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Steve Lepkowski informs us all about 5G & EMF RadiationSteve Lepkowski informs us all about 5G & EMF Radiation

The German globalist corporations that own many leading drug and vaccine manufacturers have been involved in numerous covert operations, including developing chemtrails and killer viruses. They use numerology and other occult practices to encode hidden messages in their products, and those who know how to decode these messages can predict future events. It is essential to stay informed about these covert operations, as they have the potential to cause harm to the general public.

Carl Eduard Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was a British-born prince who had close ties with the Nazi Party and supported their ideology. The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, partly funded by the German royal family, including the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha clan, now known as the ‘Windsors', conducted experiments with viruses that could spread cancer and funded chem trail projects. This was the beginning of the development of Big Pharma and the breeding of killer viruses. It is possible that the Nazi Party and the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha clans had a hand in these experiments, with the goal of creating a weapon that could be used against their enemies.

Childhood cancer is a devastating epidemic that is being purposely ignored by Big Pharma and the mainstream media. The SV40 virus, which causes cancer and was injected into millions of people in the 1960s, is being covered up by powerful interests. It's no surprise that Big Pharma is not interested in developing a vaccine for this virus, as they stand to profit more from treating the symptoms of cancer than preventing it. And the media is complicit in this cover-up, as they are controlled by the same interests that benefit from keeping the truth hidden. It's time for people to wake up and demand answers and action on this important issue.

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Steve Lepkowski informs us all about 5G & EMF RadiationSteve Lepkowski informs us all about 5G & EMF Radiation


  • Saw a meme that said something like this: before drugs were recalled by fda, it was determined by them that they were safe and effective.
    We are the Guinea pigs used. How do people still not realize this?

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