The Serpent Queen – Dagon, Archons, Energy Vampires  Feed of the Loosh Energy of Death!

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For the first time in his blood-soaked vampire-slaying mission, the dauntless vampire/human hybrid who possesses the best of both worlds, Blade, finds himself truly cornered, after eradicating the unstoppable menace known as the Reapers in Blade II (2002). This time, the supreme vampire assassin faces the embodiment of terror in the person of the perfect monster and humankind's arch-enemy: the resurrected Count Dracula, or Drake. Aka Dagon, Aka Enki,  Now, with his already shady reputation tainted by malicious defamation, Blade enlists the help of the young team of vampire hunters, the Nightstalkers, who have concocted an audacious plan to rid the Earth of the parasitic bloodsuckers. However, can the “Day-walker” and his new human allies stop the King of Vampires?


The Serpent Queen – Released on 9-11-2022 the 21st Anniversary of 911, Evil=21, Saturn=21

Free The Serpent Queen –

Strange cruel things you didn’t know about Catherine de' Medici

“The Serpent Queen” = 68(Chaldean), Eight-part series based on Leonie Frieda's book “Catherine de Medici: Renaissance Queen of France.”
George W. Bush graduated from Yale University (Skull & Bones) in 1968. From George Bush’s July 6th birthday in 2001, it was exactly 68 days from September 11, 2001.  The Word Corona Virus Was Coined in 68, 911 Made the Emergency Code,
The Rockefellers began construction of their twin towers in 1968. Other things that happened in that year: 9-1-1 is made the official emergency number, 2001: A Space Odyssey is released, Astro world park opens, the term “coronavirus” is coined by Rockefeller, and Rockefeller forms the Club of Rome.
1968, 33 years before 2001, was also the year the term “coronavirus” was coined and the Hong Kong Flu hit

WW1 – July 28, 1914=68

WW2 – September 1, 1939=68

Ukraine War – 2-24-2022=68

That will lead us to WW3 This Has all been Planned out Years Ahead of time!

War Code –

Eclipse sacrifice 68
Roman Catholic Church 68
conspiracy theorists 68

The Elites coind this word During JFK Murder Ritual to Make us Free Thinkers look Mad!

vril Vampires” = 68(Keypad),Ritual Sacrifice=68, Scottish Rite=68, As above so below=68, Eyes Wide Shut=68, Hilary Clinton=68, Ritual Murder=68, Queen Victoria=68

Catherine de Medici” = 135(English Ordinal), Golden Gate Bridge=135, The destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge is the next 911!
Rothschilds 135
Crypto jew 135
Black Nobility 135

Both the Rothschilds and The Medici are Crypto Jew Bloodlines!

The de Medici bloodline of the Black Nobility in Venice, who funded Christopher Columbus, included Catherine de Medici, the Queen of France, who was reported to have commissioned human sacrifice in a Black Mass in the 16th century.
A young boy was sacrificed and the blood was used in a communion designed to save her dying son, Philip. Medici wore around her neck a talisman with the name of the Satanic demon, Asmodei.
The Black Mass was apparently invented by Catherine de Medici and practiced as a kind of bizarre party gag in the court of Louis XIV, but things degenerated and culminated in the horrific Affair of the Poisons.
The Affair of the Poisons (L'affaire des poisons) was a major murder scandal in France that took place in 1677–1682, during the reign of King Louis XIV. During it, a number of prominent members of the aristocracy were implicated and sentenced on charges of poisoning and witchcraft. The scandal reached into the inner circle of the king.
16th century: Catherine de Medici, the Queen of France, was said by Jean Bodin to have performed a Black Mass, based on a story in his book on witchcraft, De la démonomanie des sorciers. In spite of its lurid details, there is little outside evidence to back up his story. Caterina de Medici transfers commenda of Saint-Lazare from the Knights of Malta to the Duchy of Savoy; congratulations on the birth of Filippo de' Medici.
The Black Nobility or Black Aristocracy (Italian: “nobiltà nera” or “aristocrazia nera”) are Roman aristocratic families who sided with the Papacy under Pope Pius IX after the Savoy family-led army of the Kingdom of Italy entered Rome on September 20, 1870, overthrew the Pope and the Papal States, and took over the Quirinal Palace, and any nobles subsequently ennobled by the Pope prior to the 1929 Lateran Treaty. For the next 59 years, the Pope confined himself to Vatican City and claimed to be a prisoner in the Vatican to avoid the appearance of accepting the authority of the new Italian government and state. Aristocrats who had been ennobled by the Pope and were formerly subjects of the Papal states, including the senior members of the Papal Court, kept the doors of their palaces in Rome closed to mourn the Pope's confinement, which led to their being called the “Black Nobility”.

When Francis II, the 16-year-old king of France, was on his deathbed in 1560, his mother, Catherine de’ Medici, realized she was about to lose her tenuous grasp on power. She’d enjoyed some political influence during Francis’ reign, but his heir, her younger son Charles, was just 10 years old, meaning a regent would need to be appointed to govern in his stead until he came of age. Catherine—a woman at a court dominated by ambitious men—was unlikely to be the first choice.

The queen mother came up with an ingenious plan to secure her position as the kingdom’s preeminent politician. Summoning members of two rival factions, the Guise family and the House of Bourbon, she accused Antoine de Bourbon, the leading candidate for the regent role, of treason—a crime for which his brother had recently been sentenced to death. Fearful of meeting the same fate, Antoine readily yielded the regency to Catherine. The Guises, who had condemned Antoine’s brother under legally dubious circumstances, agreed to the arrangement to avoid facing charges of their own. Catherine ordered the newly reconciled parties to seal the deal with an embrace.

“Pitting her rivals against each other, she had emerged seemingly above the fray,” writes historian Sarah Gristwood in Game of Queens: The Women Who Made Sixteenth-Century Europe. “She had become an operator. It was a triumph of her personal diplomacy.”

Family tree of France's 16th-century royal family
Click here to see a larger version of this family tree. R. indicates the years of the French monarch's reign. Illustration by Meilan Solly / Photos via Wikimedia Commons under public domain, Vecteezy

Catherine’s calculated bid for control was emblematic of her approach to governing throughout her time as a de facto ruler of France. The Italian-born queen and mother of three kings—Francis II, Charles IX and Henry III—ruled on behalf of or alongside her sons, wielding varying amounts of power over three decades. Above all, says Una McIlvenna, a historian at the Australian National University and the author of Scandal and Reputation at the Court of Catherine de Medici, “She is a selfless, tireless negotiator for peace. … She is utterly dedicated to ensuring that her children’s rule is successful.”

Despite Catherine’s many achievements (among them, her role in the return of the English-held city of Calais to France and her patronage of the arts), she has long been vilified by scholars and the public alike. “The Serpent Queen,” a new Starz series starring Samantha Morton as its titular character, alternatively leans into and questions this portrayal of Catherine, ultimately asking viewers what they would have done differently in her place.

“There’s this show calling her the ‘serpent queen.’ That really says it all,” says historian Estelle Paranque, author of the forthcoming book Blood, Fire and Gold: The Story of Elizabeth I and Catherine de Medici. “A snake is someone that will stab you in the back, that will always be in the shadows trying to get you. And that could not be further from the truth when it comes to Catherine.”

What is “The Serpent Queen” based on?

Premiering on Starz on Sunday, September 11, the eight-episode series is based on historian Leonie Frieda’s 2003 biography, Catherine de Medici: Renaissance Queen of France. Showrunner Justin Haythe wrote the script.

Morton, as an older version of Catherine, narrates the show, telling a servant about her traumatic upbringing, early years in France as the wife of the future Henry II, and ascent to the throne following the death of Henry’s father, Francis I, in 1547. A key source of drama is the relationship between Catherine and Diane de Poitiers, Henry’s much-older mistress. Catherine’s struggle to conceive and ongoing conflicts between noblemen and religious factions—the Protestant Huguenots and the Catholics—also dominate the action.

How did Catherine come to power?

Henry’s death left 15-year-old Francis and 16-year-old Mary in charge of France—at least in theory. Though Francis was old enough to rule without a regent, he was inexperienced, sickly and willing to cede authority to Mary’s Catholic uncles, Francis, Duke of Guise, and Charles, Cardinal of Lorraine. As the Guises seized power in what was essentially a bloodless coup, Catherine presented herself as a grieving widow somewhat outside of the political arena. No longer beholden to her husband’s mistress, she banished Diane from court.

Execution of Protestants involved in the 1560 Amboise conspiracy



day star” = 47(Reverse Full Reduction), Vatican=47, Masonary=47, Nobility=47, Dark Sun=47, Vladmir=47

Da Vinci's Demons 47 min into session 1 EP 1 The Hanged Man,

“The Hanged Man” = 47(Chaldean), Eight Eleven=47, The Next 911 Event #811 The Destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge to Bring Forth This AntiChrist Figur! Third World War=47, These Archons, Energy Vampires  Feed of the Loosh Energy of Death!

Planet Saturn=47, Spirit Cooking=47 He Talking with the Medici Family.


Tetragrammaton 47

Tetragrammaton The most powerful and personal Hebrew name of God. The Tetragrammaton is used in Magic as one of ineffable nameS of power. “Tetragrammaton” means “four-letter name.”” In Gnosticism : ” The tetragrammaton, YHVH, is the deity form of Eve, as the serpent promised In Hebrew, Eve or Eva is Chavah or chet vav heh.


Archons, Energy Vampires & The Parasitic Banking System

Have you ever wondered why the Illuminati do what they do? Surely you can only have so much money. But this explains what, in reality, money is. It’s all about Energy. They want yours..

David Icke – Archons, Energy Vampires & The Parasitic Banking System


Reptilian Vampires Are From Venus, Venus is just a Dimension in the Multi-Verse!

But why the name Dracula?

And why was Transylvania chosen as the land of these mysterious and terrifying creatures called vampires?

At that time, Romania was a country not known to many foreigners, mostly rural, with a strong belief in creatures of the night. A country that still preserved alive the memory of one of its most feared leaders, Vlad the Impaler. The name of Dracula originates in his father's name, Vlad Dracul, also known as Vlad the Dragon, a name he received after becoming a member of the Order of the Dragon. Dracula is the Slavonic genitive form of the word Dracul (Dragon), and it means Son of the Dragon. In modern Romania, drac means “devil”, and this contributed to Vlad III's infamous reputation.

Throughout his life, Vlad the Impaler was one of the fiercest enemies of the Ottoman Empire, and stories of his cruelty rapidly spread throughout Europe. Pope Pius II included several stories about Vlad III in his Commentaries, and others wrote poems and told tales of how cruel he was. In Romanian history, he is known as Vlad Țepeș, and he is called “the Impaler” because his favorite method of execution was impalement.


Portrait of Vlad Dracula
Portrait of Vlad the Impaler. Photo source: Wikipedia

The most famous act of Vlad the Impaler is one he performed during the Ottoman Invasion of Wallachia in 1462. Mehmed II raised an army of more than 150,000 people, which is said to be second in size only to the one that occupied Constantinople in 1453. The Ottoman army landed in Brăila, which was at the time the only Wallachian port on the Danube, and started marching towards Vlad's castle. That is when Vlad Dracula adopted the scorched earth policy and started retreating towards Târgoviște, scorching the lands and poisoning the wells they left behind.

On the night of June 16th, Vlad Țepeș broke into the Ottoman camp and tried capturing or assassinating the sultan, in order to cause chaos and panic among the Ottoman army. However, his attack failed, because they confused the tents and assassinated two viziers instead. When Mehmed entered Târgoviște in June, the town they found was deserted, but instead, they found a forest of twenty thousand men, women, and children, all impaled, with their bodies decaying, and birds nesting in their entrails. After seeing this, Sultan Mehmed II was amazed and decided that he can not deprive of his country the man who had done such an act.

The night attack at Târgoviște. Painting by Theodor Aman.
The night attack at Târgoviște. Painting by Theodor Aman.

All these stories made Vlad one of the best-known Romanian medieval rulers, but when Bram Stoker's Dracula was published, a connection was made for the first time between Vlad Dracula and vampirism. Thus, the famous Count who Bram Stoker initially named Count Vampyr came into existence under the name of Dracula. But contrary to popular belief, Bram Stoker had little knowledge of Vlad Țepeș, and he mentioned that his Dracula was of Székely origin and that he got his inspiration from the destructive campaigns of Attila the Hun.







The Reptilians are known for controlling human elites, institutions, and financial systems. They create militarism and a climate of scarcity. It is this group that is considered to be harvesting humans and controlling the Earth reptilians and grey alien workers. The Greys are a Clone Race Created By Enki aka the Fallen angels!

The Black Nobility


Black Nobility


Prince Lelio Orsini is an owner of the Cleveland crime family and an owner of factions of the Israeli Mafia including the organization run by the international ecstasy trafficker and Israeli mobster Zeev Rosenstein. Belgium is a major producer of ecstasy and the Orsini of Italy are married to the Belgian Ligne family with Isabella Orsini the wife of Prince Eduardo de Ligne. The Orsini have a rose on their coat of arms and are married to the Rosenberg families of Austria and Germany which also have roses on their coat of arms. The Italian Orsini and German-Austrian Rosenbergs are managers of the secret society called the Rosicrucian Order or Order of the Rosy Cross which uses a rose as its symbol. The Rosicrucians are alchemists and alchemy is the manipulation of the mind and body through drugs and chemicals. Ecstasy is an alchemical drug and is often used for mind control and brainwashing. The Orsini and Rosenbergs work with the Merck family of Germany which have three roses on their coat of arms and they created and own Merck Group a pharmaceutical company. Merck Group patented the drug ecstasy also called MDMA in 1912. The Merck family also created Merck Fink Bank and the Orsini’s German cousin Prince Alois Konstantin Lowenstein-Werthiem-Rosenberg worked for Merck Fink bank. The Orsini family are owners of the Ursino Ndrangheta Mafia clan with Luigi Ursino a high-ranking mafia boss and Giuseppe Ursino who ran a large drug trafficking network in Toronto, Canada until his recent arrest. Prince Domenico Napoleon Orsini is the official head of this family and a ruthless chemical terrorist. The Orsinis married with the very large and influential Sanseverino family which have been nobles all over southern Italy. Today Prince Francesco Luca Costa Sanseverino of Bisignano is the head of this family and he resides in Hong Kong and manages Chinese Triad gangs which are involved in child trafficking networks. The Orsini are the owners of the Cleveland crime family which has a very close alliance with the Detroit Mafia. The Orsinis have an alliance with the Odescalchi family of Rome and sold them one of their palaces. The Odesclachis own the Detroit Mafia and the music executive and Jewish mobster Paul Rosenberg is an associate of the Cleveland crime family.

Prince Domenico Napoleon Orsini is a top owner of the Israeli Mafia, Cleveland crime family, and the Ursino mafia clan.

Prince Lelio Orsini-D’Aragona with his father Prince Raimondo Orsini-D’Aragona are part owners of the Sicilian Mafia, Cleveland crime family, Ursino Ndrina, and Israeli Mafia.


Prince Francesco Ruspoli and his families are owners of the Rizzuto crime family of Montreal and various Mexican and South American drug cartels. Several Mexican drug cartels pay tributes to the Ruspolis. His father Prince Alessandro was in the movie Godfather III. The Ruspolis married the wealthy Mattarazzo family of Brazil and they own some Brazilian drug cartels. The Ruspolis have also had several members of their family who were born in and lived in South America. The Ruspolis married the American billionaire Getty family which have Scottish ancestry. The Ruspolis merged with the Italian Marescotti family which originated from Scotland. Prince Francesco Ruspoli’s uncle Prince Lilio Ruspoli owns vacation properties on the Venezuelan island of Margarita. El Chapo of the Sinaloan cartel has had meetings with Venezuelan cartel leaders and corrupt government officials on the island of Margarita. Spain settled Venezuela and the Ruspolis are both Italian and Spanish nobles. The Ruspolis married the Roman Del Dragos who are really from the Romanian House of Drago. Prince Filippo Del Drago is a top member of this family. The Ruspolis is also friends with the Romanian Sturdza family which own a private bank in Switzerland called Banque Erik Sturdza. The Rizzuto crime family which the Ruspolis own established drug operations in Venezuela while headquartered in Montreal. Today the Rizzutos and Cuntrera-Caruanas are merged as the Montreal crime family. The Italian Bourbons own the Caruanas and the Ruspolis own the Rizzutos. Prince Lilio Sforza Ruspoli and Prince Francesco Ruspoli are members of the Grand Magistrate of the Italian Bourbon’s Sacred Constantinian Military Order of Saint George. The name Rizzuto is an Italian variant of rice and also for ricin and Caruana refers to the Caruncle which is part of the Castor Bean plant which produces Ricin. The mafia uses ricin for covert assassinations. Leonard Rizzuto is a the top member of the Rizzuto crime family of Montreal. Tau Ruspoli is a member of this family and he was married to the Hollywood actress Olivia Wilde. Prince Francesco Ruspoli is married to Angelica Visconti-Ferragamo from the billionaire Ferragamo family which owns the high-end luxury goods company which became famous through its store in Hollywood.

Prince Francesco Ruspoli the Prince of Cerveteri with Francesca Leone.

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