The NWO Wants Nuclear Annihilation & The Inevitable Collapse of the US Dollar

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Converting dollars to Gold and silver might be a smart move.Converting dollars to Gold and silver might be a smart move.

10:59 into the above video, you see this, 6+23+73=102, 911 the 102 min that changed America! 102 is the Refection of 201 and Check out our Decode on Avatar The Way of the Water.

They are Collapsing the Physical dollar to flip us to a digital currency. 

10:35 into the above Video, you see this,

This came out on December 14th the Anniversary of the Vaccine going live in the USA, And that was 12-14-2020 13 years before that the Zombie Apocalypse Movie I Am Legend Came out, Where they get it from the Cure, not the Virus! The New World Order, whether people want to believe it exists or not, has documented its coming extermination of the human race for decades. A force that has subverted itself into every aspect of our existence. And as the Architects push humanity towards global enslavement, they must cull our numbers. That is why we are on the edge of a nuclear war with Russia. That is why we are being led down this eugenics path as the corruption in Ukraine in league with our Federal Establishment leads the way. Everything we are being told by the mockingbird media is an absolute lie.

From and including: Friday, December 14, 2007
To and including: Wednesday, December 14, 2022

180 Months and 180=18, So Seven Months from now will be Prime for thermonuclear war!

“IHS” = 18(Reduction), Combat=18, Masons=18, Code=18

From and including: Friday, December 14, 2007
To, but not including Friday, July 14, 2023

187 months excluding the end date. 187 the Homicide Code!

I Am Legend’s release 13 years to the day of the coronavirus vaccine in the United States, December 14, 2007

If you have not seen I Am Legend, the vaccine put out to stop the virus in the film changes the population into zombies. “Coincidentally”, that movie released on December 14, 2007, 13 years before vaccines for coronavirus went live in the United States, December 14, 2020. Keep in mind that was the day of the corona or the total solar eclipse, which matters because ‘corona’ equates to 66 and December 14, 2020 had 66 date numerology, and furthermore, the book for I Am Legend was written in 1954, 66 years before 2020.

12/14/2020 = 12+14+20+20 = 66


The sun was blocked by the moon on this day, and the moon is on a cycle of 13, like how the film came out 13 years to the day.

Keep in mind, on December 17, 2020, Pope Francis 84th birthday, the first Pope to be a member of the Jesuit Order, the ‘Moderna’ vaccine will be approved. And of course, the ‘corona’ just took place in his home country, Argentina.

You might recall at the beginning 2020  Zach talked about how Kobe Bryant’s January 26, 2020 death was synced up with Will Smith and the film I Am Legend, which is why the details came out about his pharmaceutical lawsuit, and his burial in Corona del Mar. Recall, he died in Calabasas, in a helicopter, like how Will Smith’s family dies in a helicopter in I Am Legend. Likely not by coincidence, the author of I Am Legend died in Calabasas.

He died on the day leaving 191 days in the year. *Society of Jesus = 191

*191 is the 43rd prime *Pandemic = 43 *I Am Legend = 43

ALSO noteworthy, Matheson’s book was made into the film The Omega Man as well, which released August 1, 1971. It reminds me that the vaccine in the Clade X simulation is the Omega Vaccine.

Notice how Omega Vaccine and ‘Covid’ fit together.

12/14/2007 = 12+14+20+07 = 53 (Release date of I Am Legend)

Furthermore, notice how ‘Coronavirus Pandemic’ and ‘Omega’ fit.

For one more point, Alice Krippin is the doctor responsible for the outbreak in I Am Legend.
Alice Krippin = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201

WW1 – July 28, 1914=68

WW2 – September 1, 1939=68

Ukraine War – 2-24-2022=68

That will lead us to WW3, This Has all been planned out Years Ahead of time!

Converting dollars to Gold and silver might be a smart move.Converting dollars to Gold and silver might be a smart move.

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