Trump Tries to Mislead the People Again!

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“Donald Trump s Arrest” = 238(Ordinal) After JFK Johnson sworn in at 2:38 PM And Trump said if I am shot when arrested I will for sure win 2024!


Dramatic Images Of Donald Trump’s Arrest Taking Internet By Storm, But There’s One Problem: They’re Fake

“Taking Internet By Storm” = 70(Chaldean)


From and including: Wednesday, March 22, 2023
To, but not including Thursday, April 13, 2023

Result: 22 days

It is 22 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date. 22 the Master Builder Number, they are building on a ritual 4-13-2023 – 5-1-23 right down watch for staged events!!!

Trump’s chilling warning of what will happen after his indictment

In January, his company was fined $1.6m after two of its entities were convicted of 17 felonies, marking the first time that the former president and his empire – bolstered by a “culture of fraud and deception,” according to prosecutors – faced criminal consequences after he spent decades trying to avoid them.

In January, his company fined 1.6 million LMAO January 6th Capitol event happened on 1-6 #16, And then convicted of 17 Felonies, Q=17.

Now at the centre of separate investigations from the US Department of Justice and from prosecutors in his hometown of New York and in Georgia, a state he lost to Joe Biden but where he pressed election officials to overturn the results, the leading 2024 Republican candidate for president has suggested that his supporters could respond to his election loss or potentially imminent indictments with violence.

On 18 March, he demanded that his supporters “protest” his imminent “arrest” in New York in a furious all-caps social media post typical of his violent visions of America in chaos: a “dying” and “third world” country where “leftist thugs” are “killing and burning with no retribution”.

His recent remarks echo his calls to supporters that fuelled the attack on the US Capitol and his apocalyptic visions of America from his time in office and on the campaign trail, depicting his us-versus-them political stakes and a brewing civil war with grim conclusions – rhetoric that has gripped the GOP in the wake of Mr Trump’s candidacy.

In August, the former president told right-wing radio host Hugh Hewitt that a criminal indictment would not stop him from seeking office and that Americans “would not stand” for his prosecution.

“If a thing like that happened, I would have no prohibition against running,” he said. “I think if it happened, I think you’d have problems in this country the likes of which perhaps we’ve never seen before. I don’t think the people of the United States would stand for it.”

Asked what he meant by “problems,” the former president said: “I think they’d have big problems. Big problems. I just don’t think they’d stand for it. They will not sit still and stand for this ultimate of hoaxes.”

Trump indictment would only be a problem if he and GOP make it one (and they're trying)

I warned you not to go to 1-6-21 Event, and I was right, it was a set-up! Do not go!!

From and including: Wednesday, January 6, 2021
To, but not including Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Result: 804 days

It is 804 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date.

“Staged ritual 3-21-23” = 84 (Chaldean)


Most people will be out on 3-22-23, the 81st day of the year! Ritual=81, Set Up=81! Trump agent =81.

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5 thoughts on “Trump Tries to Mislead the People Again!

  • TRUMP is the beast. He announced his return to office exactly 666 days after he left office. Do NOT trust anyone who says TRUMP is savor. Know your bible word. There playing the TRUMP CARD. why you think it’s his name.

  • On 23 April everyone will get national alert on their phone from Gov. Turn off all alerts in settings. This is seeing who will comply. National disasters are coming of flooding globally. this is start of great tribulations. Everthing flows from this. SEEK CHRIST who is GOD. now.

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