Freemasons And ritual sodomy

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Converting dollars to Gold and silver might be a smart move.Converting dollars to Gold and silver might be a smart move.

For Bob and Aaron.

Warning: Disturbing content.

Observation: Time resets/loops/travel/manipulation movies or shows are often paired to ritual sodomy signaling codes. If you don’t know what I am talking about, please read this post first.

Aug writes, “Everything revolves around the basic idea that this entire universe, every aspect of it, can be produced through advanced technology and a living body. Once the two are in sync, an entire simulated realm, the experiences within can be recreated.”

Bob Schlenker (Open Scroll Blog) speaking about MK Ultra programmed victims: “They are helpless victims. Their supernatural abilities are exploited by their programmers and handlers – witches, sorcerers, wizards, (who) manipulate our reality through their ritual spell work…our reality is being changed through the manipulation of time. Those responsible for it are leveraging the abilities of programmed individuals, enhanced by various technologies. The sovereign God has allowed this up to a certain limit, then no more. (SOURCE)

Working Hypothesis: Dark forces kidnap psychically gifted children (like in The Institute), and rape them while the child is hooked up to advanced machinery capable of projecting reality. We find ourselves in such a fallen realm being projected thusly (at least, temporarily).

Pizzagate is about so much more than a pedophile ring operating out of a pizza joint/ping pong parlour in Washington DC. It is that too, but this is a front for something deeper that affects the very metaphysics of our realm and the controllers who operate it.

“Pizza Esoterica” as Bob coined it, goes back a lot further than Pizzagate. In this post we will see the same codes in E.T. which came out in 1982. There is thus no linear way into this study, no true beginning. But to do our best, let’s start with Aleister Crowley’s Book of Lies. Bob has diligently shown a connection between a particular chapter in this book, and many of the media productions of late. For some reason this chapter is being used as a blueprint. I will post it here in its entirety.

It is a chapter about destroying the ego through occult means as a way of merging with the absolute. Whether Crowley meant for it to become an excuse for all kinds of sick perversions (perhaps due to the line “acquire a taste for what is naturally repugnant”), I can only guess.

But notice the line, “witness the tremendous but transitory vogue of ping pong and diabolo. Those games in which perfection is impossible never cease to attract.”

We are going to see how ping pong gets connected again and again to pizza imagery and through this subtle coded language, leads to pedophilia, coprophagia, and the dark energies that result from these practices, especially in a ritualistic, orgiastic setting.

Even the mainstream is aware that the infamous Comet Pizza Parlour also hosted ping pong tables. Here is where this pattern begins to emerge. Note that the other game Crowley mentions is “diabolo” which is the name of the devil, or Pan.

Comet Ping Pong – implicated in child trafficking involving members of the elite including Clintons, Podestas, Obama, etc.

Looks like more bleeding from the eyes, like the Horus Eye which is the third eye but in the dark occult sodomite club the third eye is the anus. There is also some vaginal diamond imagery near the pizza. The pizza sauce looks more like blood splatter.

Katy Perry wore a similar patterned dress to the comet poster above, at the Superbowl halftime show. She is swimming with sharks. Crowley writes, in that same chapter, Buttons and Rosettes,
“Be thou more greedy than the shark…

In The Magicians, season 5 episode 6, we see Eliot’s shirt has buttons and a wall painting of roses behind him. Buttons and Rosettes:

What caught Bob’s attention was that the episode is about time loops (which, remember, often pairs with ritual sodomy).

Eliot says, “That’s how we do” which adds a layer of connection to Katy Perry’s song “This is How We Do” which as we’ll see momentarily carries much of the same symbolism riffing off of buttons and rosettes, pizza, ping pong, etc. Playing off the themes of Crowley’s chapter, Eliot here is proposing some “unbridled hedonism” in the form of drinking and partying. Eliot is also gay. That is how they do.

The episode opens with Josh taking a pizza out of the oven:

The plot of this episode is that the time loops are repeating in the final 12 hours before the apocalypse, after magic went bad and broke the moon.

She can’t stop the apocalypse, because the (meta-math=27, Ritual=27)  is too complicated.
And then Josh sneezes on the pizza:

Establishing a connection between body fluids and pizza.

With pizza specifically, the sauce is the anal bleeding from rough sodomy, the cheese is the semen, and the sausage/pepperoni are phallic.

And in these Satanic forms of spirit cooking, any and all body fluids are combined to make “cakes of light” which is what Katy refers to in the line, “slow cooking pancakes for my boy”

Sipping on Rosé, Silverlake sun, coming up all lazy (this is how we do)
Slow cooking pancakes for my boy, still up, still fresh, she’s a Daisy

Playing ping pong all night long, everything’s all neon and hazy

”This is How We Do” lyrics, Katy Perry

Diabolo, Satan, a “medieval blind for Pan” the goat god, and reason for this scene in a different Magicians episode:

The goat god of Fillory wants little cakes, as in pancakes. Also a reference to the cakes of light used in magick ritual to invoke spirits (spirit cooking). Pizza is also baked on a pan.

Let’s look at the music video for “This Is How We Do” (as in “doo-doo,”) to see how they make their “cakes of light.”

The pizza slice (representing the child victim) walks across the set collecting body excretions from each of the characters. We see the cup of mysterious brown liquid sloshing near the ice cream sandwhich’s eye (brown eye – anus, poop).

The pizza victim is now being symbolically pooped on by Katy herself.

Finally the pizza collects fluids from the twerking ice cream cone and then what looks like a sneezing ice cream sandwich. In these Satanic rituals, the more fluids the better, any kind of secretion works, the more the merrier. The triple ice cream cone is making the hand motion of jerking off. His other hand is hidden (hidden hand: HH-88) behind him, suggesting he is doing something with his butt. The green ice cream scoop in between his two eyes is where the third eye would be, but there is no eye, thus it suggests, once again, the hidden eye.

It is necessary, unfortunately, dear reader, to go into all these details in order to debunk what many will regard as coincidence or simply drawing paranoid conclusions that aren’t there. One or two of these things could be cast off as coincidence, but the devil is in the details, or in how they layer them one on top of another.

Ice cream is code for poop (soft serve) and an ice cream sandwich has got a stick up its butt, a woody.

Katy underwater in her pizza bathing suit and matching earrings, the fish harken back to the line, “Be thou more greedy than the shark.”

As well, remember one of the wikileaks photos was Podesta with the fish and 14:

Below the tray of pancakes, we see a pineapple (pineal), the other fruit arranged to look like penis and testes.

Ping pong, back and forth, the rhythm gaining intensity like an occult ritual. Gay men can either throw or catch, give or receive, sexually speaking. When we review the pizza scene from E.T. we will see the boy playing catch with the alien.

Chanel x 2 = CC, 33.
Black light, misting wet (Mistinguitte, see Crowley’s commentary), body fluids being sprayed, like Josh sneezing on the pizza. Ping pong, back and forth, catch and throw. Black lights are used to reveal hidden body fluids at crime scenes.

In that same time loop episode of the Magicians, the time techie asks Eliot and Margot “Were you spritzed with something?”

And notice the technician spots the fluids through his brown-eye filter.

“Something that caused –

Misted with body fluids, the psychic slave children (pizza) project our reality thus controlling time (temporal permanence).

“Everything that is happening now is part of a process of breaking a temporal, artificial intelligence hold on humanity which creates the same repeating loop of destruction that resets time to an earlier period,” writes Aug Tellez.

Only Margot and Eliot (who were sprayed) know that the world is stuck in a repeating time loop. Thus only they can save the world. Resonance with films GroundHog’s Day, and Edge of Tomorrow (and others).

Now I am not saying necessary that I believe wholeheartedly what Aug is saying, but I do see his material as a rare glimpse behind everything that happens on the main stage in world events and throughout Hollyweird and Celebrity culture. Time resets and ritual sodomy are very important to the elite. Through these decodes we can reverse engineer, so to speak, what is really happening, what they aren’t telling us but put so much work into hiding in easter egg format throughout their films and shows. People need to understand that Hollywood was created for this sole purpose. NOT to entertain, although it does harness the energy from the masses who ARE entertained and under their mind control spell or trance.

It is the Beast System and most people unconsciously go along with it. That isn’t to pass judgement, they are afraid to leave the mass mind and afraid of the implications of accepting all these horrors as true.<But they would rather accept other horrors like viruses and climate change and comets…> People like me have no choice, we’ve seen it, and it can’t be unseen. We cannot go back into the Matrix and eat that Matrix steak, we know it’s fake.

In Spielberg’s E.T., the famous scene where the boy (who is also Eliot), sees E.T. for the first time, he is tasked with ordering and picking up the pizza from the delivery man.

Pizza box in hand, walking back to the house, the spotlight above his head seems deliberately placed.

This is the child whose third eye is going to be forcibly “illumined,” becoming an Illuminati.

Then he hears something rattling in the shed in his backyard. He yells, “Harvey, is that you boy?” Thinking its his dog. So he evokes Sirius, the dog star here, and in this context, Sirius is Set, Satan, following the alien/demon/devil symbology.

Then he walks past a ping pong table!

Meanwhile his brother is playing D&D in the house with his buddies, one of whom plays a nasty prank on their mom, who is obliviously doing the dishes:

He points to her butt, while Eliot carries in the pizza, establishing a connection between butts and pizzas. (By the way I remember this scene when watching as a kid, and thinking it seemed out of place in a kid’s movie, now we know the full story).

Eliot goes to check out the noise in the shed (which functions as a butt like the mailbox or male box in The Lake House, about a wormhole in time), putting the pizza box on the grASS.

We see a sliver of a moon in the night sky, shining like devil horns. The dark Goddess is being evoked, Mother of Set.

The pizza box is square, the pizza itself is round, that’s squaring the circle. So too are the dynamics of baseball.

He throws the baseball in the shed, and moments later the ET throws it back.

Catching and throwing (like ping pong, back and forth) alluding to giving or receiving with gay sex, and also to the increasing resonance as the sex magick ritual gains intensity, like sound reverberating in an echo chamber. E.T. is the demon or dark spirit that can be attached to the child victim via sodomy/rape/trauma/MK Ultra procedures.

The boy is so frightened that he smushes the pizza box, slipping on the wet grASS, falling on his ASS.

Cornfields in the distance, Saturn is the God of the harvest, the corn god, ruler of Capri-corn, who is the goat, the horned one (Pan), like the horned sliver of the moon.

His mom and brother and his friends come out to see what the fuss is all about. The flashlight lingers inadvertently on the boy’s genital region:

“Who said you guys could order pizza?” the mother accuses.

Converting dollars to Gold and silver might be a smart move.Converting dollars to Gold and silver might be a smart move.

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