How Illnesses Really Spread –

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BodyAlign developed a system that provides the Next Evolution in Wellness.BodyAlign developed a system that provides the Next Evolution in Wellness.

How Illnesses Really Spread

“The purpose of vaccines is purely to injure, thus placing the victim in “need” of further products from the vaccine manufacturer to deal with the injurious effects. It’s simple business strategy. If you sell “medicines” you need sick people, thus you sicken them by any means you can.

You cannot vaccinate against disease anyway. You are not injected with a small amount of a disease to safeguard against being attacked by more of that disease, as diseases are not monomorphic, transmissible “things.” All of this is delusion. Science fiction. Sickness is damage and imbalance in the terrain of the body and caused by injury, toxins and radiation. That’s it. You cannot communicate illness. Pasteur knew this, but still we in the West are lumbering under his failed ideas….Vaccines have killed more people and animals than all wars combined since Salk. You either know this or you don’t.” – Username ‘Dagger’ writes from the comments section to this article here.

About a year and a half ago I wrote a research article exposing germs as a hoax. If you are not read up on this topic I suggest you start there. But there are one or two points that I did not give full consideration to and would like to add now. Specifically, the idea of ‘resonance’ as the real reason why illnesses apparently seem to spread, once we have arrived at the truth that this contagious phenomenon can’t be the result of germs, since germs don’t exist, since bacteria and viruses (exosomes) are actually good for you. If this comes as a shock to you, again, please read my original article first.

When many people in close proximity in a given area start expressing similar symptoms of illness, the first thing a good scientist or doctor should look for is if there is a common toxin they are all exposed to, such as bad food, air or water.

“During our long, long lives, we absorb chemicals, pollutants, bad food, bad water, bad diets and even self-abuse (cigarettes, alcohol), and our amazing bodies carry forward. Our bodies are machines that process and discharge toxins regularly. It is done by means of coughing and sneezing, diarrhea and urine, vomiting, body temperatures, and through the skin. Pustules are common to many diseases, though modern medicine wants to label them “measles” or “chickenpox”, etc., assigning a specific virus or bacteria as the cause of each.” – Mark Tokarski in his article “Overwrought by Paracelsus

In that article someone in the comments asked Mark what is the mechanism, then, of the easily observable phenomenon of chicken pox spreading in schools when one positive child comes into contact with other children?

Mark’s reply: This is taken from The Contagion Myth by Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon Morrell, p76 forward:

After starvation and toxicity are accounted for, we can admit some diseases can be spread by a kind of energetic resonance as predicted by careful and accurate study of the nature of physical stuff, carried out by Luc Montagnier.

Use of the experiment goes: First, one puts DNA or RNA in water (beaker 1). Then one puts a collection of nucleic acids (the chemicals that make up the DNA and RNA) in a separate water beaker (beaker 2), in another part of the room. Then one introduces an energy source, such as UV or infrared light and shines that on beaker one, which contains the formed DNA or RNA. In time, the exact same sequence of DNA or RNA will form of the raw materials in beaker 2.

There is no possibility of physical connection between the 2 beakers. The only conclusion one can draw from the simple experiment is that the DNA or RNA in the first beaker has a resonance energy picked up by the second beaker. This resonance energy then becomes the blueprint for the formation of an identical piece of DNA or RNA in the second beaker. This revolutionary experiment is clear and simple – and repeatable.

The formation of DNA or RNA in the second beaker can happen only if both beakers have water in them. Without water, no resonance is possible. Even in our string example, is the water vapor in the air that is resonating.

When one applies this discovery to viruses (or exosomes) said to cause measles, chickenpox, or herpes, it is possible that since these particles called viruses or exosomes are simply packages of DNA or RNA, they emailed their own resonant frequencies. In a way not yet determined, each frequency causes an expression that we call a disease; however, the frequency will create what we call illness only if there is a purpose or reason for the illness.

Chickenpox is a universal way for children to live a long life. Children who experience chickenpox have less disease (especially less cancer) than do children who haven’t had chickenpox. Same holds for measles, mumps, “and most childhood “infectious” diseases.
Why do measles and chickenpox seem to be infectious? One child puts out the message through exosomes that now is the time to go through the detoxifying experience called chickenpox. Other children in the home or class or town received the message and begin the same detoxification experience. In the end, the children are all better off for having “sung” together.

The wonderful thing to absorb here is what I highlighted in bold: that illnesses do not happen unless there is a reason. A cellular upgrade is being carried out, and this is accompanied by an initial rocky period of adjustment that we call erroneously call ‘illness’ or ‘disease.’ And we try to stifle this process through harmful pharmaceuticals and antibiotics, which only deplete or poison the body.

So nature does not make mistakes. Viruses (exosomes) bacteria and fungi are not our enemy, they are our friends. They are not a mistake in biology. Disease is not a mistake in physiology, but a way to clean our systems out or perform upgrades. The only mistake is getting in our own way of healing, thus transforming the illness into a chronic illness.

When you know these things, have really integrated them, an immense amount of fear washes away from the soul. It saddens me to still see so many people living in fear of invisible bug monsters; masking 24/7, social distancing, vaccinating, nose swabbing, wiping down every surface with toxic smelling “cleaner” fluids. I work at an elementary school and every morning the children are made to wipe down their desks with a Lysol wet wipe, the ritual reinforcing the lie that they are walking germ vectors. Imagine the psychological damage, the heavy weight these kids will carry around their whole lives, unless awoken to the hypocrisy.

Yes, illnesses spread and things go around. But if the resonance experiment quoted above is true, than simply being in the presence of another DNA being will be enough to do it, and no amount of trying to avoid breathing or swallowing the fluids of another will change that! Germ Theory is one of the biggest Satanic lies to cause isolation, agoraphobia and to circumvent humanities mass awakening. We are being made to fear each other, when really the new science is pointing to the fact that our bodies are constantly trying to help each other.

Steiner, Disease and Karma

Getting sick has a spiritual, karmic component. The soul in its sojourn in the higher worlds, willingly decides to take on a disease while in body because it knows that in overcoming the illness something is strengthened that could not happen in any other way.

So the next time you get sick, think, ‘yes! My Higher Self deems me strong enough to take on this upgrade, this initiation.’ And like any initiation in the Mystery School training, there is difficulty and hardship involved.

Look at the word disease: dis-ease. To get to a greater state of ease, we have to pass through a period of dis-ease or lack of ease. In that word I also see the words: die and cease. Something dies, something ceases to be, that is the old me, the old me dies away and the new me is formed from the ashes of the disease, like a phoenix rising. Let the wisdom of the body do its thing, get out of your own way, tell the medical establishment to get out of the way, so that the body can perform its cellular upgrades in peace, which feedback into the spirit.

The other thing to keep in mind in this connection is that even though the physical body starts to go into its natural decline in old age, the more spiritual components of the human being such as the etheric and astral bodies continue to grow and develop, right on until death. So that an elderly person has the strongest etheric and astral body that he or she has had at any point in their life. It is no surprise then, that ancient cultures who had a clairvoyant sense for this, honored their elders in the way they did, and sought their wisdom. This is lost today. Today we put our elders away in group homes and mourn the surface-level fact that their physical body is withered, that they are “dying,” not celebrating the fact that the more invisible soul parts of them are at their peak.

In this way too, Steiner says that when a physical organ is diseased or not functioning, the organ’s etheric/astral counterpart is forced to strengthen, to compensate. Similar to how a blind person develops keenly their other senses in ways a seeing person does not. All this is compensated for in the next incarnation.



BodyAlign developed a system that provides the Next Evolution in Wellness.BodyAlign developed a system that provides the Next Evolution in Wellness.

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