Batman and Joker, Dark Knight of the Soul 7-18-22 Important Message!

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Wuhan Bat Soup, Batman and Joker, Dark Knight of the Soul

And The Riddler Riddle…

Looking into the James Holmes Aurora theater massacre in 2012 led me to a blog called Mind Control Black Assassins, the author of which wrote a piece comparing the Joker and Holmes, which woke me up and set me on the path to everything that would become the material for this blog.

In the Batman franchise, it was not the Joker but another villain, the Riddler, who, at his crime scenes, purposefully left clues for Batman and/or detectives to follow. He wanted to be found. In the same way, I learned that the Illuminati leave clues behind their false flags and media productions as a way to gloat, communicate, and to see who has eyes to see.

Image result for tarot the fool bota

But it is the Joker who is most misunderstood. In tarot, the Fool card later evolved into the Joker card in the modern playing deck. In its pure form, the Fool, card 0, represents super-consciousness or Deity, or your Higher Self. You see him staring up into that next horizon, always striving, always growing, but in order to get to that next peak, must first descend into the valley of incarnation. He must limit himself, he must figuratively “die” and be dismembered, this is the dying God in all mythology who must be resurrected through the son, through us, human souls, his dismembered fragments.

The Fool is depicted as a youth, because super-consciousness is forever young. His youthfulness and silliness link him with the court jester archetype (see my post Jesus the Jester Fool), who, in medieval times would entertain the King:

Image result for jester entertaining king

This character was also known as the Jack, like Jack-in-the-Box (again a symbol of the incarnating god into the matter, or the “box.”)

Osiris the dismembered god, fish as a symbol of incarnating soul, Isis: the womb of nature

And Heath Ledger and James Holmes who play this forever-young fool role were both young men themselves. One is now dead (allegedly), the other, serving a life sentence in prison.

Joker,played by Heath Ledger in his last role before his death, and the Hanged Man.
Heath’s other last role in “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.” Also hanging

77th Anniversary of The Trinity Test, the First nuclear Explosion 7-16-22,  4 days after 7-16-22 is 7-20-22=49, 4 the Number of death, Stanger things 4 released its last two EP on 7-1-22 Stranger Things=71, 4 days Later CERN Breaks the world record in ENERGY, Stranger things takes place in 1986, The Chornobyl disaster was a nuclear accident that occurred on 26 April 1986 at the No. 4 reactor in the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant, near the city of Pripyat in the north of the Ukrainian SSR in the Soviet Union. 7-20-69=86, Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the moon. On July 20, 2012, a mass shooting occurs at a movie theater in Aurora, a Denver suburb, killing 12 people—the youngest a 6-year-old girl—and injuring at least 70 others. 10th Anniversary of this shooting, Satan=10 Dark Knight Rises was the Movie, The Root of the Problem right now is the Bat! Even the Pandemic 3-11-2020 was connected to Radiation from the Start, The Fukushima nuclear disaster was a 2011 nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Ōkuma, Fukushima, Japan. The proximate cause of the nuclear disaster was the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami natural disaster that occurred on 11 March 2011 and was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Japan. Are you Seeing the the Connection? CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is one of the world's largest and most respected centers for scientific research. Its business is fundamental physics, finding out what the Universe is made of and how it works. And watch Stranger Things 4 EP 9 In the End it looks like Nuclear Fall out! And there is that #49 number! And the comic book Dark Knight Returns was in 1986! Wuhan Rolled out 5G First and they had the first 322 cases on ch 10 news, Joe Biden took his First Jab at 322, Georgia Guide stones erected on 3-22-80, They want to add 3 strands of 22 to you 44 base pair of DNA!!! That allows the Masses to be controlled by the  5G Microwave Radiation like a Hive Mind 100% –

“apocalypse” = 49(Reverse Full Reduction), Deep State=49 Lights Out=49, Fema Camps=49, And on 4-9-21 DMX And Prince Phillipe Were Sacrificed –

“The Dark Knight Rises” = 57(Chaldean)

Golden gate bridge 57
colorado rockies 57

The shooting was in Colorado.

Nuclear weapon 57
Project Monarch 57

Mind Control –

The Freemasons 57
Mind Controlled 57
A ClockWork Orange features MK Ultra mind control programming, which is what turns normal boys into black op assassins like Jason Bourne.
Descent into madness, the dark knight of the soul

Princeray writes, “In his first court appearance, witnesses described Holmes, “head nodding, eyes rolling around and wildly blinking at times, Holmes did not seem to be fazed by what was happening in front of him, but almost totally oblivious to it as he appeared to struggle with consciousness.”[26] Of course, it strongly suggest that he had undergone some type of extensive “naro-hypnotic” programming. Holmes will end up like Sirhan Sirhan locked in a maze of amesia barriers and layers unable to recall the shootings and the events leading up the massacre.”

For more on Holmes see the Black Assassins article HERE. In brief, it appears that he was not your usual false flag patsy with a vague history. He was a very gifted student of neuro-biology and was doing work on the temporal lobe and its ability to stimulate temporal illusions, at the Salk Institute, a very prestigious biotech giant:

The Salk Institute of Biology is ranked as one of the world’s top biomedical research facilities and is described as “an isolated compound…not unlike monasteries for religious discover” and “A temple of science; a secular monastery where man pursues knowledge of our biological foundations.”[31] The Salk Institute complex in La Jolla has also been described as “science fiction” architecture,[32] and ALIEN.[33]

In the video, a younger Holmes described his internship with Jacobson at the “monastery-temple” and the Computational Neurobiology Laboratory.

But rather than speculate on how this gifted young scientist became a so-called “lone wolf shooter,” and whether or not MK Ultra was involved, let’s return to the symbolism of his role as the Joker:

Bridgetopeace Project writes, “It is very curious that the only card of the major arcana to cross over into the regular playing deck, even in a disguised form was The Fool. That is because the first card of the major arcana, is as we said The Fool, valued at zero. The Joker has no value in any card game (Source).”

And the Joker in A Dark Knight is not interested in money but in ideals; he burns up all the money:

The Fool Card (card 0) has NO VALUE

Meanwhile his nemesis, Batman is a rich, spoiled brat. Once you see this, it’s quite clear how the Christ and Anti-Christ roles in these films are being divvied out. Fans who glorify Batman are being led to value this Satanic inversion. In addition, notice how it the Christ character Heath Ledger who is sacrificed.

(As a brief aside, these Hollywood actors are known to have codes of their own that follow them from film to film. Christian Bale who played Batman, did another film with Nolan, The Prestige, in which the role was reversed and he got to play the Christ role) –


He gets shot in the hand, bloodies his hands like Christ on the cross, shot by his rival Angiers (the angler, the fish-hook, Sandy Hook, the J, Judas the betrayer, the scorpion of matter, the poison sting…) Borden (Bale) also properly sacrifices himself at the end for his craft, his magic act.

But returning to his anti-christ role as Batman –

Speaking of helicopter ride, remember the predicted death of Kobe Bryant:

He was supposedly buried in Corona Del Mar, shortly before the Corona plandemic began.

Bats, being nocturnal and often blood suckers are obvious symbols of evil; darkness; vampirism. And I can’t help but make the connection to the initial rumors spread that the supposed virus started by the cross-contamination of bats and the Wuhan meat market there.

This was later called a hoax, and yet the elite with their tentacles in the CDC have been trying to push the SARS viruses from bats theory for over a decade. It has never been proven that a deadly pathogen comes from bats.

Image result for SArs bat virus 2003
Image result for batman symbol sars meme
Image result for batman symbol sars meme

Not only visionary, but by design.

So just to recap, the Batman trilogy ala Christopher Nolan predicts several false flags, most notably the Aurora theater massacre in 2012 which was playing A Dark Knight Rises, featuring masked Bane. Bane used bombs at the stadium just like James Holmes supposedly rigged his apartment with bombs that fateful day. We also had the Boston bombing not long after, another sporting event. The football stadium features the Skull and Bones 322 shot, showing us we are on the right track for sniffing out these clues:

In the film prior, A Dark Knight, we saw the map with a strike point circled in red for “Sandy Hook.”

Image result for sandy hooke dark knight map

Once hooked by the sands of matter and time it is hard to get out. But that is why it is circled in red as a strike point, you must bomb that part of you that is aligned with the material world and all it’s vampiric bat-sucking power. That is why the Joker (the Fool – Christ) encourages you to bomb or strike down that alignment, and to burn up the money or “Mammon.” We are in Hell here, it is the dark night of the soul, but we are here for a reason. This is the dreaded valley that the Fool (super-consciousness) must descend into in order to reach that next, higher mountain peak.

The elite or the dark occult, the empty devils who sold their soul and suffered the second death for the rest of this aeonial cycle, are now tasked with waking us up and seeing how far each and every one of us buys in and accepts the blatant and pure evil that is traipsing across the main stage.

Those of us who see it for what it is and reject it will not have to face this challenge again in the same way. Sadly, the vast majority will have to play this out again. The name of their game is materialism. As Jesus said, “many are called but few are chosen.”

The 112 on the Truck to the Left The 16,000-plus Jesuits worldwide come from 112 countries and belong to approximately 80 provinces, but the order has “a universal character that transcends” these boundaries, according to one official Jesuit declaration. And you see this Movie Scene You have the Orange and Green the Color of the Joker! The Matrix Soul trap –

The Dark Knight Rises

1:26:20 in you see the 121 First case of Corona on 1-21-20, First case of Omicron in the USA On 12-1-21, So 121 forward and Reverse!

Death=20, And Kobe died on 1-26-20 the Time Stamp of the Movie The Dark Knight Rises Full Movie 100% FREE Link Below.

118 on the Truck Behind Him The Matrix=118 , This is Connected to Golden Gate Bridge Ritual!

Link 118 –

The Dark Knight Rises –

Source of a lot of the work he a good friend show him some love Family  –

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Join COL and connect with like-minded individuals who share your values and interests.Join COL and connect with like-minded individuals who share your values and interests.

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