How scientists create the most explosive substance in the universe

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How scientists create the most explosive substance in the universe

Mon, May 15, 2023, at 3:42 PM EDT

From and including Tuesday, July 5, 2022, When CERN broke the Record in energy 
To, but not including Monday, May 15, 2023, when this article released is, 

Result: 314 days, PI 3.14

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3 thoughts on “How scientists create the most explosive substance in the universe

  • Hey email me back for somethings to tell you about what you talked about I knew a real long time about here’s a lil poem

    he re-minded me.
    of all.
    that is
    that was
    that will be…
    and i am done playing
    with this life.
    playing with you’s,
    this is not a game,
    it was ours to choose.
    the words will sound different.
    and you’ll no longer follow.
    you had many chances
    to learn this music
    i have shared.
    i have sounded it
    all my times.
    i am almost done.
    listen close
    for this is not your place.
    it is mine.
    it is his.
    i have songs to sing.
    i remember.
    and so i hum
    my hymns
    without the pen..
    this will bring what
    shall be.
    so i can go home.
    he re-minded me,
    as a young one
    i would see.
    i have seen,
    and as he said…
    i shall again be.
    in this place of knowing
    that is invisible to you.
    the volcano killed you all.
    and he lay
    so i could sleep.
    sleep away until we got home.
    and again
    we went back.
    i remember the rivers
    and laying in them
    forced rushing of water
    and you held me above.
    while i giggle
    he has reminded me
    these riddles and rhymes
    are tun-in the chime
    while we drank wine
    with the man
    that was Jesus.
    that was a fun time.
    but we can go back
    go back to all that when
    there was none.
    take care of the m
    you were told.
    and this is what you chose.
    you always have done this
    i let you know.
    with all else there is choice
    with you – the choice was none.
    it was wrote.
    in this place..
    we are still.
    we sit silent
    i have no hair
    but it is still red.
    my spirit.
    i wear no thing
    for we leave wearing.
    but i still have blue on.
    the blue tones of home.
    when they asked
    the angles stopped singing
    even they had to hear what path
    was taken.
    so it’s time
    time for these
    to make sense to no thing.
    and humans beware
    our creatures are.
    and it is time for me to bring the light.
    i do any and all
    you ask of me.
    take me home
    the battle is over
    for my spirit.
    you have all lost.
    none of you touched it once.
    it was wrote this way.
    and now we shall play
    our music..
    the crash of notes together
    to make sense of it all,
    it is the only way they understand.
    lue them with a high e
    to a low c
    “the minor fall the major lift
    the baffled kings composing”
    in song they get a glimpse
    of what will be.
    i rush now
    to truth,
    and leave here all that is.
    not me.
    but earthly.
    i am bound to no fear.
    i ask no thing
    not even of my children.
    i am aware
    that is not up to me.
    my position is of none,
    and i shall not wither away
    to pale moons
    where i was once
    held above the bluffs
    only i was not giggling there.
    and he
    that one
    was not allowed to drop me.
    you gave him the grace
    to hold me with no arms
    for you understand
    it is the only way.
    i wish (my humanness)
    that you all could come.
    it is the physical
    that pains
    from fear of all.
    but i can’t take you there.
    this is not a choice.
    my chest has separated
    in the middle
    for the time has come
    for light to shine
    i’ll turn to it now
    now that i remember
    the path.
    my dear beast…
    how long have you known?
    i’m angry
    my human
    for you held this from me.
    if you have not held it – then you do not know it.
    you do not know the truth.
    you know only our created
    I remember the place
    i seen my mother
    she was bathing her hands
    removing the blood
    of christ…
    she wrapped him,
    she is selfless
    and i chose her
    to carry me here.
    “a belief is not a idea the mind possesses,
    it is a idea that processes the mind”
    this is to help the one who don’t believe…
    for my core knows truth.
    it is not perception,
    nor experience.
    and after the trumpet sounds,
    there will be no more.
    all that shall exist
    is silence and grace
    in a place a calm,
    this is not silent lucidity
    it is what shall be.
    i have loved you all
    from my whole
    and now i must turn.
    turn one more time
    not too – nor away.
    simply to what is to be.
    i linger in little detail,
    for my creature is just wakin
    she is not to sleep.
    she is she
    always has been.
    never has their been a male force
    in me.
    not once
    only with what was to be.
    it is why i have ginger.
    for the soul is easy to keep quite.
    this way.
    pack away
    until the day
    we sing the last song.
    so now i begin
    to find
    i am home already
    i understand what is to be.
    please love the scribble
    for it will be all that is left.
    these words,
    i hope you find them.
    it is your chance,
    the last one i grant.
    i will not sacrifice
    us again.
    the time for that is over.
    it has been going on for so long.
    not just a pinch…
    not just a plain.
    the time has come for the demesnes
    to cometogether.
    it will squeeze many gone.
    i will not weep for this,
    for i have spent\centuries,
    i have been granted this time,
    for you’s
    and still your fucking blind
    no more.
    this is the end of the words,
    the scribbles
    that i was allowed to share.
    allowed to help with.
    i’m proud of the mothers.
    so much that my light
    shines for you’s
    in you’s.
    all ways.
    and you’s too are comming home
    one day.
    if i go first,
    hold this,
    know this
    that you are comming home
    we will be together again.
    i promises my mama’s this.
    it is why you do not
    “feed” from these words,
    instead the waken you.
    only you’s.
    i see now,
    it is female
    that i keep.
    and all you’s without the babies,
    you have held them before
    or i would have no thing for you.
    you would not see me,
    and you do.
    so take ease and enjoy
    this living…
    home is close.
    i will figure it out.
    i owe this
    beast… read them.
    for truth is awake in me.
    you can’t slumber it away.
    i only ask of you,
    to re live
    and ask yourself
    if you held me close…
    to keep me safe,
    or keep me from.
    i see why i am granted poetic justice.
    for all will think,
    i just bang these lines
    from my mind
    for your playing pleasure.
    the volcano killed you all.
    i tried once to save you,
    and we died with you’s.
    but to me,
    because of him…
    i again believed myself to only sleep…
    as he stayed to.
    for my pain,
    of yous.
    i have learned
    and this time i will not allow it to kill us,
    only you’s.
    i am home.
    for now i live here,
    while being home
    changeling the gardens i grow
    and the rivers we swam
    the canyons we craved
    the children we shared.
    it is why we couldn’t create 2gether.
    they have been created.
    the ones that needed to be.
    the creatures are stirring.
    and we shall bring them home.
    to their playground of knowing.
    all is theirs.
    i have been fortunate
    with my father,
    for he knew.
    told me
    about all to come for me.
    and why i remember my mother
    yet can’t find him there
    in my remembrance.
    “don’t call me daughter”
    for I am not.
    i am the queen
    and he was my child,
    my strongest
    he was prepared
    for this time,
    over all time.
    to remind me…
    of these males that would see me to the brink.
    and those 5
    i file accordingly.
    i have placed in you’s
    many tools.
    hold them strong…
    you will need them.
    if you shake your head…
    it is already over.
    i remember,
    all to be.
    no thing
    will stop what i am to do.
    i will sing.
    kiss you all
    i pray for you.
    don’t bother with deciphering
    it won’t do.
    not your place
    it’s something new
    the spirit of me in remembrance.

  • Have you heard of ICE 9, the information I received is that they have plans to freeze the economy with it! It can freeze an entire body of water 9 ft. Below the surface. This will be when they put us in lock down. The group TLS is attempting to stop it from happening. The video above is worth the watch!

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