Lions Gate 8-8-22 Zoom Live on The Netflix Sandman And Sodomy and Time Travel Often Paired Together with the Vril Reptilians

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13 Min Into Video Listen to Covo were are Having Develop Organically,

Netflix The Sandman About Sodomy!

A wizard attempting to capture Death to bargain for eternal life traps her younger brother Dream instead. Fearful for his safety, the wizard kept him imprisoned in a glass bottle for decades. After his escape, Dream, also known as Morpheus, goes on a quest for his lost objects of power.

Lets Look at the Energies Connected to this Part of The Sandman Using  Gematria is the practice of assigning a numerical value to a name, word or phrase according to an alphanumerical cipher. A single word can yield several values depending on the cipher which is used. Hebrew alphanumeric ciphers were probably used in biblical times, and were later adopted by other cultures.

Fun Land 27 in a Super Cipher it starts 7:20 seconds in to session 1 EP 9 Of the Sandman 72 the Reflection of 72 is 27, Witch=27, Ritual=27, Porn=27, Maxwell=27,BaalZebub=27,  GHOUL=27, Maxwell Connected to Child Trafficking And that Pedo Energy!

Time Manipulation, CERN, and Sodomite Gateways – Bob Schlenker

“Time has been tampered with by those who most desire to avoid judgement.” Bob Schlenker

“The elite have lost their immortality and given you their mind of fear of mortal death of the body.” Steve Chashar

In a commercial for DirecTV, Jon Bon Jovi sings, “We’ve got the power to turn back time! Just grab your remote and hit rewind!”

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 12.00.11 PMScreen Shot 2019-04-15 at 12.00.00 PM

Note the Mandala pattern on the pillow above. This is a sneaky nod to CERN, which may be responsible for the Mandela effects we are experiencing.

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 12.10.47 PM

The notion of the elite being able to turn back time via CERN was introduced to me by Donald Marshall (who else right?), but it came as sort of an aside to his main body of disclosure about cloning and Vrill. I never mentioned this tidbit about CERN here because it always sounded too ridiculous to me, and I didn’t want to muddy my blog with potential disinfo. I didn’t know what to make of it. Sure, the idea of time travel/manipulation is a common motif in Hollywood and sci-fi, but lately it seems to be ramping up. Thanks to Aug Tellez, and now researcher Bob Schlenker, I’m beginning to see how time travel themes fit into the overall disclosure hidden in media. The elite know something important about time that they are not telling us. This hidden aspect of time will be the focus of this post.

Sodomy and Time Travel Often Paired Together

Aug Tellez: “Children were trained for advanced technology research and development. While this was happening, the entire focus was to heal humanities broken timelines, literally an inter-dimensional lack of continuity that was measured here in lack of resources and stability. While one aspect of humanity was healing itself through this, a rogue group enslaved. So one side was using the tech to enslave humanity all the way out into the future and another side was bringing that back to the present and neutralizing the results so that there was a conceivable reality for humans to live in. The true shape of time, then, has multiple layers zigzagging back and forth like a dimensional ‘shuffle’….History itself was influenced through time technology and entire ages are left out. Everything that is happening now is part of a process of breaking a temporal, artificial intelligence hold on humanity which creates the same repeating loop of destruction that resets time to an earlier period. (SOURCE)

What both Aug and Bob seem to be saying again and again is that time is malleable. Children’s minds are also malleable, which is why they are used to create portals in time. This may have been as aspect of the Montauk project. Children are strapped in and sent off into other timelines and attempt to neutralize the enemies moves. It’s like 4D chess….

As we will see, Hollywood’s hidden symbol-language often pair sodomy/pedophilia, with time travel and time portals. For example in the Bon Jovi commercial, we see an anus on the wall:

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 3.07.01 PM

The anus is also seen in the show 12 Monkeys, all about time travel. They even sit in what could be a “Montauk chair.”

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 3.10.52 PM

More blatant are the Hot Tub Time Machine movies.

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 4.00.34 PM.png

Turn the word “TUB” backwards and now read the full title. The dark occult leverages the fact that subconsciously we process information forwards, backwards, in reverse, upside down, in quick subliminal flashes, etc. In fact the spell works even better when it operates only on the subconscious level.

If all this seems like a stretch, you have to watch Bob’s video series here and count the redundancies in the sodomy/time code, each one adding to the validity of what is being revealed.

The elite have learned that the trance/dissociative state (left-hand path ‘illumination’) achieved as a result of ritual sodomy, when done to children garners them certain abilities most of us aren’t privy to.

Aug writes, “The children that were trained to defend Humanity were then kidnapped by dark forces. We were literally kidnapped by people who had sold us out to forces that were only capable of operating in darkness by initiating enough suffering to cause a split in the mind of the individual to operate as a parasitic intelligent force that would then rerender and ‘takeover’ the consciousness of that individual.”

The same children who were saving humanity, working through the white-hats within the control structure, were kidnapped and raped and had their minds shattered via trauma based programming. And this was reflected in our world, like a fractal. What they experienced became the theme for all humanity.

Aug writes, “Everything revolves around the basic idea that this entire universe, every aspect of it, can be produced through advanced technology and a living body. Once the two are in sync, an entire simulated realm, the experiences within can be recreated.(SOURCE).”

Bob speaking about MK Ultra programmed victims: “They are helpless victims. Their supernatural abilities are exploited by their programmers and handlers. They are witches, sorcerers, wizards, and they do manipulate our reality through their ritual spell work, the pharmakeia of Mystery Babylon….our reality is being changed through the manipulation of time. Those responsibilities for it are leveraging the abilities of programmed individuals, enhanced by various technologies. The sovereign God has allowed this up to a certain limit, then no more. (SOURCE)

Is CERN responsible for the Mandela Effect?

CERN put out a seemingly innocent video where their employees are dancing and singing along to the Pharrell Williams song, “Happy.”


But behind this innocent song and dance routine could be hidden disclosure about the manipulation of time. Bob Schlenker breaks this particular scene down in detail:

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 8.45.20 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 2.52.34 PM

Bob: “This song and dance routine is intended to deceive and mislead. (His sign reads) ‘We are happy at CERN.’ OK, but look at the other signs. He’s got placards hanging around his necks. ‘Bond#1’ and ‘Mandela.’ His shirt has math on it which is a clue. It means do the math, solve the equation. On the wall poster there is a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. It means there’s a puzzle here. Find the pieces and put it together.

In the James Bond franchise, the first person to play bond was Barry Nelson in 1954. The orange sign says ‘Mandela.’ Do the math: Barry Nelson + Mandela = Nelson Mandela. The phenomenon that has become known as the Mandela effect is named for the former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela. many people remember that he died in the early 80’s when he was in prison. yet somehow all the evidence suggests that he got out of prison and lived until  2013. The name Barry has a homonym: ‘bury.’ Bury Nelson Mandela. because its his death and state funeral that people remember.

There is another connection here. It was also in the 80’s that there was a campaign to: ‘hang Nelson Mandela.’

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 3.02.54 PM

And this happy guy at CERN is hanging these signs around his neck. Hang Nelson Mandela. So that’s what he’s doing. 


We are happy @ CERN.” The @ symbol shows that he knows how to use symbols. He covers his face with it, it’s providing cover, not so much for his face but for the real meaning of whats going on. The meaning is hidden and revealed; the guy is playing peek-a-boo with the sign. A game you play with infants, now you see him now you don’t. Isn’t this the way of the Mandela effect? One day its “mirror mirror on the wall,” and the next day its “magic mirror on the wall.” Peek-a-boo. Folks, we are being mocked.


Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 3.11.01 PM

See all the piles of paper, really, who has an office like that? It’s part of the set design. Think about how the Mandela effect deals with a collection of memories, like a stack of papers in a collection of documents. Some bound, some unbound, they are in the business of shuffling memories around like documents in big piles. The sight of such a mass and the obvious potential for piles to topple over raises stress in people. this is one of the results of the Mandela effects.

The sign with the @ symbol is being moved along a path, to the side, down, covering his face, all the while his right hand is stationary, signaling ‘thumbs up.’ the relative motion of the hands highlights the contrast. This gesturing signals he’s on the left hand path, the occult Luciferian way. It also speaks of annoying that he’s not being straight up. While on one hand he’s giving us the impression that it’s all good, that we should be happy like everybody at CERN, on the other hand they are really going down the left hand path, pursuing secret and magical agendas. Their activities are subversive, cloaked for a reason. Their science is there for the operation of magicians. Our collective memories of how things were, are being messed with in a massive psyop. All the messy piles of papers have a story to tell. Are you seeing what you’re looking at here? (SOURCE)

In another shot we see the firemen are dancing around code 33 on the fire truck:

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 3.19.20 PM.png

Code 33 has multiple meanings but one of them is to signal ritual sodomy. Remember, when a child is raped their kunda lini is activated before it should be, and the coiled serpent travels up the 33 vertebrae of the spine.

At minute 3:30 in the song and dance routine we see a symbolic anus on the video game screen:

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 3.55.49 PM.png

Look at the score, player 2 is getting their “ass handed to them.” They are boasting that Player 2 is us. Game over. But it ain’t over till its over, and Bob is convinced that the Most High will have the final say in this game.

Donald Marshall Updates, Are Vrill the Nephilim from the Bible?

If you haven’t been following the Donald Marshall posts please read them before reading the following:

Donald Marshall might be compromised!



I took a closer look at the young Dave Mustain, singer of the band Megadeath. To me it looks more like Dave Mustain than Donald Marshall, but can’t be 100% sure.  If it is not Don, then why would he lie about this? It is because this is evidence he uses to prop up his image as the guy who wrote thousands of hit songs and movie ideas. Coming from him its like we are inundated, saturated in a Donald Marshall culture, and most of us don’t even know who he is!

Most people upon discovering this lie about the album cover would throw the baby out with the bathwater here and dismiss his whole testimony as fraudulent, someone looking for fame, adoration. However there seems to be enough corroborating evidence for cloning centers and even REM phase consciousness transfer, through celebrity tweets (B.O.B, Tila Tequila, Nicki Minaj) and song/music video hints and references, from movies like the Island, Avatar and Inception, anda few other lesser known cloning center victims coming forward with similar testimonies, that the situation with Marshall becomes quite complicated. How much is truth? How much is lies? And most importantly, what is the motive behind the lies, for uncovering this will reveal the deeper truths.

Is Even Donald A Gate Keeper!?

We know that the Illuminati likes to tell us what they are doing via fiction (hints, references, allegories, coded messages) and via gatekeepers (people who give us some truth mixed with lies or misinformation). It could be that the only reason DM can speak openly about REM cloning, chipheads, droning and Vrill, is that he is being groomed to be the false prophet/messiah in the end times when all this comes out into the mainstream. My theory is that he can speak as long as it serves this hidden agenda/narrative. They may also hope to feed him disinformation that he will then relay to the public. Really no Illuminati insider/whistleblower that makes a big splash can live unless someone high up in the chain wants them to live. We must, as researchers into this bizarre field, keep this in mind at all times.

2012                                                   2016

Even more concerning to me is his most recent (2016) interview on Youtube. It raises some red flags. He looks different from his first interview in 2012, he sounds different, he is more annoying and goes on about useless things like not liking gays but being cool with lesbians. This is not the Donald I remembered. Others have felt the same, there are rumors that he has been killed and cloned, or droned by a Vrill lizard, and this new, rambling imposter DM is now being used to discredit his old material.

If Donald Marshall is still alive I pray for him, he is revealing to us much of what has been hidden, but is also lying about some things, most likely playing up his importance within the cloning center subculture as this jesus like figure that all the celebrities and politicians treat like dirt but still turn to for help and for advice on everything from song making to global affairs.

If Donald has been killed and replaced, than I pray for us all.

The other red flag is how he won’t show his face on facebook or do any interviews since that Paranormal Interview in 2016. His facebook status updates are these generic images:

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 7.05.56 PM It’s been like this for several years now. If he has been droned, his bug eye would reveal it immediately for those of us with eyes to see. To me these endless pics of coffee and sunsets is the biggest red flag there is.

This Youtuber summed it up well:

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 7.09.08 PM

I feel the same way.

Connecting Marshall’s Testimony To Bible Prophecy

But even if the original Don is dead or compromised, if you look at his body of testimony as a whole, it ties in very well with biblical prophecy. For example these detestable Vrill creatures that can body-snatch humans could be the offspring of the fallen angels (nephilim) who not only sinned against man by mating with women but also “sinned against bird, wild beast, reptiles and fish (book of enoch 7:5).

What this is bible code for is that these fallen angels who, like God, know how to create new species, created certain “unholy” creatures (meaning not created by God nor with his stamp of approval). “For these small Vrill type 1‘s they are a lab engineered mixture of many species. One of the most important mixture of them is, they are part ribbon worm. Donald Marshall confirmed this when he said that they are aquatic. They are also part bird too, that is why they have hollow bones (Source).” They sinned against fish and bird and reptile by taking genes from each of them and splicing something new and frankensteinish, unnatural and not fitting with the balance of nature and ecology. One might even say that all parasitic lifeforms are Satan’s Spawn, they only take without giving back.

From bibliotecapleyades: “The Scriptures give strong indications that genetic monsters, the half-breed Nephalim will exist in the end times:

“God’s Word also forecasts that the mark of beast will be needed for buying & selling.” 


“One item conveyed by the Bible’s book of Revelation is that totally unexpected sudden change will characterize the end times. Christians need to be prepared for unusual big changes. So great will these changes be that the nations will be distressed, and men’s hearts will fail them for fear (LK 21:25-27). The Bible predicted that knowledge shall increase in the last days before Christ returns. (DN 12:4) But that knowledge will be used for evil –

– because the Bible also says that the world will be totally corrupt as in Noah’s time (MT 24:37)–which was a time of the genetic monsters, the half-bred Nephalim. It also says men and horses will be out of work. (ZEC 8:10) And it is believed that Nahum 2:3-4 must be describing automobiles, and that Isaiah 31:5, and 60:8 are describing and prophesying airships in the last day. The description of the “mark of the beast” is startlingly accurate in describing the microchip which is being inserted into people’s hands and foreheads.(SOURCE)

If microchips become your ID/bank account, then what is to stop them from remotely activating the chip to hack into the brain and control the mind. In the futuristic sci-fi Divergent movie, it’s a serum injected into the soldiers from the Dauntless faction:

These books and movies are, like the Hunger Games, marketed to teens, the next generation is being prepped for the New World Order via the predictive programming of total mind control. Whether a serum injection or microchip, the fate is the same – the State can remotely hack the human nervous system of any citizen. Robert Duncan was warning us of this in his book Project Soul Catcher.  They do it already with EMF pulses that can attune to any individual in a crowd. According to Donald Marshall people activated into REM clones can be similarly puppeteered, taken over, through MK Ultra, which has gone far beyond just creating trauma-based alters.

The false messiah in the end times will lead everyone into death or this type of mind hack bondage. Donald Marshall even says that the Illuminati want their false messiah to lead everyone into D.U.M.B.S to get systematically droned or eaten by Vrill or made into slaves. If he is droned himself, he will gladly play out his part in this plan.


On the issue of the unlikelyhood of Donald writing all the thousands of hit songs he claims to have written:

June 3, 2016: Sundaynoise wrote on Donald’s forum:

“Take EVERYTHING you read with a grain of salt. If one source of information can be so vastly and intricately manipulated, so can every other source. Don’t idolize the whistleblower, just learn from what they share and use DISCRETION. EVERYONE in this is manipulated to an extent. We will only ever see what they allow us to see. We have no idea what the truth really is..Donald himself even says they create images, senses, and experiences with MKultra. If he admits they create false realities, how can we assume he hasn’t been subjected to that as well? The point is, we don’t know. But we are learning. And people like Donald are helping us see between the lines.

(PS. Might not be a popular opinion, but have you ever thought that maybe Don purposely says things that ARE false, as bait? Trying to get people to acknowledge him and the agenda in any way possible? For instance, if he didn’t write all the songs he says he has, maybe he hopes by taking credit it will piss someone off enough to say something and defend themselves..and by them saying something, they would be acknowledging Donald, the illuminati, opening a whole cans of worms their fans were never meant to know of,etc…Almost like a way to coax people into acknowledging the elephant in the room?) (Source)


1890— A rabbit embryo was successfully transplanted to a foster mother rabbit’s uterus.
1944— A human ova was fertilized in vitro, that is in layman’s terms an egg was artificially inseminated in a test tube.
1952— Briggs & King in Indiana University clone a frog.
1970s— Rand Corporation predicts that “para-humans” will be genetically created to do menial tasks in the future. In a totally different affair, Lord Rothschild, who is a physiologist who has studied genetics, warned that self-centered fanatics might set up cloning shops privately. Lord Rothschild suggested to genetic scientists that a clone controlling organization with world wide jurisdiction to license cloning be set up to protect the world from evil men who might want to clone people for evil purposes. He called his suggestion ’Commission for Genetical Control.”
1977— Announcement of the first successful cloning of a person, which was done for someone very wealthy. This whole affair came under strong attack by the establishment. The book giving the shrouded details came out in 1978. The author went into hiding, and our Congress had a parade of establishment research doctors testify at a hearing to debunk the book and to reassure the public that medical researchers were too concerned about ethics to clone people. The author was convinced of the veracity of the cloning event, although the media/establishment doctors claimed the author wrote the book merely as fiction.
1980— Twinning (bisection of an embryo), which is a form of cloning was successfully done with horse foals, sheep and cattle had -already been cloned in this fashion in the previous years.
1981— Mice are cloned. And embryo transfer for cattle becomes a thriving business.
1983— A water buffalo embryo was successfully transplanted to a foster mother buffalo.
1984— A human embryo was successfully transplanted and born with a human foster mother.
1997–A successful human clone is publicly announced.

Scientists working in secret got serious about cloning in the early 1960’s. Abortions began to be performed wholesale at this time to provide fetal tissue for their cloning work. The young generation of Americans are asking, ’When will cloning of people take place?” The answer is that it already has long ago.

An article recently written by Andrew Kimbrell that was placed in many leading daily papers across the U.S. is quite revealing. He comes right up to almost telling people what has been going on. The article was entitle,

“Science is about to Deliver.” (June 22, 1993)

“…most Americans are unaware of the real-life exploits of current genetic engineers, science facts which in many cases are as chilling as any science fiction…. Pigs have been genetically designed to contain human-growth genes in the hopes of creating “super pigs” that would have more meat. “…

U.S. government and private researchers have expended billions of taxpayer dollars in the creation of tens of thousands of genetically engineered animals never before seen…. One prominent scientist predicts that we may soon see,

“five-ton cows and pigs 12 feet long and 5 feet tall.


“Genetic engineers.. .have cloned higher mammals, including cattle….


One writer notes that “genetic engineering has the potential to create a vast army of identical clones, each produced to some preset specification. Canon fodder, scientists, opera singers, all could be manufactured to order…”

“The New York Times has editorialized, ’Life is special, and humans even more so, but biological machines are still machines that now can be altered, cloned, and patented.’ ” –(WOW! Readers do YOU REALIZE THAT BETWEEN THE LINES THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT BIONIC ROBOTOIDS — the robots that are now being created to take the place of people in high places. And the chilling idea that human-like machines will be produced that will not be treated as anything but machines–that is a chilling idea too.

In this author’s September, 1993 newsletter there were two article by this author on cloning, one entitled “Clones, Synthetics, Organic Robotoids, and Doubles” and the other article “Dulce Genetic Research/Cloning Facility.” In the month following my September ’93 newsletter’s release, the establishment came out with stories about humans being cloned.


[I felt that this was confirmation that God’s had directed me to publish the information I had on cloning 1/2 months before the secular media came out with their stories about the “first” laboratory duplication of a human embryo.]

This ’93 cloning was the first publicly revealed & publicly accepted human cloning, but the truth is that it had already been done for about 30 years secretly. In December, 1993’s newsletter I had a followup article on cloning where I reviewed what the media was telling people about cloning after the ’first” human cloning had been announced. My article also discussed the novel Multiple Man which is about how exact copies of the President are made. The book has some surprising similarities with what they actually did with President Carter!

Finally in September of ’96, this author’s newsletter came out with its fourth article on cloning. This appendix is not the final word on the topic. The whole topic about clones, synthetics, robotoids and doubles could have a great deal more said.

This appendix is merely a review of what those four articles contained. Cloning also relates in a big way to the cranial/body manipulation that was introduced in this book. It also relates to the group mind/proxying that is being done.

Perhaps at some point this author can go into the deeper intricacies of cloning, but for now this appendix will provide its information in the following format:

  • Section A. The “Future Shock” that this topic subjects the common person to
  • Section B. Instructions on how to clone a person
  • Section C. The four types of “clones” that are used by the Illuminati
    • 1. actual clones
    • 2. synthetic people
    • 3. organic robotoids
      • a. How the memory of a person is transferred for the organic robotoids
    • 4. doubles (look alikes)
  • Section D. Secret cloning sites (See also Appendix B, where D.U.M. bases are listed.)

Source –

Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statutes that might otherwise be infringing.
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  • Thanks for the reference. I checked out your zoom video and noticed a few more things in that scene from Sandman, the pedophile at the desk with the sign saying “REGISTER HERE.” REGIS is latin for ‘king;’ A king wears a crown (corona), shaped like the sun/anus. The crown chakra is what is lit up in the kundalini awakening, or in this case, the ‘kundalini hack.’ The indoor plant behind the pedo dude looks like a snake – again, referencing kundalini.

    We need more people doing what you are doing. God bless.

  • Dear TJ,
    i am still shattered about violence against children and pedo fi lia… the testimonies, the victims… I’ve seen most of them… I know about them… my eyes are open…. thank you… whenever I try to share I am in a labyrinth of filling in passwords etc. strange coincidences… it doesn’t work…

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