Russia accuses Ukraine of attempted drone attack on Kremlin

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Steve Lepkowski informs us all about 5G & EMF RadiationSteve Lepkowski informs us all about 5G & EMF Radiation

Russia accuses Ukraine of attempted drone attack on Kremlin

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From this event and including: Wednesday, May 3, 2023 Until Putin Bday 
To, but not including Saturday, October 7, 2023=22 weeks and 3 days #223, A massive Skull and bone ritual another day i warned about i said 4-19-23 – 5-11-23 We would have staged shootings and Rituals! 

From and including: Tuesday, October 7, 1952
To, but not including Wednesday, May 3, 2023=846 Months 

Russia has accused Ukraine of attempting an overnight drone attack on the Kremlin with the aim of killing President Vladimir Putin. The allegation was made on Wednesday by the Russian government and reported by several state news agencies. Putin was not injured and there was no material damage to the Kremlin buildings, Russian officials said. The Kremlin warned that Russia reserves the right to retaliate and that it viewed the alleged assault as a “terrorist” attack.

5-9-2023=57 Date Putin will be in Red Square, We Just had the 57th Super bowl and the Church of Satan 57th Anniversary.

While the number 57 may seem like just another number, it has a deep significance in many occult practices. In numerology, the number 5 represents change and progress, while the number 7 represents spirituality and intuition. Together, they create a powerful force that is often associated with hidden knowledge and secret societies. But what does this all mean? How does the number 57 connect to the occult? Through my research, I've discovered that the number 57 is often seen as a symbol of transformation and spiritual growth. It's believed to represent the journey of the soul, from a state of ignorance and darkness, to one of enlightenment and understanding. Some even believe that the number 57 is a gateway to other dimensions and realms of consciousness. Interestingly, the number 57 also has connections to the angelic realm. In some traditions, it's believed to be associated with the angel Sariel, who is known for his ability to guide and protect individuals through difficult times. While the connection between the number 57 and the occult may seem strange or mysterious, it's important to remember that these ideas are deeply rooted in ancient traditions and have been studied and explored for centuries.  Keep exploring and stay curious! Sincerely, TruthfulTv

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Steve Lepkowski informs us all about 5G & EMF RadiationSteve Lepkowski informs us all about 5G & EMF Radiation

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