Lemuria…And Reptilians? (Pre-history, Human Evolution, Devolution & Strange Myths) | Gigi Young

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BodyAlign developed a system that provides the Next Evolution in Wellness.BodyAlign developed a system that provides the Next Evolution in Wellness.

‘Shape-shifting Lizard People’ Explained – Gigi Young

A summary of Gigi Young’s presentation on the lizard people phenomenon. As always these are just my opinions as a result of private research.


I wanted to touch on the salient points in her lecture because I think that she gives a very coherent and logical explanation for all the high weirdness that we are seeing in terms of the so-called shape-shifting reptilian/alien phenomenon so prevalent in UFOlogy and conspiracy culture. To those not familiar with these ideas the following images will seem ridiculous but behind them, I am suggesting there is a modicum of truth.

Lemuria…And Reptilians?

Gigi Young

You've heard of them. You know, the lizard people…the reptilians. The ones with the tricky eyes that run the Illuminati and feed on your energy. Yeah, them. Well, we're gonna talk about 'em. While this topic is controversial, it embodies strong narratives that are at the heart of a manipulative spiritual mythos that claims humans are not the direct embodiment of Gaia and evolved through the hybridization program of alien gods. Time Stamps 0:00 Intro 0:23 Start (Audience Question) 1:16 Lemuria as both civilization and stage of development 8:05 Human Regression and divergency 11:27 The end of the Lemurian Epoch and the formation of the ape 21:00 Hybridization propaganda and indoctrination 24:22 Our current epochs devolution (transhumanism & gene modification) 29:50 What are the reptilians (classical understanding) 33:35 Where did the reptilian concept come from? 34:53 “The Pleiadian Agenda” (New Age channeling) vs. esoteric science of cosmos 39:25 David Icke and the narrative today 41:05 How do reptilians (lower astral entities) attach and why? 50:55 The conflation of the reptilian idea with sacred symbols 1:11:00 The New Age Galactic lie, the removal of sovereignty and spiritual materialism 1:20:25 Why do ETs lie about our origins? Are reptilians really a chimera created during Atlantis? 1:26:35 The balance of psychic work: Knowledge (objective) and Creativity (subjective). 1:29:54 Summary/ Conclusion My Links ☾ → WEBSITE: http://gigiyoung.com → INSTAGRAM: @gigi_young 

So what are these things? Are they aliens? Is it real or is it a hoax? What are we to make of all the celebrities and politicians with slit eyes flashing for a second on TV or the numerous psychics and abductees who have been said to have seen an overlay of a tall reptilian lizard-like being in somebody’s frame or aura?

One cannot get a solid grasp on this bizarre phenomenon without a proper view of the cosmos, which is geocentric, fixed, and enclosed in a firmament. We must toss out the idea, then, of vast interstellar space, this is a NASA psyop. And along with that is the idea of aliens from another material planet flying here in ships. Toss this out as well. As we will see, the incursion of these “other-worldly” forces is much closer to home, and if anything, we must speak of them as ‘inter-dimensional.’ We must also have a firm grasp of Earth's evolution and how the human being as a soul is fitted into this picture. Steiner’s Anthroposophy provides this firm foundation. And Gigi is versed in this system, which is what originally turned me on to her work.

So to answer the alien/shapeshifter question Gigi takes us back to the prior epochs of humanity, such as the Lemurian and then the Atlantian epochs. And the thing to understand is that when an epoch ends there is always a split, or two streams of humanity, one that ascends and meets the needs of the evolutionary impulse of the time, and one stream that descends or devolves because they fail to adapt with the new evolutionary impulse of the time and they would rather stay with the old impulse.

So the Lemurian epoch was a feminine epoch (rooted in the past, tribal, atavistic, see my Black Sun Mysteries documentary) and the descending form of humanity ended up reverting to more of an animal form that spawned the apes. The apes are an offshoot of descending humanity. What you’ll notice is a total flip of Darwinism which states that humans evolved from apes, it’s actually that the apes devolved from a splinter group of humans that in the Lemurian epoch failed to keep up with the times.

And with the Atlantean epoch which was a more masculine epoch (rooted in the future, technological, and independent), you had the descending group towards the end that could not keep up with the spiritual changes of the times; they became the mad scientists who tried to keep their form and cheat devolution by doing all these genetic experiments to hybridize the human form with different animals (Transgenesis) such as the lizard, or certain insects like the praying mantis, creating these bizarre chimeras to incarnate into, and also, of course, the Greys; long story short, it is suspected that the Greys and reptilians are basically an offshoot of this devolutionary stream at the end of Atlantis.

Or more properly understood, the Greys are the far-future result of what occurred initially by the mad scientists of Atlantis; the Greys in their future time found a wormhole to come to our present to try and rectify their failed timeline by attempting to hybridize with us (see: End Game).

But the reason we don’t really see reptilians, Greys, and mantids walking around here in 3-D, and close encounters always seem to be in a dream state, or trance state, is because these forms cannot linger here, they cannot hold their form here for very long without certain aids of technology, or being summoned through black magic ritual; really their home is in the Eighth sphere which is in a different dimension and density. When a being fails their initiation by losing their humanity and turning to wickedness and psychopathy and degradation, at the end of the epoch they are swept into the 8th sphere, or the lower astral realm, (also called Hell, Hades, Sheol, maybe even an aspect of inner Earth, Hollow Earth, etc.) to join the hordes of Luciferic and Ahrimanic beings, this legion of demonic, criminal parasites.

8th sphere as overlay outside the 7 natural phases

We see the Greys and the reptilians and UFOs sort of flashing in and out of existence, defying the laws of physics, because their presence here is in an ethereal or astral form or astral existence more than a physical one, this is because they are Eighth sphere beings. There’s an overlay that allows them to manifest their energy here, their parasitic energy. It happens through attachment to one who invites them in, who resonates with their criminal, degenerate energy.

So the main takeaway from her lecture is that these celebrities and politicians, these dark elite Illuminati types that seem to flash this reptile form, it’s not that they are reptilians themselves, rather they are humans that are possessed by a reptilian being that itself lives in the eighth sphere. The reptilian’s astral body is attached to the astral body of the human that they are possessing, as a kind of ghostly shell that hovers around or weaves through someone’s aura.

And somebody who is particularly psychic can see the attachment, they can see this reptilian nebulous form here and there for split seconds when the overlay is particularly strong, and even perhaps electronic equipment picks these things up, which is why we sometimes see them when there is a glitch on the TV and their slit eyes appear for a split second. Although as researchers we have to be careful here because those slit eyes can be easily faked.

So in the post-Atlantian epoch, they attached to these early Illuminati types, this degraded priest class that became the 13 bloodlines; they attached to them because they sold their soul to Satan and they are basically operating out of their three lower chakras alone which is how the Eighth sphere beings possess and leech off of our energy. They can only leech off of the lower three chakras, the ones below the heart. This manifests as a cunning but cold intellect and no emotion other than fear and lust, no empathy.

And it’s not just the Illuminati members who are possessed by reptilian or other types of so-called “alien” forms. It’s also anybody who cannot harmonize their being with the Christ essence, with the heart, anybody who continually turns their back on God and lives only for material pleasures alone, power, lust at the expense of others, this kind of service-to-self only, they are stuck in the lower three chakras and they become visible to Eighth sphere beings and then these lower beings can attach to them. This can happen to anyone.

Drug abuse can also draw these parasitic entities. There have even been cases of people on meth or other narcotics having a psychotic break and seeing reptilian forms crawling up the walls and basically following the addict around, leeching off them. They transmit thoughts of no hope, of black depression to their host, and want to eventually for their host to commit suicide, which releases a floodgate of energy for them, a feast.


Now, this whole lizard issue is more complex because there’s the whole Donald Marshall and droning angle which Gigi does not discuss. I don’t know if she is even aware of this angle yet, but there may also be a technological aspect to the possession phenomenon and this is what I’ve gone into in my One Eye Bleeding video and in my coverage of Donald Marshall‘s work, how we see these celebrities and politicians with black eyes, we see in Hollywood and entertainment media this bleeding from the one eye motif or the teardrop or the Eye of Horus, and we suspect that what’s happening is there is some kind of possession that occurs by inserting something through the eye-socket to the brain to take over a physical body and wear it like a sleeve.

Donald Marshall describes the bodysnatchers as “Vril lizards:” a parasitic reptile species that apparently lives deep underground and comes up in these cloning centers to body snatch people and are used as weapons by the elite. However, I think this is a gate-keeping psyop. I think what’s happening is it’s more like these elites that copy their consciousness onto a chip or even through black goo which then goes through the eye socket to the brain. This is called droning, and a soulless vessel operated by a walk-in is called a drone. 

#TOMMYTRUTHFUL – “ADD ON” Me and Truth Scrambler, Talked on the Phone about how they are using Black Goo aka Programmable Matter that raps around the Optic Nerve taking Over the Counnsiness of the Host! Donald Marshall was Brought out on the world stage in 2011 to spread Disinformation, 2011=211, the 47th Prime Number! Agent=47, Donald Marshall=46 in Chaldean, one of the oldest Gematria Ciphers, You have 13 degrees in the York Rite Freemasons, And 33 Degrees in the Scottish Rite, 13+33=46, Mark Zuckerburg=46, Donald Broke out on Facebook! Goverment=46, Secret Socity=46, Fourty Seven=46! Stranger Things=46, Pedophile=46, Roman Cathloic=46, The Catholic church Worship Dagon a Reptilian, And Pedophilia, has always Been Connected to The Reptilians, And Donald Said He was a Didel Kid, Meaning they Touched Him! So you Can see it was all part of the Script they Made for Donald Marshall, To inject disinformation into the Vril  Movement!  

BodyAlign developed a system that provides the Next Evolution in Wellness.BodyAlign developed a system that provides the Next Evolution in Wellness.

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