Mystery Intensifies as Georgia Guidestones Time Capsule Opened

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Mystery Intensifies as Georgia Guidestones Time Capsule Opened by Elbert Officials- (Elberton, Ga)
Today officials with the Elbert County Historical Society, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and Federal Bureau of Investigation exhumed and opened the Georgia Guidestones Time Capsule.
“Now that the Guidestones have been destroyed, we felt it was appropriate to open the time capsule buried at the base of the monument,” said Charles Smith, President of the Elbert County Historical Society. “We hoped its contents would help shed light on the builders of the monument.”
Unfortunately, the time capsule, which was buried early in 1980, did little to answer questions about the origins of the Guidestones.
“The time capsule only held four items,” explained Sheriff Melvin Andrews. “A single eight-track tape of ‘Saturday Night Fever', a Peterbilt emblem, an October 1979 Playboy magazine signed by Burt Reynolds, and a bag containing 1,734 Quallude pills.”
“We don't know what to make of this assemblage of items,” said Charles Smith. “It will take weeks to determine the common thread that runs through these items.”
“The current street value of the 1,500 Quallude pills is in the range of USD 2,000,000,” said Senior Agent Tom Hensley of the FBI.
“The Sheriff's Office has allowed the historical society to maintain control of the magazine, tape, and Peterbilt emblem but, the 1,300 Quallude pills will be placed in our evidence locker in Gainesville,” said Mary Alexander with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.
Sheriff Melvin Andrews added, “After testing, the GBI plans to release the 1,000 pills back to the Sheriff's Office, where they will be destroyed.”
The public is being encouraged to submit any theories regarding the time capsule items to the Elbert County Historical Society, Elberton, Ga. Please email:
Northeast Georgian Online (July 7, 2022)
It don't matter if the story real or not they control what go's viral! They allowed it to go viral for a reason my job is to decode that reason.
“Saturday Night Fever” = 66(Chaldean), Corona=66, CERN Was established in 1954 66 years before Corona hit the USA!
Georgia Guide Stones Destroyed  18 hr after CERN Broke the world Record in Energy 6+6+6=18
Large hadron collider= 66
Jorge Mario Bergoglio= 66

The first Jesuit Pope and the False Prophet!

august twenty first= 66
specialcoordinates 66
rainbow cosmic energy 66
predictive program 66
As In The Days Of Noah 66

8-21-2022=71, Stranger Things=71, And Released EP 8,9 On 7-1-2022 4 Day before CERN Went on line Stranger Things 4, Took Place in 1986,

Everything Going on with Russia And Ukraine, Chornobyl happened in 86 Reactor #4 Meltdown, Everything with Corona has been Nuclear since Day 1 Pandemic was Declared on 3-11-2020=56, Mind Control=56, They want to jab our kids 5-11, Saturn=511, 5+6+7+8+9+10+11=56

Power Outage=56, Cyber Polygon 2021 simulated ” a targeted supply chain attack on a corporate ecosystem in real-time .” In his opening remarks at Cyber Polygon 2021, WEF Founder Klaus Schwab warned, “A lack of cybersecurity has become a clear and immediate danger to our society worldwide.”


The Fukushima nuclear disaster was a 2011 nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Ōkuma, Fukushima, Japan. The proximate cause of the nuclear disaster was the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami natural disaster that occurred on 11 March 2011 and was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Japan.
Date: March 11, 2011
They will Hit us with A Nuke to Crash the dollar and flip us to a world of Digital Currency!
one world currency 66

The Georgia Guidestones were put up on March 22, 1980, like 3/22, or 322, as in Order 322, the Freemasonic Order out of Yales University, New Hagen, Connecticut. On them, they were credited to “R.C. Christian,” who probably was Freemason and Eugenist Robert Carter Cook, and also seems to be a play on words as in ‘Rosicrucian,’ the Order of the Rose Cross (and its founder,) who were an important instrument in the colonization of the United States by England. The legend behind the Rosicrucian manifestos was believed to be a German doctor and mystic philosopher referred to as “Father Brother C.R.C., later identified in a third manifesto as Christian Rosenkreuz, or “Rose-cross”, like “Christian R.C” or “R.C. Christian.”
Keep in mind that Kabbalah, the code of ‘the Cabal,’ was brought back to the Catholic Church during the crusades by the Knights Templar, which then spread to the Rosicrucian Order and other secret societies, before being inherited by modern Freemasonry. They are all connected through Kabbalah, the stars, mathematics, numerology, and gematria.
In the US, the secret Order 322, Skull and Bones Freemasonry, was founded by the influence of the Order of Illuminati and the Jesuit Order. Still, this was all made possible by the initial colonization spurred on by the Rosicrucian Order.
If you understand this, you should also know that they code everything by these ancient Babylonian teachings as in Kabbalah, and that the name of “R.C. Christian” was not picked by chance.

It started to get the Population down to 500 million in harmony with Nature this is 13-14 People Dead!

Now They Covered all that Up –

Conspiracy theories= 66
Behold a Pale Horse= 66
Quantum computer= 66

Dwave Controlling Your Reality, And all the people who took the Jab They added 3 strands of 22 to your 44 base pairs of DNA 322 Georgia Guide Stones went up on 3-22-80, Wuhan rolled out 5g first and had the first 322 cases of Rona, Joe The Pedo Biden took his first shot at 3:22 pm!

22+22+22=66, You are the walking Dead and don't even know it –

You can destroy the Nanobots threw Frequency –

zombie apocalypse= 66


CDC’s ‘zombie’ preparedness goes viral, on March 4, 2021, by the numbers

Government Medical News Predictive Programming

CDC’s Zombie Apocalypse preparedness page is here.

If you read the page, it is to prepare people for an EMERGENCY.

And notice this news went viral on March 4, or 3/4, like 34… connecting to ‘Zombie’.

And remember, the CDC is in Atlanta, where The Walking Dead begins (the TV show about zombies).

“Ukraine” = 34(Full Reduction) I truly believe it is Nuclear war Or Pole Shift one of the Two.
Murder 34
Poison 34
Destroy 34
adam and eve 34

In June of 2013, the Central Intelligence Agency declassified in part and released a sanitized copy approved for release of The Adam and Eve Story by Chan Thomas adding validity to scientific theories of a cyclical planetary catastrophe that has sent Earth into an ice age many times over in the past. Sam year the pope came and 7 years later Corona the Great Solar Flare Pole shift!

This was on 6-2-2022 Black magic=62 And now New York is warning people of Nuclear war –
On the Super Bowl, half time show the Stage said eve after dark=116, Nuclear war=116 Full break down going up on Check this out, Family –…/

What If A Nuclear Bomb Hits New York Tomorrow-

Second Item

“Peterbilt” = 34(Chaldean)
Nuclear War 34
Rothchild 34

They Back both sides of every war!

manhatten 34
Mass murder 34
Password 34
The Storm 34
“Playboy Burt Reynold” = 64(Chaldean)
Next nine eleven 64
California Earthquake 64
World of Warcraft 64


King Von - Levon James (Album)

King Von Sacrificed in the ATL On

The 33rd Parallel –

The Newest  Member of the royal family Baby Lilibet Born on 6-4-2021= 51 Illuminati Formed on 5-1-1776

Yellowstone –

“1,734 Quallude” = 44(Chaldean)
ritual sacrifice 44
Transhumanism 44

Transhumanism –

by the numbers 44
Alien Invasion 44
Police State 44
July Seventh 44

July 16  is the 77 Anniversary of The Trinity Test the first Nuclear explosion, On 911 flight 77 hit the 77ft tall pentagon on the 77th Meridian

They are Planning Something Big I just pray I am Wrong!

three four 44
Underworld 44
Faustian Bargain 44

Faustian bargain An agreement, bargain, or deal in which a person sacrifices or abandons moral, ethical, or spiritual values in favor of wealth, power, or other benefits. A reference to the legend of Faust, who sold his soul to the devil for unlimited knowledge and power.

Two Towers 44
march eleven 44

3-11-2020 the Pandemic, And 3-11-2011, The Fukushima nuclear disaster was a 2011 nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Ōkuma, Fukushima, Japan. The proximate cause of the nuclear disaster was the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami natural disaster that occurred on 11 March 2011 and was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Japan.

Great Flood 44

44 Was in the American Carnage  Decode –


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5 thoughts on “Mystery Intensifies as Georgia Guidestones Time Capsule Opened

  • Seeee, I KNEW IT!!! They DESTROYED their own monument to get to the time capsule. I doubt that’s what they found in there, their just telling us this. I believe Something wS in there to activate a Stargate or portal there for such a time as this.

  • I have seen 4 portals before. They are literally holes right in front of you. 3 came out in Sedona in the desert. One of them was literally opened in a hotel room over a bed. The last one was choppy black ocean in an alley. Like a live window or doorway to a storm in an ocean. It was as big as a man. Both sides of the portal go to the same place. DO NOT STEP IN! Or rather I would NEVER step through one. The portal opened in the hotel room was opened using a computer. But no one realizes yet that magnets are the secret to everything. I try to tell people but I’m just the crazy one. Some day everyone will see. Free energy could be had right now using only magnets and a copper wire.

  • I’ve connected so many dots because of your videos and decodes. I’m still connecting dots. Thanks.

  • Weren’t there some seeds in the capsule? Heard there were and just put 2 and 2 together with Gates buying all the farmland. Who the hell knows. They lie about everything. Everything no matter how big or small. Backwards. Like their language.

  • Have had the song Radioactive on my mind for a week. Because I can taste it.
    Good luck and great job.

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