The Nephilim & the Anunnaki Live 1-31-23

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GIANTS | The Giant of Kandahar, The Nephilim & the Anunnaki

Anunnaki Royals found in a sleeping stasis

The Rothchilds are offspring of the Immortal Sumerian Kings

History Documentary: Nephilim & Giants Anunnaki Era: Immortal Sumerian Kings Ruled Earth 241,200 yrs

DNA results of the famous Paracas skulls of Peru has shown that the skulls represent a new human-like creature unlike anything scientists have seen before. mummified head found in Pancas, Bolivia These elongated skulls have 25-30% more cranial capacity than normal skulls.



“SITECAH” = 33(Septenary) Jesuit=33, Mind Control=33, They are using fallen angel Technology to keep the masses under MindControl! Antarctic=33, The entrence to Inner Earth. blackrock inc=33 A nephilim controlled corporation.Fallen Angel=33, Genetic=33, Chromosome=33, The Fallen are the ones who Created the Nephilim, and manipulated the genome of the humans! Graphene=33, #BLACKGOO, Hydrogel=33, Fallen Angel Tecnology!!!

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