard 7 December 2001).
    • Comparing 9/11 to another subsequent terrorist attack shows how crucial it is that we understand these numbers and their relation to the masterminds behind these global shifting events. On March 11, 2004 191 people lost their lives in the Madrid Train Bombings. Known simply as 3/11 it was widely described in the news media as ‘Europe’s 9/11′ (Chance 11 March 2005). Not so widely known, however, was that this terrorist attack occurred 911 days after 9/11 (Shannon 12 March 2004). The recurrent numbers of 9-1-1 are all too familiar, but whose calling cards are they?
  • The numbers even have historical significance to the people of Israel. Jews annually fast on Tisha B’Av, the 9th day of the 11th month on the Hebrew calendar, in commemoration of national disasters that have befallen them throughout history, including the destruction of the First Temple by the Babylonians in 586-587 BCE; the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans in 70 CE; the Roman defeat of the army of Simon Bar Kochba in 135 CE; the expulsion of Jews from England by King Edward I on 18 July 1290; the expulsion of Jews from Spain by King Ferdinand and Isabella on 2 August 1492; and the declaration of World War I in 1914. It begs the question what other 9/11s are yet to come?
  • Extensive compilation of 9/11 in media

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