The Ritual Sacrifice of XXXTentacion

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Today's video is looking back at the death of popular Florida rapper ‘XXXTentacion', who was tragically murdered in his home state. Many speculate that his label Empire Distribution is the one behind his death, some say Drake was behind it, and the news tells us it was four men from Florida. I'll leave it up to you guys to decide. Using the practice of Gematria I explore the many angles surrounding his bizarre and sudden death on June 18th, 2018. Something I forgot to add was that From X's mom's 38th birthday to X's death was a span of ‘123' days, XXX was born on 1/23. The word Conspiracy = 123… How convenient she was '38' years old at the time of his death. Death = 38… A lot of people claimed she milked X's death along with the label… All My Links: Like, Comment, Share & Subscribe! #xxxtentacion #decoded #sacrifice

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