The New York Parking Garage Collapse Ritual

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1 dead, multiple injured in parking garage collapse in Lower Manhattan: officials

For the 13 days of preparation in the 22nd year anniversary since the 911 collapse! On April 18, 2023, a three-story parking garage in Lower Manhattan partially collapsed, resulting in one fatality and injuring five others. Pictures and video from the scene showed cars pancaked atop one another and dust rising from the wreckage.1 The building was originally built in 1925 and had certificates of occupancy to operate as a garage holding “more than five” automobiles” per level and for ten people to be on board. Trending on 4-19-23 and 4-20-23 

The New York Parking Garage Collapse.
How could this happen?
Was it a tragic accident as reported?
Or something else?
A more important question, that I suspect
won’t be answered, is how many
deficient parking structures from ancient New York,
City, are in existence, and are being ignored?
Another important issue I neglected to note, is that
there are no markings for parking spaces
whatsoever. Very, very strange. Someone has been getting
some large payoffs to look the other way.
We haven’t heard the last of this, or have we?

From and including: Tuesday, April 18, 2023
To, but not including Monday, September 11, 2023

Result: 146 days

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