How Are You Breathing, Are You Just Breathing Oxygen?

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In Scripture of The World, It Says God Breathed the Breath of Life Into Man And Made Him Human. It Takes Breathing At 60-70% Capacity Just to Properly Metabolize Food.

And We Have Several Testimonies of Students on Our Website Doing Just That.

Check It Out and Step into Your Power!

How are You breathing? Are you breathing just oxygen? How are you breathing? Are you just breathing oxygen? They did studies several decades ago at Berkley College. In the process of breathing oxygen, they sampled over 500 people over the age of 50 and they found out that these people were only breathing at about 40 to 50% capacity.

As they dug deeper, they realized that people needed to breathe about 60 to 70% capacity, just to properly metabolize their food. Now they knew that they had an issue that was triggering obesity in this country. This is true, we've had a lot of people that once they start breathing correctly, and realize that the pump of the breath is in the lower diaphragm, as opposed to the higher diaphragm, then they become aware of it and they start better metabolizing their food.

When you learn to breathe not only oxygen, but you breathe energy, you're going to get excited because breathing energy shows you where metabolism really starts. You say what do you mean “Where metabolism really starts.” It's like what Will Smith said in the movie The Legend of Bagger Vance, “It's all in the field”, right? It's all in the field.

So your energy body, as it becomes more cleansed, stimulates your spokes, your Nadas, which are referred to as Sanskrit for spokes, which then affect your central nervous system, which then impacts your endocrine gland system (as the Lamasery says that’s the software of the human body). And guess what begins to work again? Well, just one of the things that begins to work, (which is a big deal and even if it was just the one thing, it would be a big deal), metabolism starts working correctly!

I can't begin to tell you if you read the testimonies, we've seen people lose as much as 25 to 50 pounds in a period of 6 to 12 months, just learning to breathe energy, and also taking more oxygen with it and that is in the lower diaphragm. Now, if you start our 45-Day Challenge, you're going to find out that we do a little bit of breathing in Tai Chi Gung and it's free for you.

How would you like to regulate your metabolism from your energy body into your physical body, from your 4D body to your 3D body? Would you like that?

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