Shiva is the name of the 666 in Revelations, is Shiva Satan “SHIVA CERN” = 333 (Capitals Added)

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Converting dollars to Gold and silver might be a smart move.Converting dollars to Gold and silver might be a smart move.

I just want to have an honest discussion about this, the point of this post is to have just that. It's NOT my intention to disrespect anyone's religion, beliefs, gods/goddesses, etc.


CERN gets its name from Cernnunous which is Abbadon, lucifer, and shiva the destroyer. No wonder they have a statue of Shiva right outside of CERN.

333 IS ANOTHER PLAY ON 666, SHIVA IS THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS, SHIVA IS IN FRONT OF CERN, The True Meaning of 333 and the connection to lucifer aka shiva. 


Satan may actually be Shiva in the east. I have included an article on this at the bottom of this one. This is also shown in the bible in Revelation, the number of the beast, the beast is another name of the serpent agathodaemon, the symbol of the soul, the serpentine system, in the ancient world. The number of which is 666.

The ancient Pythagoreans, who were part of the Golden Chain, brought knowledge of Egypt to India. Showed god as the Pentagram with the number 666 underneath. The pentagram is the symbol of Venus who is the serpent, this is where the Baphomet comes from. The androgynous serpent. Lucifer is another name for Venus as well.

This 666 is the symbol of the reborn soul and of God. A friend of mine who is Greek and has ancient knowledge in Greek showed me in the Greek Bible that 666 is put as Xi Chi Stau. However, the original spelling of 666 in the ancient world and is the revealing part. It's Chi Vav Vav. In ancient Kabala, repeating letters in this case would just be filling in the number code; the actual letters to be used here in kabala would be ChiVav… And from here the Vav becomes Va as the Kabala texts show.

Chiva is the ancient name of the serpent God associated with the moon in the Near East, which is originally male, this was also spelled as Sheba the B and V are double letters so one can be exchanged for the other. Sheba becomes Shiva further east where this knowledge came from. Shiva is still called Lord Chandra, the Moon God. The Chiva is also called The Breath of Life. The prana energy of the soul and all creation is shown as the serpent in Hinduism. The Chi is Shi.

In Hinduism Shiva is called… Kabala Iswara, the Lord of the Kabala.

In ancient Kabala, letters were numbered, and NUMBERS were used to spell letters. NUMBERS NEVER LIE!!!!

The 666 of the bible is originally spelling Shiva in numerological code. That they took from the Pagans, it shows that the name of Shiva is the Agathodaemon the serpent kundalini, the breath of life itself. This is why after erasing the Vav and replacing it with Stau they also changed the spelling later to Xi Chi Stau, erasing the original name.


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How Shiva may be “Satan”:

The symbol of the Ankh in Egyptian has a specific name it's a letter that spells the name of a divinity. The Ankh is in two parts the top is the Shi letter and the shaft the Va letter in Egyptian. This in Egyptian symbolism forms the formula of the Ankh which spells Shiva. And is called: Infinity, Eternity. This symbol later becomes the trident letter in the ancient alphabet. Some think the concept of infinity or eternity in Sanskrit is called Sat-an.

The Ankh is called initially An in Egyptian. In India, An is also an ancient name of Shiva. Who carries the trident? The symbol of the Ankh in Egypt is the Trident in the east.

The An is also called the Anki in Sumerian, had the same culture as the Egyptians. Anki is the proper spelling of Enki. Who is also called SAT-AN in Sumerian as well?

In ancient Sumeria:

As Laurence Gardener showed in his book: Genesis Of The Grail Kings that….

“The Serpent Lord was Enki but in parts of Chaldea (Ancient Sumeria) he had been called Shaitan.”

Shaitan is Arabic for Satan.

Anki is called the Lord of the Eye. The Eye of Shiva in Hinduism. The Ankh was drawn in Egyptian art pointing to the forehead to symbolize the open eye.

The Ankh is the symbol of life in Egypt and Anki is the God of the Waters of Life in Sumeria. Shiva as a mantra is used in the head to activate the pineal gland which secrets the dew which is the water of life the Soma or Amrit which means “Immortality” in Sanskrit. Satan is also Satanama in Hinduism a mantra to open the third eye.

The ancient texts in the east and near the east state that Shiva ruled the golden age of humanity in Kumara Kandam and taught humans spiritual, and cosmic knowledge so that humans could ascend, in the first Sangha.


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Revelation 9,11: A Timely Commentary on CERN, Hell, and Darkness Paperback – August 10, 2021

Converting dollars to Gold and silver might be a smart move.Converting dollars to Gold and silver might be a smart move.

One thought on “Shiva is the name of the 666 in Revelations, is Shiva Satan “SHIVA CERN” = 333 (Capitals Added)

  • Chi – China
    Xi – Xi Jinping – controls UN WHO part of WEF
    Unelected Prime Minister of UK is Hindu
    Obama on the front of Newsweek dancing as Shiva
    CERN – Shiva

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