The Plasma Apocalypse – The Umbrella Academy Session 3 EP 9 11:11 

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Steve Lepkowski informs us all about 5G & EMF RadiationSteve Lepkowski informs us all about 5G & EMF Radiation

The plasma apocalypse, also known as EMPCOE, or the electromagnetic plasma changeover event, is one of the wildest yet interesting conspiracy theories I’ve come across. Keep in my mind, that I’m not saying this will happen anytime soon, or even at all. But hey, anything is possible. According to the proponents of this theory, sometime in the future, there will be a celestial event that triggers a portal to open up in the sky. Supposedly this event is cyclical and has happened before in the ancient past. Some say this event is what destroyed Atlantis. The portal is a plasma vortex above the North Pole that leads to higher realms. However, the vortex can only connect with our realm when Earth’s electromagnetic field is down. Supposedly our planet’s protective shield will temporarily dissipate after we experience a pole shift. Scientists say pole shifts happen all the time and they can weaken our EMF by up to 90%.

According to NASA, pole shifts occur about every 200,000 to 300,000 years. However, it‘s been more than twice that long since the last one took place. We are way overdue for such an event. Some archaeologists claim a pole shift once destroyed a global civilization. So when will the next one happen? No one knows. However, there is a magnetic anomaly in the South Atlantic that’s growing bigger and bigger. Some say this is a sign that another pole shift is imminent.

While a pole shift is realistic, the idea of a portal opening up in the sky sounds very far-fetched. However, a similar concept is referred to in both The Quran and The Bible. They say during the apocalypse, the heavens will recede like a scroll being rolled up. This theme is also present in many television shows. For example, in Gravity Falls, there is an apocalyptic event known as Weirdmageddon that begins after an interdimensional rift opens in the sky. Otherworldly creatures pour out and the laws of physics begin to unravel.

EMPCOE believers claim the absence of our electromagnetic field will temporarily cause zero gravity. Again, this sounds far-fetched, but now some physicists think gravity might be an aspect of electromagnetism. So far, no theory can fully explain how gravity works. The name Gravity Falls seems to imply zero gravity. The protagonist’s name, Dipper, also seems to hint at the location of the portal. He’s nicknamed after his birthmark that resembles the Big Dipper. The constellation points to Polaris, which hangs right above the North Pole.

r/conspiracy - The Plasma Apocalypse

Dipper's birthmark

The show contains a lot of occult symbolism, far too much to present all in this thread. There are many all-seeing eyes and Masonic symbols hidden in the scenery. Below you can see one of the main characters dressed up to resemble a Shriner, a member of a Masonic order.

r/conspiracy - The Plasma Apocalypse

Grunkle Stan next to a Shriner

According to EMPCOE theorists, during zero-gravity, things that are not secured to the ground will begin to float and get sucked into the portal. They say this is the real rapture, an end-times event preached by some Christians where believers are taken up into heaven. The Futurama movie also seems to predict the plasma apocalypse. Once again, there is a rip in the sky acting as an interdimensional gateway. After the main characters go on an expedition to investigate it, they learn the laws of electromagnetism change when you get near it.

The protagonist, Fry, ends up being sent into the rip and discovers the beast with a billion backs, a colossal, one-eyed, tentacled creature made of a substance known as electro-matter. The beast awakens and begins invading the Earth by forcing its appendages through the portal. Supposedly, during EMPCOE, plasma streams will come out of the vortex and spiral around the Earth looking for places to ground themselves. Some of these streams will find human hosts. Similarly, the beast, which resembles a giant plasma ball, attempts to attach itself to everyone.

r/conspiracy - The Plasma Apocalypse

The beast compared to a plasma ball

They say some plasma streams will attach themselves to nonliving hosts, reanimating the dead and bringing machines and other inanimate objects to life. A scene in Ghostbusters seems to depict this when a portal opens and spirits possess corpses and even a giant corporate mascot.

But anyway, after encountering the beast, Fry returns to Earth with a tentacle attached to his neck. He tells everyone to love the tentacles and becomes the pope of a religion that worships them. The theme of tentacles controlling people’s minds is in many other movies. Supposedly these plasma streams will erase their host’s memory. Once again, far fetched, but it is speculated that electric plasma could interact with our electric brains and researchers have found electricity can be used to wipe someone’s mind.

Is plasma an alien life form? The term was borrowed from blood plasma because it describes the substance’s life-like behavior. According to physicists, 99.9% of the Universe is made up of it. If plasma is sentient, could it be considered an omnipotent entity? Is this universal plasma God? After Fry succeeds in converting everyone the beast reveals that it wants to marry humanity and bring them into its dimension, which resembles heaven. This seems to be a reference to the rapture event mentioned earlier and the biblical idea that believers are the Bride of Christ.

Earlier in the movie, the military attempts to launch a missile into the gateway. EMPCOE theorists say the elite will do something similar. They‘ll launch rockets into the vortex in an attempt to escape. Supposedly the opening of the portal gives humanity a chance to ascend. To buy some time, the elite will use Project Blue Beam to fake an alien invasion. They‘ll do this to explain away the arrival of interdimensional creatures and people being raptured. When the elite makes their getaway, the masses will assume they‘re just fighting off ET invaders.

They also say the elite will try to prevent people from ascending with them by creating an artificial electromagnetic field that holds back the plasma while Earth’s natural one is down. In the Futurama movie, the governments of the world symbolically do the same. Perhaps this is the real reason corporations want to spray smartdust in our atmosphere. In the movie, they also discover robots cannot pass through the portal, only organic matter can. Maybe this is true and that’s why there‘s a sudden push to merge humans with machines.

The shield fails, and as stated earlier, the beast succeeds in invading Earth. Here it is interesting to note that when the central tentacle shoots down in the center of the city, it is reminiscent of the mythological World Tree that connects our realm to the realm of the gods.

r/conspiracy - The Plasma Apocalypse

The central tentacle compared to the World Tree

Some say the elite are trying to trigger this event. Scientists at CERN openly admit they are looking for other dimensions and the creator of D-Wave has stated quantum computers will “summon” Lovecraft’s Great Old Ones. Tentacled beings seem to symbolize the plasma apocalypse. In The Mist, the military opens an interdimensional doorway and Lovecraftian monsters come through. This movie seems to hint at the mist that will appear when EMPCOE begins. The mist will be caused by the depressurization of our atmosphere that happens once Earth’s EMF goes down.

There are many more things people claim will happen. Supposedly, just like a black hole, the vortex will suck in all the heat energy in its vicinity, creating a whirlwind of supercooled air. This whirlwind will evolve into a massive storm that flash freezes everything in its path. They say most of the world’s water will get sucked into the vortex. Some of it will pass through the storm and turn into giant hailstones. The water that‘s not frozen will become radioactive from the radiation given off by the vortex and turn into blood-red rain.

At the climax of the plasma apocalypse, even larger plasma beams will begin striking the Earth-like lightning, carving out new canyons and pulverizing mountains. In some places, plasma beams will liquefy the ground, causing mud floods that bury entire cities. This part of the event reads almost exactly like Revelation 16.

“Then there came flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, and a severe earthquake. No earthquake like it has ever occurred since mankind has been on earth, so tremendous was the quake. The great city split into three parts, and the cities of the nations collapsed. God remembered Babylon the Great and gave her the cup filled with the wine of the fury of his wrath. Every island fled away and the mountains could not be found. From the sky huge hailstones, each weighing about a hundred pounds, fell on people. And they cursed God on account of the plague of hail because the plague was so terrible.”

Once the pole shift is complete, the electromagnetic field will restabilize and the portal will close. Few will ascend and many will die, but some will survive. The majority of survivors will have had their memories wiped, but there will still be a few who remember. The people who remember will record what happened by carving symbols into stone, just like our ancient ancestors once did. Some of them will form secret groups and use their knowledge for gain. Others will spread it freely and create religions. They will become the new leaders.

r/conspiracy - The Plasma Apocalypse

The Book of Eli tells a similar story

Old junk that was flung into the sky will fall back to the ground, giving the survivors a hint of their past and materials to rebuild civilization with. The machines that came to life during the event will still be around and humans and robots will learn to work together. Together they will kill off the majority of the creatures who entered through the vortex, which eventually become the new monsters of myth and legend.

r/conspiracy - The Plasma Apocalypse

The movie WALL-E paints a similar picture of the future, keep in mind that humans are now living in space

The planet, now teeming with electrical energy, will be an environment that promotes new life. Humans, plants, and animals will grow larger and have extended lifespans. Children will be born with many different supernatural abilities. However, after a couple of thousand years, the energy will get used up and things go back to normal. Then the cycle repeats. The plasma apocalypse is both a destructive and creative force. It’s the simulation’s reset button. But like I said, this theory sounds ridiculous! Nevertheless, it does seem as if the memory of such an event is hidden somewhere deep in the collective unconscious. Perhaps this memory is trying to make itself known through our art and each artistic creation is just one piece of the story. Perhaps now is the time for us to help one another put these pieces together. Thanks for reading.

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Steve Lepkowski informs us all about 5G & EMF RadiationSteve Lepkowski informs us all about 5G & EMF Radiation

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