The UFO Conspiracy Aliens are Fallen Angels Live 3-15-23

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The UFO Conspiracy Aliens are Fallen Angels

The UFO Conspiracy (Original Classic) 

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2 thoughts on “The UFO Conspiracy Aliens are Fallen Angels Live 3-15-23

  • bruhhhh… DMT is dope! i’ve seen some crazy shit on DMT… unimaginably beautiful stuff and also weird dark shit too. it’s very powerful and the dimension it opens up is unlike anything you can imagine or experience in this sober-minded reality. that’s the difference between DMT and other psychedelics like ((shrooms, acid, and ketamine)) — these dimensions, strange azz they are, are “of this world”… meaning the hallucinations consists of things you can relate to in this world. it’s all safe and amazing… a GODsend and game-changer for me. the idea that psychedelics and yoga are gateways for demons is honestly ridiculous bruhhhh… come on nowww LOL. i know people who are possessed by demons… and they don’t do well with psychedelics at all… maybe micro doses… but that’s bullshit. demon-people like euphorics like molly and pain killers… simple “feel-good” emotions. psychedelics are designed for high-level spiritual beings seeking rapid evolution and ascension thru contact with hyper-intelligent beings… and yoga is an incredibly difficult practice of mastering the mind and body thru intense discipline, diet, hard-core training and pain. i’m super deep into all of this… i experience miracles and revelations all the time and i write it down in books and music so if you want a really solid understanding of psychedelics and yoga from the horses mouth, i got you bruhhhh.

    anyway… that’s a lil’ rant for ya… straight from santa cruz, CA… freed slave for the silicon valley MATRIXXX — watching their technocrazy system collapse like SVB.

    peaceout — ThE REz

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