The killings in Mexico were an occult ritual by the Jesuits & Catholic Church to reassert their war against Moorish nationality

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The killings in Mexico were an occult ritual by the Jesuits & Catholic Church to reassert their war against Moorish nationality. 4 melanated people came from Salt Lake City SC, one a female, 3 males accompanying her to receive a plastic surgery. Four denotes the number of death, the Japanese won’t even incorporate it in their phone numeric codes superstitiously. The 4 ended up in “Matamoros” which city is famous for taking on the name of Saint James Matamoros “The Killer of Moors”. Funny how on March 4th (3/4) 4 black people ended up getting kidnapped by the Mexican drug cartel in a city named Matamoros = 34 in Gematria. Murder = 34. Then on 3/8, we discover two were murdered, one shot. 38 = Murder. Also, LeBron “King” James broke the NBA scoring record this year on the “38th” day of the year. Saint James – King James. Tick for tack you see in freemasonic sacrifices. The woman who was to receive a “tummy tuck” was wearing red, like Rihanna and the other scarlet woman doppelgängers this year in 2023. Signature symbolism for Babylon. The killing of the Moors entails a reductionist spirit over the melanated community to never return to power as they “were” in power no later less than 200–300 years ago. The secret of the Moorish Dynasties is the secret of Tartaria and the Olmec civilizations. The Jesuit Catholic brass suppresses that information because then we will know Freemasonry is a bent-twisted moniker of its past glorious history. So killing the Moors feeds the beast energy of the Cosmic Predators to make the world ignorant to what the indigenous people of the world power comes from. 🖖🏿🌀💥💥💎💎🐉👁️

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