UFO Shot Down Over Alaska Had No Visible Means of Propulsion

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UFO Shot Down Over Alaska Had No Visible Means of Propulsion

So far it’s great news for ufologists, and mostly confusing for everybody else. Several Unidentified Flying Objects have now been shot down over United States air space, in the sense that we literally do not know what these things are yet – including the White House. Officials are currently undergoing a recovery operation to retrieve the debris from the unknown craft brought down over Alaska, but pilots who saw it themselves say it was unlike anything they’ve seen before because it had no visible means of propulsion.

These unidentified objects are different than the now identified Chinese spy balloon, and are described as smaller – although that is relative as they are estimated to be about the size of a car, compared to the spy balloon which was about the size of three busses. Officials say the objects were determined to be unmanned without communication capabilities, although that seems difficult to ascertain definitively without examining the downed objects.

Retrieving the debris is turning out to be a challenge due to the wintery conditions and difficult to traverse landscape over which the UFOs were shot down. Canada is also in the process of recovering remains from something unidentified trespassing in their airspace, and Prime Minister Trudeau has been working with President Biden to cooperatively address this potential threat to North America.

Why are so many Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, to use the government’s phrasing, popping up all of a sudden? Data scientists say it’s because they’ve adjusted the parameters of what they are searching for based on the discovery of how many relevant objects were going undetected. Essentially, they’ve tuned the monitoring systems to look for smaller objects than they were previously.

Anybody who’s spent any amount of time stargazing or looking at TikTok videos already knew there were unidentified things whizzing around way up in the sky, but the understandable first assumption is that the government already knows about it because they monitor air space. Then there is the matter of who do you tell? It’s not like there is a UFO hotline to report sightings, and many skeptics discard all reports as if “unidentified” equals “aliens” which clearly it does not.

This leaves most UFO sightings as videos on social media of somebody who managed to grab their phone in time to record the weird thing and then a post to social media asking if anybody knows what it is, while also assuming if it was a big deal that somebody important would already know about it.

“UFO Shot Down” = 137(Reverse) Government=137, Extinction=137 – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3201640/?ref_=ext_shr_lnk

Volcanoes=137, Numberfour=137, 4 UFO Shoot down in 8 days. VAXXED ONES=137


Project Blue Beam’s 1994 origins & NASA’s establishment date, July 29, 1958

Notice, it was 1994, emphasis on ’94, that Serge Monast brought for the coming alien conspiracy, Project Blue Beam.

Keep in mind NASA was established on a date with 94 numerology, July 29, 1958.

7/29/58 = 7+29+58 = 94

And let us not forget the Space Needle is in Seattle, Washington, also known as “94 Land.”

One of the many 94s operating there is the very alien looking Jeff Bezos.

And if you have anymore good artificats, please help build this 94 list with regards to Seattle, Washington.

Bill and Melinda Gates were married on January 1, 1994
Bill Gates mother died in ’94, on June 10
Bill Gates father died in ’94
Bill Gates declared a “Decade of Vaccines 1-29-10, his 94th day of his age
Kurt Cobain was killed in ’94, May 4th
The Seahawks won the Super Bowl in the 94th NFL Season
Russell Wilson’s grandfather died at age 94 (Seahawks Quarterback)
The coronavirus was confirmed outside of China in Seattle, Washington & *Coronavirus Pandemic = 94
It was exactly 10 years after Bill Gates “Decade of Vaccines” declaration

And don’t forget, Microsoft and Jeff Bezos both started in New Mexico, before relocating to Seattle, and both locations are known for UFO sightings.

Also, make sure you didn’t miss the post on the SpaceX and Bezos ritual of February 2, 2021.

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