‘It’s the End of the World as We Know It’: NASA Researchers Determine When the Sun Will Destroy Earth

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Converting dollars to Gold and silver might be a smart move.Converting dollars to Gold and silver might be a smart move.

‘It's the End of the World as We Know It’: NASA Researchers Determine When the Sun Will Destroy Earth

Space is the final frontier – the next great adventure awaiting human exploration. The popularization of space travel by billionaire adventurers has reintroduced a mass interest in space that has not been seen since the 1960s and '70s with NASA’s Apollo missions.

But as exciting as space travel is, it may be a necessity for the survival of the human race. Researchers working with NASA have determined when the sun will burn off the oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere, ending all life on Earth.

Don’t panic. We still have until the year 1,000,002,021.

The end of the world

Oxygen is essential for life here on Earth. However, the atmosphere has been harmed by the sun’s radiation and exacerbated by human damage, particularly in the form of greenhouse gases. In a research paper published in 2021, scientists determined that all life on Earth would cease to exist following the mass deoxygenation of the planet.

As the study stated, “we find that future deoxygenation is an inevitable consequence of increasing solar fluxes, whereas its precise timing is modulated by the exchange flux of reducing power between the mantle and the ocean-atmosphere-crust system.”

Earth’s climate has always changed throughout its history, but the current warming has not been seen in the past 10,000 years. Evidence of global warming is everywhere, from melting ice caps to the general increase in temperatures.

On the surface, this doesn't sound like a very pressing problem. A billion years is a long way away, after all. This “end of life on Earth” might not affect us, our children, or many generations to come. But it will eventually affect humankind.

Deoxygenation may happen before the billion-year mark, or it may happen after. No guarantees can be given when this will occur, but the fact is it will occur. This acts as a cautionary tale. It is clear that for the survival of the human race that we have to change our ways here on Earth, for the here and now. For the future, we must look into space and boldly go where no man has gone before.

Now, as you May or may not know that we are going threw a massive Ritual Asphyxiation from my research caused by the 5G As part of population control! So the Deoxygenation of this article really caught my eye, “Deoxygenation” = 53(Chaldean) Covid=53.

They are using this article to put it in your mind the sun will cause this when really its the 5G Kill grid causing this! Numbers never Lie and are gods Finger Print we use Gematria The concept of gematria numerology stems from the idea that mathematics is the universal language of nature and within it may be the keys to explaining our universe or evidence of supernatural power.
If you speak to someone who studies numerology they will tell you that there is an uncanny relationship between numbers and words. They’ll tell you that letters and words all have a numeric value and a weight that is implicit of deeper meaning, connecting other words of similar weight. In fact, this concept has been given merit and studied in relation to biblical texts for hundreds of years. Kabbalist Jewish scholars call this study gematria and believe that there is a hidden code in the Torah that contains clues to current and future events.
“the Sun Will Destroy Earth”= 121(Single Reduction) we know the first case of corona was on 1-21-20 and the new variant on 12-1-21  so this is a number connected to that whole agenda
The number of dishonesty=121, FIFTH GENERATION WARFARE=121, Four dimensional chess=121, Most people have trouble thinking two dimensional let alone 3rd and 4th dimension, the Elites depopulating the world always stay several steps ahead of the SHEEP!
Don't forget in the beginning people were burning the 5g towers down because they knew what was killing everyone Wuhan rolls out 5g in October 2019 within a month and half people start to drop and corona virus hits the world stage!
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BEIJING, Oct. 31 (Xinhua) — China's three major mobile operators on Thursday launched their long-awaited 5G service plans with users in dozens of cities making a beeline for the ultra-fast cellular network. Funny this genocide device launches on Halloween how fitting, so lets see from this day to the pandemic being declared on 3-11-2020, From and including: Thursday, October 31, 2019
To and including: Wednesday, March 11, 2020=18 weeks and 7 days #187 homicide code or 19 weeks, and covid-19 happened 19 years after 911! This article about the sun released yesterday on 4-11-23, From and including: Thursday, October 31, 2019
To, but not including Wednesday, March 11, 2020=  4 months, 11 days excluding the end date, #411 So lets see from the roll out of 5g until this above article was released? From and including: Thursday, October 31, 2019
To, but not including Tuesday, April 11, 2023= 41 months, 11 days excluding the end date, #4111 Mic Drop……
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Converting dollars to Gold and silver might be a smart move.Converting dollars to Gold and silver might be a smart move.

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