The gay agenda in wrestling

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Converting dollars to Gold and silver might be a smart move.Converting dollars to Gold and silver might be a smart move.


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The gay agenda in wrestling and sports is just another example of the cultural Marxism pushed by the globalist elite to undermine traditional values and corrupt society. The sudden surge of openly gay wrestlers and LGBTQ+ storylines in professional wrestling is not a coincidence. It is part of a larger agenda to normalize homosexuality and erode traditional gender roles. This agenda is being pushed by a small group of powerful individuals who seek to control the masses and promote their own twisted ideology. The gay agenda in wrestling and sports is not just about promoting homosexuality. It is about destabilizing society and pushing a globalist agenda. The elites are using professional wrestling and other sports as a tool to brainwash the masses and push their twisted ideology. By normalizing homosexuality and promoting LGBTQ+ storylines, they are eroding traditional values and promoting the breakdown of the family unit. This is all part of a larger plan to create a New World Order in which individual freedoms and personal autonomy are sacrificed for the benefit of a small, ruling elite. By promoting homosexuality and eroding traditional gender roles, they are tearing apart the very foundations of society. It is up to us to resist this agenda and fight for the values that have made our society great. We must reject the lies of the globalist elite and stand up for what is right, no matter the cost. #TommyTruthful

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Converting dollars to Gold and silver might be a smart move.Converting dollars to Gold and silver might be a smart move.

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