What The Illuminati DONT want you to know about Aliens

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What The Illuminati DONT want you to know about Aliens (R$E)

Don´t believe anything you see or hear on mainstream media! You must understand and remember this plane-t belongs to a malevolent race of beings and they aren't human, neither are humans a native species to this Earth, if you believe in your heart you are human then you have defeated yourselves, but I tell you honestly You are not your given name you are not your profession you are not your given human body you are not even human, you are spirit soul beings who have been sabotaged by evil entities who have imprisoned you violated you abused you and have deceived you in the flesh, the best thing you can do is getting to know who you really are in spirit because you are not the aforementioned you are either spirit soul beings or spirit beings the difference is one has a soul and the other has no soul, those of you who have a soul are human those who don't have a soul are cloned minions of the mind control money system and it is your soul that is imprisoned not your human prison bodies. There is a war going on for your souls, not your human bodies you humans have become too dumbed down brainwashed, and indoctrinated with lies to know you are not humans thinking you are human makes you a prisoner of this Earth.

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