MH370: The Plane That Disappeared

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MH370 March 8th, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared from radar. 239 people went missing, a global investigation into this greatest mystery Despite reports, countless theories, and searches for evidence, nothing.

MH370: The Plane That Disappeared Watch Free Link Only use Brave Search Engine or you will get pop ups. 

Malaysian Flight MH370 / 911 / Ukraine / WW III and the Trident Symbol

All over the web, there are messages about the trident symbol and a possible ongoing conspiracy in preparation of world war III.

I'll sum some of these discoveries up for you:

About the Maserati Commercial from the Superbowl 2014

A trident / is a three-pronged spear. It is used for spear fishing and historically as a polearm. The trident is the weapon of Poseidon, or Neptune, the god of the sea in classical mythology. In Hindu mythology it is the weapon of Shiva, known as trishula (Sanskrit for “triple-spear”).
The word “trident” comes from the French word trident, which in turn comes from the Latin word tridens or tridentis: tri “three” and dentes “teeth”. Sanskrit trishula is compound of tri “three” + “thorn”.
The Greek equivalent is (tríaina), from Proto-Greek trianja (threefold).
The trident in the Coat of Arms of Ukraine is known as Tryzub , the literal translation of “trident”.
[link to]

(In Hindu mythology, SHIVA is the God of destruction.)

TRIDENTS everywhere……….
The first Trident warned us they would strike when least expected:

(Logo of Maserati is a trident)

The Second trident happened:
The dissappearance of the Malaysian airlines 370.
Rotate the Malaysian airlines logo sideways, and you get a double trident. (We'll come to why its a double trident in a minute.)
The word “M A L A Y S I A N” , has 3 “A”‘s

These ‘a's written in small letters look like a reversed 6. So aaa = 666 .
The number 6 itself has this ‘spike' on top, so 3 sixes can be thought of as 3 spikes or a trident.

1.Here you have your warning,the super bowl,maserati. TRIDENT
[link to]

2,The symbol on the tail of a Malaysian aircraft. TRIDENT

3 The UKRAINE coat of arms. TRIDENT.

4.Just erected last night on the 9/11 memory site.double TRIDENT.

5.The fuzzy satelite image / china sent Americans
on a wild goose chase to see if they would follow orders.
9/11 written on it.

6.A combined pre planned un/nato exercise will take place
in the ukraine in JULY 2014 called Rapid TRIDENT, All leading up to Nuclear War and WW3 In Present Time! Trident nuclear programme.

We just had the 138 withGary Rossington, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s last founding member, dead at 71

Also noteworthy, the band’s first album released on August 13, or 13/8.

In this case, he is dead 138 days before July 21, when the new tour would have begun. #138 Phoenix Number

want some more tridents?

-M370. A 777

-Two Navy Seals found dead on the Maersk Alabama? they worked for Trident Maritime Security

-Alphonso Doss ~ US Navy found dead in Florida ~ was a student at Trident University International.

-777 is also found in the title of the book 777 and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley pertaining to the law of thelema ~

– Christian religions consider 7 to be a Holy Number because in Genesis the first book of the Bible it says that God rested on the 7th day and man was created on the 6th day so therefore 777 is thought to be the antithesis of 666

– The Afrikaaner Resistance Movement (Afrikaaner Weerstandsbeweging, AWB), a Boer-nationalist movement in South Africa, utilized the number 777 as part of their emblem. The number refers to a triumph of “God's number” 7 over the Devil's number 666. [4] On the AWB flag, the numbers are arranged in a triskelion shape.

their symbol? pretty much a trident swastika

Trident Studios was a British recording facility, located at 17 St. Anne's Court in London's Soho district between 1968-1981. It was constructed in 1967 by Norman Sheffield, a drummer of former 1960's group The Hunters, and his brother Barry.
“My Name's Jack” by Manfred Mann was recorded at Trident in March 1968, and helped launch the studio's reputation. Some well-known albums and singles recorded at Trident include The Beatles' White Album (though recording was largely done at Abbey Road Studios) and “Hey Jude”, Elton John's “Candle in the Wind” and David Bowie's The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust. Rick Wakeman was the in-house session keyboard player at the time and can be heard on many recordings, including “Life on Mars?” and “Changes”.
Other artists recorded at Trident included the Bee Gees, Carly Simon, Chris de Burgh, Genesis, Brand X, James Taylor, Joan Armatrading, Joe Cocker, Kiss, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, Queen, Rolling Stones, Thin Lizzy, Tina Turner, T-Rex, Van der Graaf Generator, Yes and John Entwistle.
The Sheffield brothers had a relaxed working attitude, but also emphasized high standards of audio engineering.[1] The studio's state-of-the-art recording equipment helped to attract many major artists to record there.

A Brief History

On March 8, 2014, a Boeing 777 jet airliner flying from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to Beijing, China, disappeared from radar screens and has not been seen or heard from since, despite incredibly large and extensive search efforts.  A total of 227 passengers and 12 crew members vanished from the face of the Earth and grieving relatives want to know why.

Digging Deeper

While it is true that airplanes have “disappeared” often enough over the course of aviation history, with some highly noted cases such as that of Amelia Earhart (1937) and of course the infamous “Bermuda Triangle” incident of US Navy flight 19 in which 6 Avenger torpedo bombers disappeared in 1945, some cases are more gripping than others.  That latter “Bermuda Triangle” incident, often portrayed as some sort of supernatural or alien influenced abduction, was made even more troubling by the disappearance of one of the airplanes searching for the lost flight, a flying boat type of patrol aircraft that was lost without a trace, including its crew of 13.  In 1972, Democratic Congressman from Louisiana, Thomas Hale Boggs Sr., disappeared along with 2 others on a flight of a small plane in Alaska.  Boggs had been the Majority Leader in the US House of Representatives at the time, and had served on the infamous Warren Commission that investigated the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, adding to the ever present conspiracy theories any time an airplane disappears.  During wartime, the disappearance of airplanes and their crews are a frequent occurrence, and some notable aces and other famous people have disappeared during wartime and not yet been found.  A good example is band leader Glenn Miller, who with his airplane and the people aboard disappeared on a flight to Paris from London in 1944.

Although airliners have disappeared for unknown reasons and their wreckage never recovered, no such incident has gripped the attention of the world as has the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (sometimes listed as MH370 or MA S370).  About 38 minutes into the flight, while the plane was on course over the South China Sea, the last radio communications between the pilots and the ground control took place, with no hint of anything wrong.  Shortly after that exchange, the flight was never heard from again, although ground controllers did track the flight on radar, though on a troubling Westerly course off the prescribed route to Beijing.  Radar tracked the airliner for about another hour, as the plane mysteriously headed off course over the Malay peninsula until contact was lost when the big jet was over the Andaman Sea about 200 nautical miles from any land.  (Nautical miles are somewhat longer than the normal “statute miles” we use in the United States.  A statute mile is 5280 feet, while a nautical mile is 6076 feet.)  No indication of why the plane was off course or what, if anything, went wrong with the aircraft or the crew. An unprecedented search for the plane, the passengers, or any debris ensued, but nothing definitive has been found.  The highest technology was used by searchers from dozens of countries, all to no avail.

Compounding the conspiracy theory generating machine was the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine only 4 months later!  That a single airlines would be hit with such a pair of catastrophes in such a near time interval is remarkable.  In the Flight 17 tragedy, the airliner involved was also a Boeing 777, and in that case 283 passengers plus 15 crewmen died, accounting for all aboard the flight. Again the Trident Symbolism.

The complete failure of authorities to determine the cause of the MH370 airliner’s disappearance and the failure to find any trace of the giant jet or the people aboard has resulted in all sorts of theories, including conspiracy theories about hijacking or the pilots purposely crashing the airplane.  Or was it aliens?  (One never knows what they will try next!)  Was there a mechanical problem?  Sabotage?  Terrorist involvement?  Was there a “hypoxia” incident?  In order to prevent future such mysterious disappearances of airliners, proposals to create better tracking devices and underwater signaling devices have been put forward.  Knowing precisely where an airplane went down would certainly help in its recovery in the event of a crash, and an underwater signaling device could help located the wreckage in case of a crash in the vast and deep oceans.

Researchers and various experts keep telling us how safe travel by airliner is.  Are you reassured by the statistics published by the government?  Are you afraid of disappearing like the 239 people aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 fuselage survived crash INTACT claims, expert

Release:2023-03-08, It Happened on 3-8, Mh370 in Hebrew Gematria equals 38

I believe this is another code for 4-19-23 – 5-1-23  Murder By numbers released on 4-19, the Start of the 13 days of preparation leading into 5-1-23 Something Big Coming Watch!!!!!! April 19 is the date Ignatius of Loyola became the Superior General of the Jesuits

From and including: Saturday, March 8, 2014
To and including: Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Result: 3330 days – “three three three” = 63(Chaldean)

All the worlds a stage=63, Female President=63, The Last Catholic President JFK Killed in 63, And they will do a JFK Type ritual to Make Kamala the First Female President! I am not saying it will be this day, but it will happen!!! President Kamala Harris=63, Masonic puppet=63, Now we will have big events between the month of April and May!  The skull and bones=63, 2023 The year of Skull and Bones. The “kill king 33 ritual” is a dark and sinister practice carried out by a secret society of elites who control the world behind the scenes. These individuals believe that by sacrificing innocent lives, they can gain ultimate power and control over the masses. They have been performing these rituals for centuries, and many believe that they were behind the assassination of multiple world leaders throughout history. It is a shocking truth that is hidden from the public eye, but those who are aware of this secret society's existence are fighting to expose their evil deeds and put an end to their reign of terror.


See the 3 and 8 on the cover?

38 is also 3-8s #888

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  • Malaysia Airways at the time was owned by Rothschild. On board we’re the other five patent holders of Freescale semiconductors. When they died the last living 6th patent holder inherited the whole patent. Rothschild was the 6th patent holder. He sold the semiconductor patent to China. it is now gaslighted to have been sold to a Dutch firm. The robots use semiconductors!

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