Why strange blue spirals keep appearing in the night sky over the Pacific

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Why strange blue spirals keep appearing in the night sky over the Pacific

Amysterious blue spiral that looked like a galaxy appeared in the night sky over Hawaii, leading researchers to speculate about what could have caused the strange phenomenon.

What was the mysterious spiral over Hawaii? They are Saying its from the Falcon 9 I Don't belive this!!!

Earlier that same day, SpaceX launched a global positioning satellite into orbit from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida, The Washington Post reported.

The spiral was most likely comprised of frozen rocket fuel ejected during the SpaceX launch, according to LiveScience.

Have there been other ‘SpaceX spirals’?

“‘Space X spirals’ are becoming commonplace over the Pacific where Falcon 9 rocket stages are often deorbitted. They are created by plumes of unused fuel venting from the rocket’s spinning second stage before they plunge into the ocean,” per SpaceWeather.com.

In June, a similar blue spiral appeared over New Zealand following a Falcon 9 launch by SpaceX, Space.com reported.

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