The Simpsons, Life Imitates Art

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The Simpsons is a long-running animated television show that has gained a cult following over the years due to its unique brand of humor and wit. The writers behind the show are known for their sharp commentary on pop culture and politics, often predicting future events in a humorous way.

However, what many people don't know is that the writers of The Simpsons are actually part of a secret society known as the Freemasons. The Freemasons are a century-old organization that is shrouded in mystery and conspiracy theories. They are believed to have a vast network of members who hold powerful positions in government, finance, and the media.

It is believed that the Freemasons use their influence to control the minds of the masses through various forms of magic, including manifestation and chaos magic. They use their knowledge of Sympathetic magic to plant subliminal messages in their scripts that can influence the thoughts and actions of the viewers.

Many believe that the reason The Simpsons has been able to accurately predict so many future events is because the writers are actually writing the script based on the plans of the Freemasons. They use their insider knowledge to predict the future and plant subliminal messages in the minds of the viewers that can influence their actions.

While many people dismiss these claims as baseless conspiracy theories, others believe that there is a grain of truth to them. Whether or not The Simpsons is being used as a tool for mind control, the show's ability to accurately predict future events is certainly a cause for concern.

9 Min into above video they ask who is good at killing celebrity and then show Prince.

Prince's death was caused by a combination of his failing health and addiction to pain medication, especially the deadly drug fentanyl, found in his counterfeit pain medications THIS IS A Lie this Interview got him Killed Link to Interview

During this interview his new album was Lotusflow3r

“Lotusflow3r” = 666 (Fibonacci) ENJOY THE SHOW=666, Soul Transfer=666,

The elites have been rumored to possess the ability to transfer their consciousness or souls from one body to another through a process known as soul transfer. This allows them to extend their lives and retain their power and influence over the masses.

According to some sources, the elites have been using advanced technologies and occult practices to achieve soul transfer. They have been working with secret societies, such as the Illuminati and Freemasons, to gain access to this knowledge and acquire the necessary resources.

Some believe that the elites are using this technology to achieve immortality and control the world for eternity. It is said that they have been using this practice for centuries, and that many of the world's most powerful leaders and influencers have undergone a soul transfer.

Prince was actually murdered for exposing the truth about chemtrails.

Some believe that Prince's outspokenness on the topic made him a target for the elite who control the government and the media. They allege that he was sacrificed as a warning to others who dare to speak out against the powers that be. This theory is further supported by the fact that Prince's death was shrouded in secrecy, with conflicting reports about the cause of death and the circumstances leading up to it.

Additionally, Prince's ties to the Illuminati and Freemasonry have also been widely speculated. Some believe that his music and music videos contained hidden messages and symbolism that reveal his allegiance to these secret societies.


Starts at 9:11 seconds into session 20 EP 4 #24

They will kill off Biden Chercter on the world stage before the end of his presidency from what I am seeing.

“The Simpsons” = 157(Ordinal) Death by numbers=157

Some say it was a 2011 interview most 2009!

So the Prince Travis Smiley interview uploaded 4-28-2009 during the 13 days of preparation and Prince dies on the queens birthday 4-21-2016 also during the 13 days of preparation this year we have the rare hybrid eclipse and his 7 year anniversary of his death! From and including: Tuesday, April 28, 2009
To, but not including Thursday, April 21, 2016=83 months “murder” = 83(Reverse) Devil=83, Silent=83, The Movie Devil with an elevator on the cover Prince was found unresponsive in an elevator at Prince's Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen, Minnesota at 9:43 a.m., according to Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson.

From the Devil release date until Prince Death

From and including: Friday, September 17, 2010
To, but not including Thursday, April 21, 2016=67 Months “Human Sacrifice” = 67(Reduction) Blood Sacrifice=67, Lethal injection=67 they Murder Prince as a Sacrifice during the 13 days of preparation and this year the 7 year anniversary during rare eclipse you know they have something big planned. 


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Steve Lepkowski informs us all about 5G & EMF RadiationSteve Lepkowski informs us all about 5G & EMF Radiation

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