The Patriot & Lama Show 79 – Revelations

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Has Revelations Started?

In Episode 79 Of the Patriot & Lama Show, We Will Talk About the Book of Revelations and How Is Related to the 11-11-22 Portal.

So, Make Sure to Share This Episode with Family & Friends as This Could Help Wake Them Up and Prepare Them Appropriately.

You Never Know Who You Can Help Change Their Life for the Better by Sharing This Teaching; So, Go Ahead, Sow Good Seed, And Share It Now.

At The End of This Episode, We Will Answer Questions from The Live Audience.

Jimmie Schwinn (The Patriot) Is the Founder of My Patriots Network & Mastermind Webinars, and Master Lama Rasaji (The Lama) Is the Founder of Circle of Life.

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