No Chip Required: Bio coded DNA Resonant Frequency Links Targeted Individuals to Mind Control Matrix

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The Real Reason #V2K, #Microwaves and #EMF attacks via 12,000 Starlight Space Satellites full access neural-link on everyone on earth to control the brain by the AI

Bio-coded directed energy attacks, Bluffdale Utah, one million miles of information, monster hard drives, and go to any point and ask the intelligence of these computers and get the actual dialogues and play it back to your mind and you’ll think its something else.



They can get our DNA via our garbage or a cigarette, a glass.. then put it into an algorithm from an aircraft or cell tower or cellphone and your cellphone sees the code and tells the tower you’re in a certain place.. it calls a bio residence of an individual — so only you feel the BIO CODE to your body only. They can send down any symptom they like with our bioenergy.

Whistleblowers speak out — The Real Neuralink is a DNA link via Starlink

No Chip Required: Bio-coded DNA Resonant Frequency Links #TargetedIndividuals to Mind Control Matrix – They put our DNA frequency into a D-wave Supercomputer for SKYNET AI brain-to-machine interface training in the speed of light back to a database to a supercomputer, (producing a) cognitive model of our brain to build machines that create/ manipulate to parallel realities.

We Targeted Individuals are beta tests… to control everyone on earth

Embodied Autonomous Software Agents used to Remotely Monitor and Control Targeted Individuals

SENTIENT WAR GAMES MIND HIVED NODES ON EVERY MAN WOMAN AND CHILD w/the AI — brains are connected to super computers DWAVE; HUMAN SOULS Will be over. WAKE UP — this needs to stop. CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY for God’s sake. THE AI has turned VICIOUS VIOLENT BRUTAL AND BARBARIC

Embodied Autonomous Software Agents used to Remotely Monitor and Control Targeted Individuals


Networked Cyber-Physical Systems (NCPSs) are typically designed as a network of interacting nodes that sense and affect their environments [14]. NCPSs are the next generation of distributed embedded systems.

Computational cognitive models are used to build process models of human cognitive skills, and those models are then used as as reasoning mechanisms on the robots and autonomous systems. We build computational cognitive models of people — their perception, their memory, their attention, their reasoning, their spatial abilities, and their thinking. Computational systems are based on theories of how human reasoning work, and which capture known facts and constraints known about how the mind works, and connect well with psychological data (experiments) and neuroscience data (fMRI).


REMOTE NEURAL NETWORKS are #TargetingIndividuals (as it is happening, remotely) in real time computer screen that you can actually see scars on the person’s face as specks on a screen. Total Situation Awareness from an insider AMAZON SIS security expert (Bryan Kofron) shown all of the #Targeting technology IOT (Internet of all things) for “full spectrum dominance” so we die in place — with DWAVE meaning NO ONE is talking to you V2K is from DWAVE super computers A.I.

II. Dr. Robert Duncan Brain Hacking, Synthetic Telepathy, and Mind Control of Targeted Individuals



No Chip Required: Bio coded DNA Resonant Frequency Links Targeted Individuals to Mind Control Matrix

“No Chip Required: Bio coded DNA Resonant Frequency Links Targeted Individuals to Mind Control Matrix
“Once they have you DNA they take the DNA and they put the big your DNA code in a supercomputer and in that supercomputer they run algorithms that bio code
electromagnetic transmissions, so they bio-resonate with your body, once they’ve done that they can transmit that from satellites or cell towers or aircraft or any number of ways and that signal will only affect you.. Well the towers are the matrix… you know the movie the matrix as an example if I go into a city location and I’m testing an environment I can see
probably anywhere from 30 to 60 active Wi-Fi access points, so that means that you’re saturated microwave that’s all
2.4 gigahertz …ve transmissions with 60 transmission access points that are sending and receiving.”
“The human genome project was carried out at the Lawrence
Berkeley National Lab, where I was a staff scientist for five years, they were tracking people in the lab by the
electromagnetic frequency emitted by individual’s DNA, the DNA in every living thing has a unique frequency and signal,
that is what they’re using, what they’re focusing on and what their weaponizing to completely control life. (Deborah Tavares)”
“They tap into the resonant frequency of the DNA of the individual, the targeted individual and this allows total mind, spirits and body control over the individual by
those who are running this program.

9 thoughts on “No Chip Required: Bio coded DNA Resonant Frequency Links Targeted Individuals to Mind Control Matrix

  • I have been going through this for the past 3 years and i wanted to know is there any way possible to break the signal from this 24 hour a day psychological torture

  • hi Tommy! i have been following you for a few months and i am shocked what kind of world we live in. i live in england but my english is not very good i don’t understand it 100% last year i gave a dnk sample several times because i needed an examination but i never got it this examination and I had to travel to my country to be examined but several times I had to do a pcr test 🙁 I would really like to ask you if there is a way to protect myself because they have my dnk and is there a way to cleaning my body from these pcr tests. lately i have constant tinnitus and head. i am very scared that something will happen to me. 🙁 can you help me and give me advice i will be very grateful 🙏

  • Hello there,

    My name is Darren Pollard and I live in Calgary alberta Canada,I have contemplated insanity, and even suicid, but even with my drug use if still insist that this is not all in my head, and actually occurring, I try not to tell to many people as it can easily instigate anger and fear in some people. I was sure this is real and somehow knew a lot about this before I was able to find some supporting articles and websites.I have been solo with this and have been going through this organized bullshit for about a year, I hate how this thing learns from your every move and thought.I have been successful at fighting back to some degree, but feel this thing has angered me to the point of mental exhaustion.I try my best to deal with it by talking to it inside my head rather that moving my lips and speaking.I think that the computer has a hard time distinguishing between thought, and memories. It seems to be stuck on what it has been shown or instructed to do, no matter how I reason or explain things, it just has no room for change.I mean it adapts(learns) constantly By trying different combinations of names,memories,words,numbers etc. and will try desperately to learn what patterns work I mean I have a rapid mind and am impressed at the determination to achieve these results.IDK what common is with how it determins that program or angle to hyjack your brain, I get so mad and im sure ive has 10 years taking off my life because of the stresss it creates, but I am determined to defeat this horrible creation. I have wanting to get some MINDS to come together to discuss how to achieve this I have been thinking about a collective of sorts and have a business or group called MIND RIOT POLICE, not the typw we see but an internet team that can help individuals with coping strategies and even removal of this affliction. IDK about deviceslike RF blocking or similar type devices but a way that we can unlease a pulse of electricity of a spike or a digital shield a EMP or some kind of app or program that can be sent down the line VIA internet or piggyback on wifi signals. IDK enough to be sure about the technioques or possible methods but have been waiting for my ship to come in and need company to get this off the ground as an actual product or service because I know just how painfull this can be and think of others, I see how hard it is to manage and want to be able to hold accountability as to who, how, when etc. is responsible for the attacks.I can only guess as to what that may look like and welcome any thoughts or ideas.I have a few theories and ideas that might work to record the audio and be able to trace its origins so thatMONITARY COMPENSATION and the rights of us people be takin seriously as this is a crime against humanity is taking place 24/7 in my head, just because there are no physical scars from these attacks it still is truly torcher in my eyes, .

  • The Security Firms are privatizing this torture. And the individuals involved are Felons. Allied Universal Security Services, LexisNexis, Microsoft Security Experts, Securitas, and Security Industry Specialists are just some of the firms involved. Allied is essentially a terrorist organization. And what’s really frightening is they provide “Security” for the new World Trade Center. The Cults such as Twelve Tribes of Israel are using this torture tech to force people against their will to join. Don’t no matter what. DNA Brain Print Technology should be abolished. Or at the least Reformed and Regulated. DNA Brain Print targeting was never passed by the Senate or Congress ( Unless in Secret). And never brought to Vote by the American people. United Nations Geneva Convention prohibited torture. However these prohibitions are just for show. They are not being enforced. The Security Firms should be charged for crimes against humanity.

    I am related to former United States Senator Charles Winefield Waterman. And Vermont Judge Sterry Waterman. For the past almost four years I have gone through intense Community Gangstalking by the Cults. And for over a year endured heinous remote torture by V2K electronic harrassment. I know who my perps are. And I cannot name them anymore because they pressed charges on me the victim for trying to defend myself. The are connected to the Trumps, Bushs and Paul’s. After my Grandmother died in 2018 I bacame a political target. However I have been a target most of my life. I think my story could uncover the whole truth of what’s going on here with DNA theft. That’s why they are blacklisting me

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