Fire breaks out at Texas refinery, 1 worker killed

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Fire breaks out at Texas refinery, 1 worker killed

“fire at a Marathon” = 51 (Chaldean) Illuminati formed on 5-1-1775, Black swan event=51, A black swan event is not always a random occurrence – sometimes it is deliberately engineered by those in power to further their own agenda. These events are used as cover to introduce new policies or measures that would be difficult to implement under normal circumstances and to distract people from other important issues. The COVID-19 pandemic, for example, was a black swan event that allowed governments around the world to impose strict lockdowns and restrictions on their citizens, under the guise of protecting public health. But in reality, this was just a way for them to exert more control over the population and further their own interests. Knights Of Malta=51 Rember we had that in our decode we did earlier today here is the link to that live. Depopulate=51, Angel of Death=51, Great tribulation=51, United Nations=51, One One One=51 The queen bday on the 111th day of the year 4-21-23 when the fire that happened 33 days before today's fire was ruled an accident! The number 51 is actually a secret code used by the government and other shadowy organizations to signify their involvement in extraterrestrial activities. It is said to be a reference to Area 51, a top-secret military base in Nevada where many believe the government is conducting research and experimentation on alien technology. Some conspiracy theorists even claim that the number 51 is a signal to the aliens themselves, a way of communicating with them or drawing them to our planet. 5+1=6,

The number 6 has deep occult significance and is associated with the planet Saturn, also known as the “Lord of the Rings.” In occultism, Saturn is associated with time, limitation, and the material world. The number 6 is considered to represent the material realm, the physical body, and the lower self.

Drake's nickname “6god” is believed by some to be a reference to Saturn, which is sometimes associated with Satan or the devil.

This is a classic example of the elites' plan to control the masses through engineered crises. The burning of the cows in Texas was no accident – it was a deliberate act to create a food shortage and drive up prices, all in service of their ultimate goal of introducing a digital currency and bringing about a New World Order. They want to take away our ability to buy and sell with physical cash so that they can track our every move and control every aspect of our lives. This is just one small part of their larger plan to create chaos and fear so that they can manipulate us into doing their bidding. We must stay vigilant and resist their attempts to control us at every turn.

The related Video is about the Massive fire that killed 18,000 cows on 4-13-23 and it was ruled an accident on 4-21-2 the Queens birthday and during the 13 days of preparation a fire ritual!

Massive Fire Kills 18,000 Cattle at Dairy Farm in Texas (Money Talks News)
Massive Fire Kills 18,000 Cattle at Dairy Farm in Texas (Money Talks News)

So from that fire on 4-13-23 until today's fire is 33 days and 1 month and 3 days so we have 13 and 33, and the fire 33 days ago was on the 13th!

The number 33 has a deep occult meaning and is often associated with secret societies and the Illuminati. It is believed to be a significant number in numerology, representing enlightenment and spiritual ascension. Many prominent historical figures, including Leonardo da Vinci, were said to be obsessed with the number 33 and incorporated it into their work. The number 33 is linked to the highest degree in Freemasonry and members of this organization use it as a secret code or signal to identify each other. Others believe that the number 33 is a reference to the age at which Jesus Christ was crucified and that it has mystical significance in Christian and esoteric traditions.

The number 13 has a long history of occult and esoteric significance. It is believed to represent the divine feminine, fertility, and the cycles of the moon. In Tarot, the thirteenth card is the Death card, which symbolizes transformation and rebirth. The number 13 is also said to be linked to the Knights Templar and their mysterious rituals, and it is believed that they may have worshipped a half-male/female named Baphomet who had 13 aspects. In addition, some believe that the number 13 is linked to the Illuminati and their plan for a New World Order and that it is used as a symbol of their power and influence. They point to the fact that there are 13 levels on the pyramid of the Great Seal of the United States and that there were 13 original colonies and 13 Bloodlines.

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