What’s The Buzz, Tell Me What Is Happening!

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I Was Coming Home from My First Training Year with Master Lama Bo-Yang and Had Just Arrived at The Airport.

And As I Rode into My Neighborhood, I Passed the Local Theater Where I Had Seen a Lot of Martial Arts and Other Movies for The Last 10 Years.

It Was a Thursday Night and People Were Standing in Line for This New Rock Opera That Was Opening Up Written by A New Talent from England That Was Only 19 Years Old.

“Andrew Lloyd Webber” Does This Name Ring a Bell? Jesus Christ Superstar, Was Premiering and Religious People We're Picking the Line to Go into The Theatre.

So, The Next Night, I Went to It Was an Eye-Opening Event. Want To Know What’s Happening? Make Sure You Tune into Today as The Lama Gives You the Buzz.

I wonder how good your education is on Broadway shows. The Lama danced off-Broadway for almost more than a decade. In the process of doing that, I got a chance to do a lot of nifty shows. Never forget, though, in Jacksonville, when the theaters, back in the 70s, you could walk into a theater, and maybe the theater had one or two theaters. Do you remember that? That was really nice.

It was kind of cozy and family oriented. I was in between one of my trips, actually, I was resting from my trip to New York. I'll never forget. We had this theater that wasn't far from us maybe about five or six miles from where I grew up in Northeast Florida. I'll never forget, I'm coming home from the airport and they were doing the premiere of Andrew Lloyd Webber's, Jesus Christ, Superstar.

There was a line. Unbelievable. If I think, I remember, they premiered it on a Thursday night. They used to do that years ago. They used to do it Thursday before Friday.

They were premiering it, but there were two lines out there. One line had some religious fanatics that were so upset about the content that was in this musical. It was really funny because I was still very young. I was a late teenager, probably 18 or 19. I had been training in the physical with Master Bo-Yang for probably about a year now. I heard the score and I said immediately I wanted to do the show. I remember how much I wanted to do the show. I had a chance in a small theater to play the role of Judas, which is a strong role in this “rock opera” (because that's how I related it).

The title What's the Buzz? Tell Me What's Happening! is the apostles gathering around Jesus, thinking, “What is this about all this Holy Spirit? What's the buzz? Tell me what's happening”. It's really, really powerful.

So I thought today that is a really good title. Because think about it, with everything that's going on in the world, and everything that's getting ready to happen to the world, including from heaven to earth, you know now that you're not going to be the same.

Once the Holy Spirit reveals to you an awakening, a consciousness, you can't really sweep that under the rug again of unconsciousness. Did you know that?

It's kind of like the veil of unconsciousness that is pulled over every soul as they incarnate. Only the most advanced of advanced souls that don’t really happen. To a certain extent it does, but for the most part, they are really advanced, so it does not.

The Apostles And The Buzz

That's why at 12 and 13, Jesus already knew that he had had this amazing calling and He knew what was going to happen. With me I had that major out-of-body experience that lasted somewhere between two to four hours, we know it was at least two and could have been even longer, which is amazing because 5 to 10 minutes out of the body and being conscious of that awareness, is an education beyond education itself. A couple of hours out was a huge education.
That's where I was first told that you came here to do something and that you chose to come back. I'll never forget me thinking “I chose to come back” and that kind of stuck with me and became a seed of consciousness itself.

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