Plasma Apocalypse

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BodyAlign developed a system that provides the Next Evolution in Wellness.BodyAlign developed a system that provides the Next Evolution in Wellness.

The Coming Great Plasma Event

There have been many plasma events or resets during our history, many of which we know little or nothing about, putting into question many of our currently taught historical narratives.

Some resets are minor or shorter while others are longer or major. The Great Flood of Noah(Moon), The Tower of Babel(Mercury), The Hebrew Exodus(Venus), the Assyrian Captivity(Mars), The Christian Epoch(Jupiter), the Industrial Revolution(Saturn), The American Revolution(Uranus), the Mud Flood(Neptune), and World Wars I and II(Pluto) are all major resets in our history. The book of Revelation is a synopsis or script for these resets.

The last one now coming to light seems to have occurred 1n the early to mid-1800s and is known as the “Mud Flood” which supposedly buried Tartaria(the last great world empire). Russian-based Tartaria was the foundation upon which our current world civilization was rebuilt. Many of the old buildings, with domes and spires, belong to Tartaria and were simply dug out and reused by most of our leading modern institutions.

The next coming reset may be the largest and most important of all and is often referred to as the Plasma Acopalypse or Pole Shift. Plasma is the fourth state of matter, the basis for the other three states -gas(air), liquid, and solid. It is found in its pure state between worlds or creations, and has the nature of gas or water, but is electromagnetic in nature. It is the force that creates and destroys worlds(Shiva), and will play a key role in these End Times(end of Kali Yuga), when this world or age is dissolved and a new one is created.

Our dome protects us from the dangers of pure plasma. Only the light gets through. This swirling light is focused(by the dome lens) as our Sun, midway between the dome and our flat Earth surface. The swirling produces day and night and the seasons. Our dome also protects us from alien invasion, and its electromagnetic composition(layered with ice), also creates and holds our atmosphere or firmament which keeps the waters above(in “outer space”) separated from the waters below(oceans, lakes, and rivers). Our Moon is either a projection or the dome of another Earth neighboring us.

The dome is not only above us but below us as well(like a bubble). Beneath our flat plane is Tartarus(not Tartaria) or Hell, with its various levels or planes. This is also known as the Inner Earth, and there is a reddish or pinkish Sun at the center, often described as Apollon, The Black Sun, The Anomaly, and even Mercury(Martin Kenney). Olaf Janssen in his book The Smoky God says this is the throne of Jehovah or Yahweh, who is also known as Yaldabaoth, the Demiurge, or the King of this World. Jehovah exited the Inner Earth(by ship?) thousands of years ago and led the Hebrews out of Egypt and back into the Inner Earth Promised Land.

Jehovah will once again leave his throne to gather more followers during the coming Plasma Event or Great Reset. This may also be or coincide with Great the Day of the Lord spoken of in the Bible. Is Jehovah the true God -or His counterfeit? This is the great question many will have to grapple with(there is strong evidence for the latter). According to Jesus in the New Testament, the End may well occur in the winter and on a Sabbath. More precisely, it may be just after the winter solstice(Dec.21st) According to JayDreamerZ, 2024 is a more likely year.

From the Carrington Event, Thursday, September 1, 1859
To, but not including Saturday, December 21, 2024= 1983 months,

Calgary Herald Newspaper Mentions Nibiru/Planet X in 1983?

Nibiru was Confirmed By BBC, CNN, Popular Science, Hubble/CIA Insider, And Even The Russians! ASTRONOMERS DIE MYSTERIOUS UNTIMELY DEATHS! 


After this Pole Shift Event the world will be changed once again! This was a Leaked map of the world after this Solar Event! 

New Pole Shift Maps, Space Weather Incoming, GAIA 3 | S0 News Jun.14.2022

The elites know all about the coming plasma Apocalypse and intend to use the temporary Rift or portal opening to escape this plane and go on to others. They have built underground bunkers in case their plan fails but the bunkers will not save them. Plasma incinerates all metal and wiring and high tech which their bunkers depend on. Do NOT go in your car(metal) or be around wiring or electrical equipment during this time. Stay indoors with provisions until the plasma event passes. Cities and houses on shaky foundations will be hit hard. People in rural or warm environments will fare better. Fasting, prayer, and a pure diet will help. Be right with God.

After seven days, after the Rift or portal closes again, there will be a 3-month recovery period. The Earth will be very different now. The magnetic poles will have reversed so that the Sun will now rise in the West instead of the East. The evaporated ocean water will form a canopy over the Earth equalizing the climate throughout(mid-seventies Fahrenheit). Because of the cloud or ice canopy, it will neither be too dark nor too bright. There will be no seasons or night or day as we know them. Also, no strong winds, and a stable climate, with refreshed oxygen levels leading to a garden paradise and greater health and longevity. The survivors of the plasma event will begin a new age or epoch guided by the lords of heaven.

Ancient Apocalypse was released on 11-11-22=44 during the opening of the Shiva Portal! HAARP=44, EARTH QUAKE=44


The Sky Is Falling, Pt I: Apocalypse in the Firmament— Biblical End Times Signs

Late Night Plasma Apocalypse Session

This is My Guy! You guys will love JayDreamerZ

He breaks down the Pole shift And links it to the Firmament.


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BodyAlign developed a system that provides the Next Evolution in Wellness.BodyAlign developed a system that provides the Next Evolution in Wellness.

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